gcse geography 5gb3f 01 training new examiners level 1 part a n.
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GCSE Geography 5GB3F_01 Training New Examiners Level 1 (part a) PowerPoint Presentation
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GCSE Geography 5GB3F_01 Training New Examiners Level 1 (part a)

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GCSE Geography 5GB3F_01 Training New Examiners Level 1 (part a) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GCSE Geography 5GB3F_01 Training New Examiners Level 1 (part a)
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  1. GCSE Geography5GB3F_01Training New ExaminersLevel 1 (part a)

  2. Welcome to the Geography Team

  3. Introduction from Chair and QDAM/SL Welcome to your New Examiner training part a! Examining is an excellent way of getting to grips with the expectations of the specification and how mark schemes are applied – useful for bringing back to the classroom and raising the attainment of your own students. We have designed this training to give you an introduction to being an examiner, what you will be expected to do as well as getting to grips with some real life work. We hope that you find examining an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Welcome to the team! Katherine Vernon QDAM; Anthony Thomas Chair of Examiners In this training module you will:

  4. Learning Objectives In this training module you will: • Review a timeline of the marking period • Understand where guidance and support can be found • Look at the structure of the mark scheme • Complete a short exercise

  5. What does an Examiner do? • Completes a standardisation exercise to apply the mark scheme correctly for an exam series, supported by a Senior Examiner • Marks student responses to the standard set by Principal Examiner • Mark steadily throughout the marking period to ensure accuracy of marking is maintained • Meets all deadlines • Regularly communicates with Team Leader and update with progress/escalate an issues • Provides the Principal Examiner with some feedback on work you have seen (U4 report)

  6. Overview of an examination series Before the exam Pre-standardisation • You complete New Examiner Training • You install ePEN and check access • You complete ePEN training • Team Leader contacts you • You download Question Paper & Mark Scheme (10am day after exam) • You complete some familiarisation marking with live candidate responses • You feedback on the mark scheme to your Team Leader • The Team Leaders, Principal Examiners & Assistant PEs meet to agree the standard for marking for this year

  7. Standardisation This is where you get trained to mark. There are three different types of standardisation Your contract will state what type of standardisation you will be doing – the next couple of slides give you a bit more information about each type

  8. Overview of an examination series Traditional standardisation • You attend a face-to-face meeting – venue details available on www.edexcelgateway.com • You will be briefed by the Principal Examiner • You will be talked through the exam paper and mark scheme • You will mark a sample of pre-selected scripts provided at the meeting • Team Leader provides you with feedback • You will leave the meeting knowing how to apply the mark scheme for that series

  9. Overview of an examination series At the end of the marking period During marking • Your Team Leader samples your marking • If there are any issues with your marking you will receive feedback • You mark your allocation by the contract completion deadline – there are milestones in your contract to help you pace your marking • You can mark extra responses, if they are available, after you have completed your allocation • Submit a feedback report on marking (U4)

  10. Overview of Examination Series Key dates will be found in your contract and provided at standardisation

  11. Support from the Examining team • Team Leader (TL) • You will be assigned a Team Leader • Before marking begins they will contact you to check that you have completed training and have all the documentation and login details you need • They are the first person you should contact if you have any problems with marking • They check you marking throughout the marking period and provide you with feedback if necessary Principal Examiner (PE) • Supervises TLs • Sets the standard for marking this years responses

  12. Support from Edexcel • GQ Assessment (GQA) • Also known as the Geography team (contact details at the end) • Responsible for supporting and delivering the marking and ensuring that it is all completed in time for the grade boundaries to be determined (awarded) • Before the examination • to provide you with the key dates and deadlines, FAQs and information about how to access the documentation you require for marking • The day before the standardisation exercise • to inform you when the standardisation exercise will be available & to provide you with the briefings and update • to provide you with the administrative briefing • to provide you with and updated copy of the mark scheme • The team may also contact you at other times, as necessary

  13. Other support from Edexcel • Deployment (gqdeployment@edexcel.com) • Queries regarding your contract • AA Payments (aapayments@edexcel.com) • Queries regarding your payment for marking • AA helpdesk (0800 169 9202) • Any queries regarding usernames, passwords, problems installing ePEN etc

  14. Question Papers and Mark Schemes

  15. Question paper structure

  16. Sample question from section A 5GB3H_01

  17. Sample question from section B from 5GB3H_01

  18. Sample question from section C from 5GB3H_01

  19. This indicative content gives the examiner an insight as to the information required from the candidate to achieve a mark within the below levels. Column displays question number and section Response within a certain mark range will be assigned to the relevant level. The levels are generic description of what answers in a particular range should consist of.

  20. This column displays question and section details. Column displays total mark available for section Section displays acceptable candidate responses.

  21. Assessment Objectives

  22. Marking candidate responses • Examiners find it useful when they first start marking to annotate their work • Indicate where in the response each level is achieved with a tick • At the end of the response write the level and the mark achieved    L3 6 marks

  23. Thank you for completing the marking exercise.

  24. Contact DetailsIf you require any further guidance on any aspect of this training pack, please let us know