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department of supply chain and business technology management n.
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Department of Supply Chain and Business Technology Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Department of Supply Chain and Business Technology Management

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Department of Supply Chain and Business Technology Management
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Department of Supply Chain and Business Technology Management

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  1. Department ofSupply Chain andBusiness Technology Management Majors and Minors in Supply Chain Operations Management

  2. What is Supply Chain Operations Management(SCOM)? • The efficient planning and controlling of the operations of a supply chain • Encompasses all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, production, and logistics management • The logistics involved in getting the right product from the raw material provider to the end consumer

  3. The Traditional Supply Chain Retailing

  4. Supply Chain Management:Looking at the Whole Picture Customers, Retailers Plants vendors ports Distribution Centers Central Warehouses Supply

  5. Supply chain managers are engaged in every facet of the business process – planning, purchasing, production, transportation, storage & distribution, customer service, and more! Manufacturing Finance Supply Chain Manager Sales & Marketing Accounting

  6. Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Sears, Lowblaws GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda Zara, Gap, Benetton, American Eagle Deloitte Dell, IBM, HP, Compaq Airlines, Railways, Trucking Companies FedEx, UPS, Purolator Banks, Hospitals Post Office Armed Forces

  7. SCOM graduates are trained to • Apply concepts, techniques, and practices of procurement, logistics, operations management, and customer relationship management to business situations in local and global markets • Use information systems for integrating materials activities, transportation planning, problem-solving and evaluation • Integrate materials, logistics, operations and other business concerns into a comprehensive decision-making process to maximize customer value

  8. Recent SCOM Graduate Titles/Positions • Supply Chain Analysts • Supply Chain Consultants • Business Process Analysts • Business Development Manager • Inventory Manager • Transportation/Distribution Manager • Purchasing Manager • International Logistics Manager

  9. Supply Chain Job Profiles

  10. Students in the SCOM Major • Personal relationships with professors • Strong analytical skills • Team Players • Dynamic course curriculum • Real world experience in the classroom

  11. Opportunities and Trends • Shortage of Supply Chain graduates • Demand for SCOM is growing with globalization and market competition • Employment is expected to grow 22% over the 2006-16 decade - (US Department of Labor, • Non-manufacturing companies are also implementing SCOM techniques

  12. SCOM Co-op Program Paid “work terms” in practical professional projects such as designing Web sites, building databases, evaluating information systems, conducting user needs analyses, and building digital libraries. Co-op Employers: Bombardier Inc. , Canadian Space Agency Fuller Landau, Human Resources Development Canada, Imperial Tobacco Ltd., Industry Canada, KPMG, L’Oreal Canada, Merck Frosst, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Price-Waterhouse, Raymond, Chabot, Martin & Pare, Standard Life, Toronto Dominion

  13. JMSB Co-op Program • About the program • Admission requirements

  14. Sources • This presentation is adapted from the presentation “Majors and Minors in Supply Chain Operations Management”, prepared by the SCOM group of the SCBTM Department • Other sources are noted on the slides themselves