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5 steps of saving money on jewellery during n.
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Find the Silver Imitation Artificial and Fashion Jewellery PowerPoint Presentation
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Find the Silver Imitation Artificial and Fashion Jewellery

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Find the Silver Imitation Artificial and Fashion Jewellery
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Find the Silver Imitation Artificial and Fashion Jewellery

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  1. 5 Steps of Saving Money on Jewellery during a Wedding Hey there guys! If you are here either you love Silverjewellery, or you are probably looking on how to save money on Silverjewelleryduring your or a close one’s wedding. Either ways relax and enjoy the read because I am sharing my personal experiences here. These aren’t just my experiences but are infact tricks, secrets, hacks, or ideas call them what you may using which I had saved a lot of money and even earned some on my sister’s wedding in late 2018. I know it comes as a bit of a shocker that I earned money out of my sister’s wedding, but don’t worry, all that I got out of it was given to her at the end of it all. It was all done in accordance with my sister’s approval and the practical spender that she is, she was all aboard for investing in her life after her marriage rather than during the marriage. And trust me it was budget Indianwedding. Even a budget Indian wedding is pretty expensive, I know that cause I was the one that arranged everything. So let’s go! 1)Planning on what jewellery to buy Since we wanted to save money on our Silverjewellery expenses since they are one of the biggest costs of a wedding, we planned well in advance to completely discard any possible spending on jewellery made from precious metals like gold and true pearls. We decided to instead go for much more affordable options like silverjewellery, imitation jewellery, artificialjewellery and fashionjewellery. We also decided that since we were cutting corners on the kind of jewellery, we’d spare no expense and buy designersilverjewellery for one occasion. This kept my sister a little satisfied as she and I both needed her to look classy on her wedding which is mostly a singleton event for most people. Ofcourse it was an Indianwedding which meant we bought weddingsilverjewellery that was Indiansilverjewellery being one of the finest testament of true craftsmanship. Apart from Silverjewellery for a major event, her wedding day would include Silverfashionimitationartificialjewellery that included a combination of heavy chokers and long necklace sets. These sets did not have pendants but had elaborate designs that directly matched with earrings. This saved us time and efforts to look for separate earrings. Now the planning had been done, the question was where we going to get it from. 2)Where to get the silverimitationartificialjewellery and fashionjewellery which will be considered as weddingjewellery for my sister. Okay this step was a tough one only because we had tonnes of options at hand. We had an option to visit a bazaar and buy. We had an option for rentals. And we also had an option to buy online from a store called SilverShine online where all our requirements were available. My sister and I decided that we wanted to do everything. SilverShiine had tonnes of designs. The ones that my sister loved we placed an order on those which was super easy since we didn’t need to visit a bazaar which is generally crowded in India. As usual she ended up order more than we had decided because their designs were simply too irresistible and were available at a crazy flat discount. We still visited a bazaar and decided to rent some more silver imitationartificialjewellery and fashionjewellery since we want a little more jewellery since her wedding comprised of a 3 day event of different customs like the engagement, mehendi, haldi and sangeet. 3)What to do with this silverimitationartificial and fashionjewellery? Well ofcourse she used it during her wedding, but as we had decided she took good care of them while wearing and removing and while she had worn them on her wedding joda too. But she did end

  2. up getting a her jewellery stuck at times which is pretty natural but thankfully all the online pieces and the rental ones were pretty sturdy to withstand the wedding. 4) What happens to the silverimitationartificial and fashionjewellery after the wedding? Well firstly I am just really grateful if you have reached to this end of the blog article. Keep reading. My sister certain kept only a couple of pairs that she loved and certainly deemed useful to her. Most weddingjewellery is very elaborate and is almost never used. It was for this reason we had decided something for the jewellery that we had purchased online on a flat discount. We went onto visiting the rental shop to return the silverjewellery and artificialfashionjewellery that we had taken on rent. We showed the shopkeeper the jewellery that we had bought online on a flat discount and he was willing to buy all of them. We ended up making some profit over those pairs of silverjewellery and artificialimitationfashionjewellery. This means that our spendings jewellery for her wedding became near negligible. All the money that was spent on these jewellery items went onto becoming a wedding present for her as a trip to spend honeymooning with her husband! We at times get emotional and spend our life savings on weddings, but what we don’t realise at times is we can do so much more if we just think a little practically about these things. Source: jewellery-during-a-wedding