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Your Meeting Will Begin Momentarily…. Work Support Strategies County Leadership. Call and Webinar October 8, 2013. Agenda. NC FAST Updates SSI Idaho Action Plan Measures 8 Wastes County Sharing NCFAST Success Practices Effect of Federal Shutdown

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Your Meeting Will Begin Momentarily…

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work support strategies county leadership

Work Support Strategies County Leadership

Call and Webinar

October 8, 2013

  • Updates
  • SSI
  • Idaho
  • Action Plan Measures
  • 8 Wastes
  • County Sharing
    • NCFAST Success Practices
    • Effect of Federal Shutdown
  • County Query
  • Questions/Concerns

Regional Meetings

  • County Champions Half-Day Sessions
  • Western: December 5 and 6 (Asheville)
  • Central/Eastern: November 21 and 22 (Pinehurst/Atlantic Beach)
  • Please let us know you are coming (email Judy or Erin)

Social Services Institute

  • October 22-25, 2013; Hickory
  • Registration is up:
  • Registration closes October 11.
  • WSS and WSS-related sessions (see next page)
  • Idaho- Confirmed
  • Shutdown – Updates and Discussion

APHSA's National Workgroup on Integration 2013 Webinar Series on Health and Human Services Interoperability and Integration – October 29th 2:00-3:00

professional development
Professional Development

Read Articles and Books

  • Nudge
  • Governing Magazine
    • NCWSS webpage → Resources → National Innovations
    • How Connecticut's Breaking Down the Traditional Caseworker Model - this article in Governing focuses on a task-based model to provide services to customers

Network with Each Other

  • SSI
  • Professional Networking Sites like LinkedIn

Check out Relevant Websites – sign up for emails

county champion pre session
County Champion Pre-Session
  • Idaho
    • Russ Barron, Administrator ID DHW
    • Lori Wolf, Deputy Administrator DHW
    • Miren Vicandi, Supervisor
  • Session Structure
    • Breakfast 8:00- 8:30
    • Presentation/Discussion 8:30 – 11:30
  • Topics:
    • Universal Worker
    • Managing during transition
    • Setting stretch goals
idaho preparation
Idaho Preparation
  • NCWSS webpage → Resources → National Innovations
  • Boise Weekly Article- Article in local newspaper that praises the Food Stamps program and debunks popular myths.
  • Strengthening Families- A PowerPoint summarizing  current and future business processes, as well as enrollment rates and information about Medicaid expansion and MAGI and how it will affect enrollment.
  • Idaho Medicaid Readiness Video – This brief video quickly summarizes the two avenues of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.
idaho what can we learn
Idaho - What Can We Learn?
  • Walk into an Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (DHW) office and you’ll see an experienced caseworker with broad decision-making powers sitting at the front desk, dispensing guidance, applications and directions.
    • Did you forget to bring a required document? The caseworker will help you find other ways to verify your information.
    • Is the office busier than normal? Take a seat at a designated workstation to talk to an available caseworker in another office over the phone.
  • Compared with a few years ago, you’d also notice other changes, including how rapidly the welfare office now completes Food Stamp applications (on average, 69 percent on the same day, and all within four days) while maintaining low application denial and error rates. Behind the scenes, staff absenteeism and turnover have declined. Morale is up, as is organizational transparency. Everyone sees performance data, and finding better ways to meet performance targets is now an employee-driven exercise with caseworkers reviewing the office’s performance each day
action plan measures
Action Plan Measures
  • Measure 1.2: Number of people who are denied for procedural reasons and return to apply within 30/60/90 days. Outcome: In three years, reduce the percentage of families closed within the prior 90 days by 75%.
  • Measure 2.1: Percentage of applications received and processed in the same day. Outcome: Within three years, 75% of programs that support working families, including Medicaid, FNS and child care cases will be processed in one day.
  • Measure 2.2: Processing times for applications. Outcome: In the first year, case processing times will be reduced by 75%.
the 8 wastes
The 8 Wastes
  • Overproduction
  • Waiting
  • Transportation
  • Non Value-Add Processing
  • Excess Inventory
  • Errors
  • Excess People Motion
  • Underutilized People
1 overproduction
1. Overproduction
  • Overproduction
    • Generating more information than the customer needs right now.
    • Generating more information than the next process needs.
    • Creating reports that no one reads.
    • Making extra copies.
    • Duplicate data sources.

What are things we have in our every-day processes that contribute to overproduction?

2 waiting
2. Waiting
  • Waiting - Idle time created when material, information, people, or equipment is not ready.
    • Waiting for the computer system to come back up.
    • Waiting for a handed-off file to come back.
    • Waiting for customer response.
    • Waiting for copy machine or faxes
    • Excessive Login or response times.
    • Waiting for hard copy printouts.

How much time do we lose by waiting on a customer response?

3 transportation
3. Transportation
  • Transportation - Movement of information that does not add value.
    • Retrieving or storing files.
    • Carrying documents to and from shared equipment.
    • Taking files to another person.
    • Going to get signatures.
    • Moving work over long distances.

How much time do we spend pushing paper? What can be eliminated?

4 non value added processing
4. Non-Value-Added Processing
  • Non–Value-Added Processing - Efforts that add no value from the customer’s viewpoint.
    • Creating reports.
    • Repeated manual entry of data.
    • Redundant reviews/approvals.
    • Use of outdated standard forms.
    • Use of inappropriate software.
    • Data entry not performed at the source.
    • Information for decision-making not real time.

Where do we still duplicate? Why?


How is this affecting your county?

county query
County Query

What would you like to see as the next topic for discussion at the regional director’s meeting?

What would you like to be the next topic in the County Innovations document?

contact sheet
Contact Sheet

Judy Lawrence

Erin Henderlight

PCG Project Manager

(828) 214-3614

Shannon Montanez

PCG Project Team

(919) 576-2266

DHHS Project Manager

(336) 227-2063


Public Consulting Group, Inc.

148 State Street, Tenth Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02109

(617) 426-2026,