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Meditech 6.1

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Meditech 6.1. Remotely accessing Meditech after July 1 st. Signing in to Meditech. Open the internet on you computer and go to This brings you into our server / gateway to FMH (Netscaler).

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meditech 6 1

Meditech 6.1

Remotely accessing Meditech after

July 1st

signing in to meditech
Signing in to Meditech

Open the internet on you computer and go to

This brings you into our server / gateway to FMH (Netscaler)


This screen is the portal log in screen, type in your USER ID and password for the Network (which will also be your Meditech password)

Once you type in your password, you will see a screen that states One Moment Please…just wait, don’t click anything


Now you will see the Meditech sign in screen. You will use the same password you used to access the Portal:


You are now entering your new Meditech Menu, click on Message/Find Patient to look for a message regarding a patient


Once you open the message, you will see the Patient’s Clinical information in the header, and a message. At this point, you can respond by hitting the “Reply” footer button, then Send:


Hitting Send will bring you back to the main messaging page. Now you can navigate the chart, if you need more information by selecting the Patient Lists button


By selecting “Find Patient” you can insert the Patient name, then use the “Search” footer button to find the patient account you need:


Note, you can search by Name, Med Rec #, Account #, etc, if necessary. Be careful to select the correct account by clicking/highlighting the name.


You can then select the visit (or multiple visits) you want to review by clicking in the box. You can also alter the Time Period, and/or Visit Type to narrow down results:


By selecting an account, you will then notice the buttons on the right side of the menu uplight, and become available for selection:


These buttons were covered in the navigation module, but are pretty user friendly to find what you are looking for:


Once you have finished the chart examination, close the session by using the “X” at the top right of the window