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why are silver jewellery and fashion jewellery n.
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Silver Jewellery and Fashion Jewellery from SilverShine PowerPoint Presentation
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Silver Jewellery and Fashion Jewellery from SilverShine

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Silver Jewellery and Fashion Jewellery from SilverShine
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Silver Jewellery and Fashion Jewellery from SilverShine

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  1. Why are silver jewellery and fashion jewellery eating into markets of gold in 2019? Its almost unbelievable but most young women and girls of today just don’t appreciate wearing precious metal jewellery like gold or platinum on a daily basis. They are very goal oriented and pragmatic spenders. They make some of the most difficult decisions in way that is effortlessly elegant and detest distractions. Most of them today find jewellery made from precious metals like gold nothing but a hindrance or a burden as the loss or the slightest damage of it will nearly upset them the entire day due to its value, a time which they aren’t simply willing to lose. There definitely existed a time in India when the patriarchal system even in the urban societies dictated women and girls to wear precious metal jewellery made of gold if they could afford them. Ofcourse today its 2019 and with 2020 approaching times have completely changed to an extend that feminism is a real thing today. Apart from the above reason why the gold market is slowly being eaten away by silver jewellery there are several other reasons for the occurrence of this phenomenon. silver imitationartificial and fashionjewellery –These are truly pragmatic choices: silver imitationartificial and fashionjewellery are vastly more affordable than precious fashion jewellery made of gold. Today instead of spending exorbitantly on gold most people try t o make a choice of buying on the aforementioned jewellery items since they are a much more pragmatic solution than spending on expensive jewellery. Happiness, affordability, pragmatism is what young women and girls desire much more today. More designs in silver imitationartificial and fashionjewellery. With silver imitationartificial and fashionjewellery being so much more affordable experimentation is a much easier task. Where design experimentation is not expensive, more number of designs are easily tried and created for the people that demand for them. If a person finds several designs in silver imitationartificial and fashionjewellery he/she is more likely to buy from there if even for a second we don’t consider the price quotient. Also if a person has already bought a silver imitationartificial and fashionjewellery he/she has a lower chance of buying precious metal jewellery made of gold. Easy updation with silver imitationartificial and fashionjewellery: If you are a person who is extremely enthusiastic about fashion then you are certainly far more likely to buy the aforementioned jewellery because one simple factor, i.e. you can buy multiple pairs since they are super affordable. You can also buy multiple pairs from time to time and need not make an effort to actually save for months until you buy a single pair of jewel made of gold unlike silver imitationartificial and fashionjewellery. Versatility in kinds of silver imitationartificial and fashionjewellery: Unlike precious metal jewellery made from gold, there is a long range of versatility in not just designs but also the kinds of jewellery available with silver imitationartificial and fashionjewellery. From some of the unique toe rings which almost never available in gold to anklets which do not look that graceful if made in gold, there are several kinds of unique kinds of jewellery that have been

  2. created along the ways of experimenting with silver imitationartificial and fashionjewellery that have remained unique and categorically exclusive. Fashion and cinema world loves affordable jewels Fashion events, bollywood and Hollywood movies, shows, series and web-series are many a times what set trends today. They are generally shooting on a daily basis for months and months, and simply can’t afford losing precious metal jewellery sets made of gold on sets. Theft is always a big worry. This sets onscreen trends and enthusiasts that are curious definitely reveal everything about what the jewellery is made of and how it can be easily accessible. Most of the jewellery used on screen is silver imitationartificial and fashionjewellery. This sets a trend amongst normal people making them feel drawn towards just jewellery and leaving jewellery made of gold far behind from their minds. In India gold consumption is very high and always on the rise. But due to a large population of middle class people marriages are slowly beginning to shift towards silver imitationartificial and fashionjewellery since they are far more affordable and a legit real time practical solution. Even further several plan before hand and order silver imitationartificial and fashionjewellery online at discounted rates which gives them the sweetest deal one could simply not find on a physical store. The irony is that although silver imitationartificial and fashionjewellery are slowly eating into the markets of gold jewellery, the overall consumption of gold in India has remained more or less the same making India the highest consumer of gold globally as compared to any other country. Indians love gold and the government of India in 2019 has taken serious steps to curb this growing issue that is very much persistent in India and more restrictions on gold the more silver imitationartificial and fashionjewellery will eat into its market Source: fashion.html