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LSC Committees

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LSC Committees. April 2009. David Reitze. LSC Executive Committee. Operations Committee Chair: Fred Raab (LHO) Analysis Committee Chair: Maria Alessandra Papa (AEI Hannover) Detector Characterization Committee Chair: Gaby Gonzalez (LSU)

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LSC Committees

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    1. LSC Committees April 2009 David Reitze

    2. LSC Executive Committee • Operations Committee Chair: Fred Raab (LHO) • Analysis Committee Chair: Maria Alessandra Papa (AEI Hannover) • Detector Characterization Committee Chair: Gaby Gonzalez (LSU) • Advanced Detector Committee Chair: David Shoemaker (MIT) • GEO Representative: Bernard Schutz (AEI, Potsdam) • at large members: Mike Landry (MIT), Peter Saulson (Syracuse) Peter Shawhan (Maryland), Mike Zucker (MIT) • LIGO Lab Executive Director: Jay Marx (Caltech) • LIGO Lab Deputy Director: Albert Lazzarini (Caltech) • LSC Spokesperson: David Reitze (UFlorida)

    3. Operations Committee • Fred Raab (LHO), Chair • members: LLO site head (Joe Giaime), Gabriela Gonzalez (LSU), Vern Sandberg (LHO), Benno Willke (Hannover), Rana Adhikari (Caltech)

    4. Data Analysis Committee • Maria Alessandra Papa (AEI Hannover), Chair • Bursts: Peter Shawhan (Maryland) and Erik Katsavounidis (MIT) • CBC: Steve Fairhurst (Cardiff) and Alan Weinstein (Caltech) • Stochastic: Vuk Mandic (UMinn) and Stefan Ballmer (Caltech) • CW: Keith Riles (UMich) and Graham Woan (Glasgow) Review Committee Chairs: Burst: vacant CBC: John Whelan (RIT) Stochastic: Warren Anderson (Wisconsin-Milwaukee), CW: Teviet Creighton (UTB)

    5. Detector Characterization Committee • Chair: Gaby Gonzalez (LSU) • Temporal disturbances (Glitches) - Laura Cadonati (MIT) & Josh Smith (Syracuse) • Spectral disturbances: Nelson Christensen (Carleton) • Environmental Disturbances - Robert Schofield (Oregon) • Timing Monitoring - Szabi Marka (Columbia) & Daniel Sigg (LHO) • DMT software - John Zweizig (Caltech) • Hardware Injections - Vuk Mandic, Eric Thrane (UMinn) & Peter Shawhan (Maryland) • Data Set Reduction - Isabel Leonor (Oregon), Greg Mendell (LHO) • at large members: TBD

    6. Advanced Detector Committee • David Shoemaker (MIT), Chair • Advanced Interferometer Configurations: Ken Strain (Glasgow) • Suspensions and Seismic Isolation: Norna Robertson (Caltech) • Lasers and Light Sources: David McClelland (ANU) • Optics: Gregg Harry (MIT) • at-large members: Thomas Corbitt (MIT), Sheila Rowan (Glasgow), Phil Willems (Caltech)

    7. Publications and Presentations Committee • Ray Frey (UOregon), Chair • Members: Sheila Rowan (Glasgow), Sergei Klimenko (U Florida), Valera Frolov (LLO), Xavi Siemens (UWM), Steve Penn (HWS), Vicky Kalogera (NU)

    8. Computing Committee • Stuart Anderson (Caltech), chair • Warren Anderson (UWM) • Kent Blackburn (Caltech) • Patrick Brady (UWM) • Duncan Brown (Syracuse) • Steve Fairhurst (Cardiff) • Sam Finn (Penn State) • Erik Katsavounidis (MIT) • Tom Nash (Consultant to CIT) • Reinhard Prix (Max Planck AEI, Golm) • Abe Singer (Caltech)

    9. Data Analysis Software Committee • Patrick Brady (UWM), Chair • DMT: John Zweizig (Caltech) • GEO++: N/A • Glue: Duncan Brown (Syracuse) • LAL/LALApps: Jolien Creighton & Adam Mercer (UWM) • PyLAL: Kipp Cannon (Caltech) & Nick Fotopoulos (UWM) • LDAS: Stuart Anderson (Caltech) • LDR: Scott Koranda (UWM) • Onasys: N/A • MatApps: Amber Stuver (LLO) • LIGOtools: Peter Shawhan (Maryland) • Open Science Grid: Kent Blackburn (Caltech) • TclGlobus: Kent Blackburn (Caltech) • LDG: Greg Mendell (LHO) • at large members: John Whelan (RIT)

    10. Calibration Committee • Keita Kawabe (LHO), Xavier Siemens (Caltech), Co- Chairs • members: Stefanos Giampanis (Rochester), Gabriela Gonzalez (LSU), Mike Landry (LHO), Albert Lazzarini (Caltech), Rick Savage (LHO), Xavier Siemens (Caltech), Myungkee Sung (LSU), Evan Goetz (Michigan), Martin Hewitson (Max Planck AEI, Hannover) • The Calibration Review Committee consists of: VACANT (Chair), John Zweizig (Caltech), Josh Smith (Syracuse), Vuk Mandic (UMinn), Dennis Coyne (Caltech), Sam Waldman (Caltech) and Steve Fairhurst (Caltech) on h(t).)

    11. Detection Committee Rai Weiss (MIT), Chair Fred Raab (LHO), Mike Landry (LHO), Gabriela Gonzalez (LSU), Brian O'Reilly (LLO), Steve Fairhurst (Cardiff), Stan Whitcomb (Caltech), Peter Saulson (Syracuse)

    12. Election and Membership Committee Chair: Peter Saulson (Syracuse) Other members: Sam Finn (Penn State), David Tanner (UFlorida), Szabi Marka (Columbia), Fred Raab (LHO)

    13. MOU Review Panel Appointed anew each year Committee for MOU 2008 review: • co-chairs: Albert Lazzarini (CIT), David Reitze (Florida) • members: Stefan Ballmer (CIT), Peter Fritschel (MIT) Gregg Harry (MIT), Eric Gustafson (CIT), Mike Landry (LHO), Maria Alessandra Papa (AEI Hannover), Szabi Marka (Columbia), Nergis Mavalvala ((MIT), Fred Raab (LHO), Keith Riles (UMich), Norna Robertson (CIT), Peter Saulson (Syracuse), Peter Shawhan (Maryland), Alan Weinstein (CIT), Benno Willke (Hannover)

    14. Education and Public Outreach Chair: Marco Cavaglia (UMiss) Members: Hans-Peter Bischoff (RIT), David Blair (UWA), Manuela Campanelli (RIT), Joe Giaime (LLO), Martin Hendry (UGlasgow), Dale Ingram (LHO), Gareth Jones (UCardiff), Vicky Kalogera (Northwestern), Szabolcs Marka (Columbia), Susanne Milde (AEI), Fred Raab (LLO), Brooke Rankins (UMiss), Dave Reitze(UFlorida), Keith Riles (UMich), Bernard Schutz (AEI), Selim Shahriar (Northwestern), Amber L. Stuver (LLO), Tiffany Summerscales (Andrews), Cristina Valeria Torres (LSU), Dennis Ugolini (Trinity), Michele Vallisneri (Caltech), John Whelan (RIT), Hannah Williams (Penn State)

    15. Remote Participation • Nelson Christensen (Carleton), Chair • Carsten Aulbert (AEI), Peter Shawhan (Maryland), David Shoemaker (MIT), Alan Weinstein (Caltech), Larry Wallace (Caltech), Albert Lazzarini (Caltech), David Reitze (UFlorida)

    16. LSC Website Committee Ben Owen (PSU), Chair Albert Lazzarini (Caltech), Amber Stuver (LLO), Dale Ingram (LHO), Veronica Kondrashov (Caltech), Dennis Ugolini (Trinity U), Ed Daw (Sheffield), Marco Cavaglia (UMiss), Patrick Brady (UWM), David Reitze (U Florida)