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Elementary i -Cue Training - 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Elementary i -Cue Training - 2012

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Elementary i -Cue Training - 2012

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  1. Elementary i-Cue Training - 2012

  2. Logging into i-Cue A link to i-Cue is available in the Staff Corner section of each building’s webpage. Select “Staff Login Links” under the “Staff Corner” Section

  3. New!!! Logging In • Passwords were NOT reset this summer. • Your password should be the same as it was last year (unless you already reset or changed it). • Log in using your password. • If your password expired over the summer and you have not yet reset it, you will be prompted to change your password. Follow the prompts to change your password. • If you forgot your password and have a challenge date already set up, you may retrieve/reset your password yourself by clicking on the “I forgot my password” link on the login screen. • If you forgot your password and do not have a challenge date set up, you will need to have your password changed by contacting Missy Williams, Cathy Blaha or your building iCue support person.

  4. Changing your password • If you do not like your current password and want to change it, you may do so at any time during the year. • To change your password, select “Tools” and then “Change Password” from the iCue menu. • Follow the instructions on the screen to enter your old and new password.

  5. New!!! Set up a Challenge Date!! • If you set up a challenge date already last year, you do not need to do it again, however you may change it if you wish. • Setting up a challenge date allows you to take advantage of the iCue password self help feature! If you have a challenge date set up, you can click on the “I forgot my password” button on the login screen in you forget your password. • Select “Tools” and then “Update My Challenge Date” from the menu. Enter a challenge date. Click on the “Update My Challenge Date” blue button to save your challenge date. • Be sure the challenge date is a date you will remember.

  6. iCue Menu Bar Attendance :Enter Daily Attendance & Lunch CountsGrade Book:Displays only for teachers who have requested GradeBook.Contact Missy Williams if you do not currently have GradeBook access and would like to have it added.Report Card: Enter report card grades at the end of each trimesterTools: Change Preference (Display or Hide Student Images), Change Passwords, & Access Seating ChartsTests & Assessments: Access one-click test data reports (NWEA, MCA, etc.)Reports: View class reports including Blank Rosters, Class Directory Reports & Class Attendance Summary Reports.

  7. Daily Attendance

  8. Entering Lunch Counts 1. Select “Lunch Counts” (located beneath Attendance). 2. Enter your room number and click on the “Inquire” button. 3. Enter counts for Hot Lunch, Picnic Lunch and Salads. 4. Click on the “Submit Student Counts” button to submit counts. Kindergarten Teachers: Your office staff will also need to collect numbers for milks for milk break. They will give you instructions on how they wish to collect those numbers from you.

  9. Report Cards • Window for entering grades into report cards will open a few weeks before grades need to be entered. • Window will remain open for a few weeks after the trimester grade entry deadline. This will allow you to make corrections if you need to. • Only one trimester is open for grade entry at a time. • If you need a grade corrected after a window has closed, contact Missy Williams. • You will receive email messages reminding you when grade entry windows are opening and closing.

  10. Tests and Assessments - One Click Reports Change the roster date to a date in the 2012-2013 school year if you wish to view test data for your NEW students. Change the roster date to a date in the 2011-2012 school year if you wish to view test data for your students from last year.

  11. Test Results Available in iCue • Oral Reading Fluency Scores -Grades 1-5 (all years) • Note: ORF scores for 2011-2012 are calculated as average scores. • Fall = Average of September, October and November • Winter = Average of December, January, and February • Spring = Average of March, April and May. • NWEA MAP Scores (all years) • MCA Scores (all years including 2011-2012) New!

  12. Reports: • Blank Roster: • List of students. Can set # of blank columns • Class Summary Attendance • Lists all students in class and their total number of days absent and tardy. • Directory • Student Name, ID, Grade, Birthday, Parent names, addresses, phone numbers and email. Reminder: You can email parents using the directory report. • Click on a column header to sort a report by that column. • All reports can be printed or saved as a tab-delimited file. • See handout for additional instructions on tab-delimited files.

  13. Special Symbols : IMPORTANT! >  Child Protection The school has some sort of court document regarding the child. Your building office would have more specific details on the situation and should inform you of anything else you need to know regarding the child. ^   Data Privacy Parent has completed a form to request data privacy. Do not post this child’s name or information anywhere it could be seen by public. * If a student has a special symbol assigned to them, you would see it displayed next to their name. Currently there are very few students with special symbols.

  14. Student Link Click on the “Student Link” icon displayed next to a student’s name. Click on one of the blue tabs to display more detailed information for the student.

  15. Messaging Tool • You can email a parent or group of parents in your class by using your class directory report and selecting one or more parents to send a message to.

  16. Questions or Concerns Contact your building i-Cue support person. Kennedy: Amy Mitchell McAuliffe: Cassi Heppelmann Pinecrest: Angie Sullivan For password support, you may also contact Missy Williams or Cathy Blaha in the district office.