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How Can Music Benefit Your Health PowerPoint Presentation
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How Can Music Benefit Your Health

How Can Music Benefit Your Health

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How Can Music Benefit Your Health

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  1. As what they always say, “If you love music, then you’re in a good company”. Who doesn’t love music? Almost every one of us loves listening to music and sometimes music play a big role in our lives. Whether it’s a soft love song, RNB or a rock indie music that you always listen to, indeed music can bring up your moods. According to experts, music not only helps people cope with pain, but it can also benefit your mental and physical health in different ways. Here are the amazing benefits of music and how it can bring positive impact your health:

  2. Music can help ease the pain. Music can contribute in recovering from pain and reduce its intensity. This is especially for the area of healthcare that focuses on relieving and preventing the suffering of patients under geriatric care, palliative medicine, and intensive care. • Music reduces depression. About hundred million people around the world suffering from depression and 90 percent of them are also suffering from insomnia. Some study shows that cancer patients who always listen to music or either worked with their music therapist experienced a reduction of anxiety, improve moods, and had a better blood pressure levels. This only proved that music can have a positive effect on the mood, psyche, quality of life and pain for people who are suffering from depression.

  3. Music makes you happier. Indeed, music has the power to do so much with you. It either makes you happy, excited, pumped up or even sad. Listening to music that brings impact to you in a special way cause your brain to release dopamine, a chemical in your brain which is responsible for making you feel good. This chemical in our brain causes us to feel the emotions of happiness, joy, excitement, etc. Listening to good music can provide you with the same impact of happiness that you would get from eating your most favorite mom’s recipe ever. • Music help improves your cognitive performance. To enhance your performance on the cognitive task, playing background music will surely help. There’s an older study saying, playing music can help them you answer and finish your test faster and get more answer right.

  4. Music can keep an aging brain healthy. Listening, playing or having a musical training in old age can help keep your brain healthy, most especially as it ages. Listening to music can serve as an exercise to your brain and you can expect the benefits of better memory and mental sharpness as you ages.

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