claud a shile debussy 1862 1918 french composer n.
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Claud A shile Debussy (1862-1918) ( french composer) PowerPoint Presentation
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Claud A shile Debussy (1862-1918) ( french composer)

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Claud A shile Debussy (1862-1918) ( french composer) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Claud A shile Debussy (1862-1918) ( french composer). Claud Ashile Debussy - the appreciated chief and the most brilliant representative

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Claud Ashile Debussy -

the appreciated chief and the

most brilliant representative

of the musical impressionism.

In his creative work he based on

french musical traditions : the

music of french harpsichorders,

The lyric opera and the love song. He was influenced by the russian music and as like french symbolistical poetry. Debussy made his transient impressions come true , passed the most delicate nuances of human nature.


When being 9 years old his parents send him in the Parisian conservatoire for studying the musical material. He was very talented pupil and since the first year of studying he has been receiving prizes. But the originality of his performing style hasn’t been appreciated by the conservatory’s teachers and critics. But only the composer A. Guirault noticed his talent and and supported him and developed his talent.


The prelude «Afternoon rest of a faun» has been written on the basis of a poem of Stefana Mallarme in 1892. Product of Mallarme has involved the composer first of all with bright picturesqueness mythological the beings, dreaming in hot day about fine nymphs.

  • In a prelude, as well as in a poem of Mallarme, there is no developed plot, dynamical development of action. At the heart of the composition one melodic image of "languor" constructed on "creeping" chromatic intonations lies, in essence. Debussy uses for its orchestral embodiment almost all time the same specific tool timbre — a flute in the low register.

His composition “The moon-light” the third part of “The Bergama's suit” was taken as a soundtrack for the film “Twig light” . It is the very lovely composition made in the first period of the Debussy’s prospering creative work.


‘’River flows in you” – is one of the best composition for the fortepiano music. This genre of music represents impressionistic songs of the nature, translates the impressions about fairy tail images .


The creative work of Debussy , the eminent representative of the musical impressionism, go too far and influences much the music of the 20 th century.