welcome to hampshire ict co ordinator s conference 2006 learning platforms 11 45am n.
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Welcome to Hampshire ICT co-ordinator’s conference 2006 Learning Platforms 11.45am PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Hampshire ICT co-ordinator’s conference 2006 Learning Platforms 11.45am

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Welcome to Hampshire ICT co-ordinator’s conference 2006 Learning Platforms 11.45am - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Hampshire ICT co-ordinator’s conference 2006 Learning Platforms 11.45am. Winchester Guildhall Wednesday 21 st June 2006. Learning Platforms in Hampshire. Colin McQueen EdICT and HIAS ICT and LP Consultant. Whose responsibility?. Whole School

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welcome to hampshire ict co ordinator s conference 2006 learning platforms 11 45am

Welcome to Hampshire ICT co-ordinator’sconference 2006 Learning Platforms 11.45am

Winchester Guildhall

Wednesday 21st June 2006

learning platforms in hampshire

Learning Platforms in Hampshire

Colin McQueen


ICT and LP Consultant

whose responsibility
Whose responsibility?
  • Whole School
    • In secondary schools this is a Senior Leadership Team responsibility not ICT Subject Leaders.
    • In Primary schools an ICT coordinator with strong support from Head teacher.
    • Should have a teaching and learning focus not administration or network management.
    • However, on the ground consultation and support using e-learning champions are essential.
drivers for learning platforms
Drivers for Learning Platforms?
  • DfES e-strategy – Harnessing Technology
  • Early adopter schools are using these technologies and realising new ways of working with real benefits
  • Every Child Matters – need tools to help teachers manage differentiation and personalising of learning
  • Self Review – Parental voice and involvement
  • Information for administration, communication, tracking, teaching and learning is in danger of becoming too dispersed and not present at the point of need
  • Online (browser based) anytime, anywhere training, teaching, learning, communication and collaboration is becoming ubiquitousoutside schools
learning platform benefits
Learning Platform Benefits
  • Parental involvement
  • Anytime, anywhere learning
  • Personalised learning
  • Better use of teaching time
  • Supply teacher effectiveness
  • Collaborative working
  • Cross-institution courses - flexible curriculum
  • Lifetime e-portfolios
  • Pupil inclusion
  • Preparing learners for working life
what are learning platforms
What are Learning Platforms?
  • A lot of confusion
    • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
    • Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)
    • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    • Learning Portals
    • Course Management Systems
    • Personal learning space
    • e-Portfolios
    • Managed Learning Environments
  • Becta are responsible for providing a framework agreement for procuring Learning Platform services
    • Learning Platform functional requirements
    • Learning Platform Interoperability Specifications
    • Learning Platform Functionality Matrix
    • Accredited suppliers list due in Spring 2007

Managed Learning Environment

Learning Platform

Management Information System

Virtual Learning Environment

Learning Platform

Web Site

Discussion Forums and Calendaring

Course Management Systems

Content Management Systems



Collaborative Community Web 2 Tools

Online Learning


Fat Applications

a word about e portfolios
A word about e-portfolios
  • Not the DiDA e-portfolio
  • The e-portfolio could possibly include:
    • Showcase or Presentation Portfolio
    • Qualification or evidence Portfolio
    • Learning or Development Portfolio
    • Lifelong learning Summary Portfolio
    • Transaction Portfolio
  • Definitely a work in progress
quotes from the dfes
Quotes from the DfES

We will not impose our view of what the technology should provide. We need to listen to people’s views, and ensure that technology meets their needs. In this way, we make the most of what ICT can offer.


However the … functionalities that industry providers must be able to deliver to be included in the framework agreement do not also serve as a list of functions that schools … must purchase in entirety. Schools may choose any combination of functionalities … list[ed] to suit their needs. They might even choose functionalities not currently listed, as part of their need or ‘Statement of Requirements’, that companies from the framework would then be challenged to deliver …

Statement from Chris Stolberg April 2006


Most primary phase schools are here or simply using HTML

Not sure if Think.com schools are still active

Content specific online providers with usernames and assessment. What about all the online testing systems like YacaPaca, Portfolio systems like MAPS etc.

There was a plethora of Assessment for Learning systems at BETT 2006. Is anyone using these?

IS anyone using Capita based solutions such as remote access to Assessment Manager, Parent Gateway and their new kid on the block Curriculum and Lesson Planner

SW 14-19 Consortium

Microsoft Learning Gateway

10+ schools

Significant investment

Arnewood School

Microsoft Class Server

Exchange OWA and Calendar

WebDAV folders


ETech StudyWiz

Homeworks and ILP online

Parental training

Ranvilles Infants


LSA and collaboration with Secondary

Parental homework support

NE 14-19 Alton College cluster


Significant expertise

5 schools

Wildern/John Hanson Schools


Whole school embedding

Set up and support 40+ other schools and orgs

Robert Mays


Reference Site (6 others)

Kings School

Virtual Schools

Reference Site

Primary cluster via LP

SE Federation

SIMS.net Learning Platform

6 schools

Significant investment

Court Moor School


Whole site (7 others)

Significant investment

arnewood school
Arnewood School
  • Using a combination of Microsoft Class Server, Exchange, Remote access to personal folders on school servers, some in-house online assessment and Microsoft Learning Gateway for 14-19
    • Integrated web site for a range of audiences
    • Regular homework online
    • Community workspace for photography course
    • Online assessments in ICT
    • Vocational courses for 14-19 cluster
  • Looking to add Sharepoint Services for whole school
  • Using StudyWiz
    • Independent Learning Plans online
    • Parent training (oversubscribed)
    • Homework assignments
    • Pupil storage space
    • Administration staff manage news and calendar
    • Automatic link to MIS system for users and timetable
john hanson
John Hanson
  • Using Moodle
    • Most subject departments engaged
    • Administration staff trained to handle calendar and bulletins
    • Parents introduced to using InfoZone/viewing curriculum pages
    • Year 6 literacy and numeracy collaboration
    • Home tutoring support
    • Timed assignments for homework
    • Specialist Schools Trust national e-mentoring project
    • Student Radio via Podcasting
    • Working with Perins on sports related courses managed totally online
ranvilles infants
Ranvilles Infants
  • Using Fronter in small scale LEA pilot
    • Amazing engagement and progress in a few weeks
    • Yr 1 staff collaborative planning
    • Parents of Y1 supported homework
    • French Club Collaboration with Secondary school MFL staff
    • LEA using platform to support, monitor and evaluate using Becta Self Review and platform tools

Ranvilles Infant SchoolLearning Platform ProjectFiona Reid (Lead Teacher for ICT)Fiona@TheReids.co.uk01329 841653http://www.hants.gov.uk/school/ranvilles/

learning platforms for infants
Learning Platforms…. for Infants?

Well we’ve tried…

  • Banjo’s Diary
  • Phonics & Maths
  • WebWork
  • E-Portfolios
  • Staffroom
  • Cluster Link

*We have a “normal website with Information for Parents & Visitors but also have a login for interactive Fronter functions


*RIS Website use: Resources & Information (Link to Order Egg)

*Fronter to complement this not replace – see LogOn


*Starfish Classroom

*Student View

*Place for messages & links on left


*Starfish Classroom

*Student View

*Lucy’s entry


*Starfish Classroom

*Student View




*Starfish Classroom

*Teacher View

*Quiz ‘owner’ options


*Useage information

*Interest – Lucy etc



*Admin (on left)

*Action Diary Record

*Resource Sharing

*Digital Divide v Parental Involvement


*Secondary Cluster Link

*Neville Lovett pupils as MFL Buddies

where next la
Where next - LA
  • IT Services provide free web hosting or a Schools Website Service via their content management system for online update of templated web sites
    • ITS are investigating hosting Moodle for schools to trial.
    • Discussions are underway for a proof of concept pilot of a learning platform including integrating commercial content, simple MIS connectivity and single sign on.
  • LP Consultant appointed to help inform schools, develop plans and keep the LA informed of the status of National and local LP practice developments
    • A project manager is to be appointed to manage larger scale piloting of fully integrated Learning Platform services leading to the possible procurement of services from an integrated service provider
  • The HIAS ICT team have a Moodle which any ICT teachers can join. This means the team has developed their understanding of these technologies which informs their support of schools
    • The ICT team will be looking to provide working exemplars of how to integrate content from schools and publishers within a learning platform
    • Other subject advisory teams need to gain experience to understand how the technologies would best apply in their subjects
where next schools
Audit your current status in ICT across the curriculum and in administration for your Self Review

Becta ICT Self Review Matrix (especially element 6)

Becta Learning Platform Functionality Matrix

Include in School Improvement Plans a LP Statement of Requirements (SoR)

Pilot first steps

Monitor and evaluate

Small steps - low financial risk

Becoming informed

Culture change

Where next - schools?
  • Pilot higher order LP functionality
  • Monitor and evaluate
  • Embedding practice
  • Integrated Service Provider ISP (RoI/VFM)
  • Contact early adopter schools to see good practice, learn from their experience and possibly piggy back on their Learning Platform
  • Contact the Local Authority via either the Help Desk or Colin McQueen colin.mcqueen@hants.gov.uk
  • Do some researchmoom.oodles.org.uk - Look for link to Learning Platforms area.