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ITV1 Drama Premieres Sponsored by Aviva 1st July 2009 – 31st June 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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ITV1 Drama Premieres Sponsored by Aviva 1st July 2009 – 31st June 2010

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ITV1 Drama Premieres Sponsored by Aviva 1st July 2009 – 31st June 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ITV1 Drama Premieres Sponsored by Aviva 1st July 2009 – 31st June 2010. ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva. Background: Aviva are the world's sixth-largest insurance group and the biggest in the UK

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ITV1 Drama Premieres

Sponsored by Aviva

1st July 2009 – 31st June 2010


ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva


  • Aviva are the world's sixth-largest insurance group and the biggest in the UK
  • Aviva are one of the leading providers of life and pension products in Europe and are actively growing their long-term savings businesses in Asia Pacific and the USA
  • Aviva’s main activities are long-term savings, fund management and general insurance
  • Aviva have premium income and investment sales of £45.1 billion and £379 billion of funds under management
  • Aviva have 46,000 employees serving over 53 million customers in 28 countries around the world


  • Raise brand awareness and educate viewers about Aviva’s breadth of products and services
  • Positively influence people’s decision to buy from Aviva using the mass exposure and audience fit ITV1 provides
  • Provide viewers with a fun and engaging way to interact with Aviva in new and innovative ways
  • Establish and increase recognition of the Aviva Drama Premieres sponsorship
  • Link in with Aviva’s existing marketing activities providing a integrated UK approach

ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva

Why Drama Premieres?

ITV1 Drama Premieres is British drama at its best. High production values mixed with original, compelling

and emotionally engaging stories. Some of the highest rating programmes on British television featuring

the best of British acting, writing and directing talent.

Programme Details:

The sponsored drama’s were spread across prime

ITV1 peak slots throughout the deal and included:

  • Monday Monday
  • Whatever It Takes
  • Single Handed
  • Gun Rush
  • Wuthering Heights
  • Murderland
  • Collision
  • Mr. Eleven
  • The Fattest man
  • An Englishman in NY
  • Sleep With Me
  • The Red Dahlia
  • Wild at Heart
  • Married Single Other
  • The Prisoner
  • Lewis
  • Father and Son

ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva

Creative Concept: ‘Aviva - For life's little dramas’

The purpose of Aviva’s idents was to demonstrate

their portfolio of products while establishing a link

to ITV’s Drama Premieres and the drama genre.

Each ident promotes a different Aviva product solution and features a light hearted link to how they can help people to plan for life’s dramas.


  • The package in its entirety featured 60 episodes and 71.8 hours of programming
  • Across the package ITV1 Drama Premieres averaged 8.11 ABC1 adult TVRs and reached over 18m ABC1 adults
  • Total accreditation across the deal equalled 5,420 seconds

ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva:

Online Drama Premieres Hub

As part of the sponsorship ITV created a dedicated Drama Premieres hub on…

Throughout the year the hub hosted information about upcoming dramas, exclusive content, trailers and cast interviews.

The hub was roadblocked with Aviva inventory and promoted via homepage takeovers and banner adverts on newsletters. Aviva also received 5” sponsor bumpers around all drama premiere video content.


ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva:

Phase 1 activation

Online sponsorship:

After the re-brand from Norwich Union, Aviva used the unique sponsorship platform to communicate with their audience and raise awareness of both the brand, and the breadth of products available. They also established a link with Drama Premieres by including information about Monday Monday, the first Drama Premiere in the package. Users were given the opportunity to play a personality quiz. The purpose of the quiz was to reinforce the link with Monday Monday but also provide an engaging way for users to interact with Aviva.


  • 6,323 visited the site
  • 8,318 page views
  • 01:46 minutes dwell time
  • 438 competition entries

ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva:

Phase 1 activation

Interactive Sponsorship:

  • Aviva brand prominence on ITV Drama Premieres hub within the ITV 24/7 menu and behind the red button
  • To tie in with ‘Monday Monday’ ITV re-created the online personality quiz. Viewers were incentivised to interact by promoting programme linked spa vouchers as prizes. As this activation tied in with the corporate re brand, Aviva also used the opportunity to communicate with users about the brand and the breadth of the product solutions available

ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva:

Phase 2 activation

Online sponsorship:

Taking on board learning’s from Phase 1 ITV and Aviva redeveloped the Aviva online microsite to create a site that provided even more user engagement than the previous incarnation. As a result of the rebuild the new site had a cleaner, fresher look and revolved around Aviva’s ‘Financial Wellbeing’ campaign and a new competition that offered users the opportunity to win weekly high street vouchers.

The rebuild also saw the launch of the ‘Aviva Challenge – in association with Batak’. This game was designed to offer a deeper level of engagement for users, allowing Aviva to connect with possible customers in a new and exciting way. The Batak game itself linked directly into existing activity already being used by Aviva at their national consumer roadshows.


  • 18,018 people visited the site
  • 20,778 page views
  • 50 sec Avg. Time on Site
  • 5,110 game plays
  • 354 prize draw entries

ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva:

Phase 2 activation

Interactive Sponsorship:

To mirror the online site ITV also developed

an interactive version of the game that could be played using a Sky remote. Viewers could also enter the competition to win high street vouchers and find out more information about Aviva’s Financial Wellbeing campaign.

Across phase two 305,000 viewers visited the site spending on average over 7 mins there.

Mobile Sponsorship:

ITV built a mobile java version of game that could be downloaded via free download sites and a clickable banner on the ITV mobile portal. This was a first for ITV.

Aviva also used the ITV mobile shortcode to promote the game at UK Athletics events, which forms part of their sponsorship of UK Athletics. The game achieved almost 70,000 downloads across the four phases.

Interactive Sponsorship:


ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva:

Phase 3 activation

Online Sponsorship:

For phase 3 of the sponsorship we refreshed the online microsite once again bringing it inline with Aviva’s latest marketing campaign activity. This included information about ‘Planning your future’ and also cross-promotional information about their involvement with UK Athletics. Having seen a significant increase in traffic in Phase 2 the Batak game also remained on the site.

Having previously tried more frequent, perceptually lower value prizes for the previous two phases it was decided to offer a ‘chance of a lifetime’ prize, designed to increase awareness and traffic. Aviva chose to again link in to programme content using a holiday voucher and images of a safari trip, thus linking the competition to ‘Wild at Heart’ the Drama Premiere on air at the time of launch.


  • 6,728 people visited the site
  • 9,649 page views
  • 3 min 15 sec Avg. Time on site
  • 174 Game Plays
  • 19,038 competition entries

ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva:

Phase 3 activation

Interactive Sponsorship:

As with the previous two phases an integrated approach was developed across all ITV’s platforms. The Aviva Drama Challenge remained on the interactive service and viewers could enter the competition to win the £4000 holiday voucher. The site also hosted information about Aviva’s involvement in UK athletics and their breadth of product offerings.

Across phase 3 in total 173,000 Sky adults accessed Aviva’s branded area behind the yellow button.

Interactive Sponsorship:


ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva:

Phase 4 activation

Online sponsorship:

For the final phase the online microsite was once again re-designed and featured an interactive ‘Circle of Life’ tool. This cleverly presented Aviva product information in a tailored format to suit specific types of people and their needs – ‘Spenders, Splurger’s or Saver’s. A new competition offered £5000 cash, once again building on learning’s to maximise awareness and traffic. The previous success of the Batak game also continued and was again utilised throughout Phase 4.


  • 16,594 people visited the site
  • 18,437 page views
  • 2 min 05 sec Avg. Time on site
  • 8,044 Game plays
  • 17,860 competition entries

ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva:

Phase 4 activation

Interactive Sponsorship:

Inline with the online microsite the interactive service was also re-developed. A version of the ‘Circle of Life’ tool was created that was navigated via the Sky remote. The online competition to win £5000 ran in conjunction with and information about Aviva’s money checklist and their involvement with UK Athletics was featured.


Of the 2,684,000 viewers who

visited the Drama Premieres

service 253,000 visited Aviva’s

sponsor area. Once there they

remained for on average over 8



ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva

On air and off air marketing support

Marketing support

Poster campaign


ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva

Merchandising and Licensing - The BFI Prisoner Event

During phase 4 Aviva sponsored a special premiere event for the 2010 remake of the 1960’s cult classic ‘The Prisoner’. Held at the BFI the event featured a showing of the first episode of the new series and a Q&A with director Nick Hurran. A touch of Hollywood Glamour was also present in the form of stars Jim Caviezel and Hayley Atwell.

The event itself was a great PR and relationship opportunity with guests including members of Aviva’s senior management, key clients and also a number of lucky competition winners.

As sponsors of the event Aviva received 100 tickets as well as branding in the BFI Southbank guide, on programme notes, on screen, in and outside the main foyer of BFI, on the BFI website and text credit on tickets. They also enjoyed VIP/corporate hospitality.


ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva


  • ITV delivered over and above in terms of the number of hours and episodes in the deal. The majority of programmes performed better than predicted, with the average episode delivering over 8 ABC1 ad TVRs
  • All activations improved phase on phase as a result of key learning’s from each phase being applied to the next phase. All the platforms were deemed successful, with some fantastic results especially in the download of the game
  • Across the online and interactive approximately 40,000 entered the competitions and 1,466 potential customers opted in to receive more information on products and services
  • M&L opportunities were successfully used to amplify sponsorship beyond activation

ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva

Research findings:

In conjunction with SPA, ITV conducted a piece of research to establish how the sponsorship was

performing against the following key objectives: Standout, creative review, efficacy and clarity.

The results collected were from a pre wave conducted in July 2009 and a mid stage wave in January

2010. Key research results were as follows:

  • Total sponsorship awareness was extremely high at 75% amongst viewers – SPA norm of 52%
  • Spontaneous recall was high for ‘Aviva life insurance’, with a positive main message of ‘all insurance needs’ and ‘get covered’ being recalled
  • Diagnostically the sponsorship performed well amongst viewers. It is deemed to be appropriate, easy to understand and 86% of viewers enjoyed watching it
  • The sponsorship is having a positive impact on awareness, particularly on a spontaneous level with recall being 6% higher than SPA norms
  • The sponsorship has impacted positively upon brand image with viewers more positive than non viewers across most keys statements
  • The excellent awareness and positive diagnostic reaction is beginning to filter down to ‘call to action’ with viewers directionally more likely than non viewers to claim they are likely to use Aviva products in the future

ITV1 Drama Premieres with Aviva

Bhavit Chandrani – Head of ITV Sponsorship

“Aviva have been fantastic partners for ITV with sponsorship of our Drama Premieres strand over the last 12

months.  The sponsorship bumpers, “Life’s Little Dramas”, tie in excellently with the content, replicating the high

production values of the programming while also relaying Aviva’s core message and product portfolio in a subtle but

effective way.  Off-screen, Aviva have utilised the full range of ITV’s platforms with a highly successful activation

plan.  In particular, the Aviva Batak Challenge which ran on mobile and on line is one of ITV’s most downloaded and

used games ever.”

Sue Helmont – Head of Brand (UK)

“Sponsorship of ITV1 Drama Premieres has allowed our brand to reach a broad and varied audience at peak viewing times throughout the year. Its a cost effective way of buying media coverage and gives our advertising across Life and General Insurance an uplift in spontaneous brand awareness. This is important because being aware of a company means you are more likely to buy from them - and that's our ultimate goal!”

Laura Mackie – ITV Director of Drama

"It's fantastic for ITV drama to have a high quality sponsor like Aviva for our Drama Premieres. We have a really strong and varied range of titles and Aviva are the perfect fit for these".