Framework for domain specific visual languages
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Framework for Domain - Specific Visual Languages. Juha-Pekka Tolvanen, Jeff Gray, Matti Rossi. Modelling in domain terms vs. modelling your code. Map to code, implement. Assembler. Map to code, implement. Code. Generate, Add bodies. Map to UML.

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Framework for domain specific visual languages

Frameworkfor Domain-Specific Visual Languages

Juha-Pekka Tolvanen, Jeff Gray, Matti Rossi

Modelling in domain terms vs modelling your code
Modelling in domain terms vs. modelling your code

Map to code, implement


Map to code, implement


Generate,Add bodies

Map to UML

UML Model

No map!




and code



Solve problem in domain terms

Converging research areas
Converging research areas

  • Methods, CASE, metaCASE

    • 50% use no method, 25% standard method, 25% customised

    • Visual Programming Languages

  • Domain-specific approaches

    • Textual DSL, Visual DSVL

    • Product family engineering

  • Code generation

    • Generative & template programming

    • Models to code: mostly structural, behaviour from state charts

  • Components/patterns

    • Raise level of abstraction

    • Reuse by reference, not copy and paste

    • Pattern languages

Main benefits of dsvls
Main benefits of DSVLs

  • Fundamental productivity improvements (3-10 times)

    • Shorter intervals: Fast

    • Lower costs: Cheap

    • Better quality: Good

  • Faster change responsiveness

    • Manage changes in domain instead of code

  • Allows developers to design products with domain terms

    • Apply familiar terminology

    • Solve the RIGHT problems!

    • Solve problems only ONCE!

  • Leverage expertise inside the team

    • Put the expert’s knowledge in a tool

    • “Hide” domain complexity (DSVL includes domain rules)

Dsl case study usaf
DSL Case Study: USAF

  • Development of message translation and validation system (MTV)*

  • Declarative domain-specific language

  • + code generators and customisation of components

    Compared DSL against component-based development:

  • DSL is 3 times fasterthan code components

  • DSL leads to fewer errors: about 50% less

  • DSL gives “superior flexibility in handling a greater range of specifications” than components

* Kieburtz et al., A Software Engineering Experiment in Software Component Generation, ICSE, 1996

Dsvl case study lucent
DSVL Case Study: Lucent

  • 5ESS Phone Switch and several DS(V)Ls *

  • Reported productivity improvements of about 3-10 times

    • From several cases

    • From several DSLs

    • DSVLs out-performed DSLs

  • Shorter intervals between product releases

  • Improved consistency across product variants

    • “DSL should be used always if more than 3 variants”

* D. Weiss et al, Software Product-Line Engineering, Addison-Wesley, 1999

Dsvl case study nokia
DSVL Case Study: Nokia

  • DSVL and related code generators for mobile phone*

  • Order of magnitude productivity gains (10x)

    • "A module that was expected to take 2 weeks... took 1 day from the start of the design to the finished product"

  • Focus on designs rather than code

    • Domain-oriented method allows developers to concentrate on the required functionality

  • Training time was reduced significantly

    • “Earlier it took 6 months for a new worker to become productive. Now it takes 2 weeks”

* MetaCase, Nokia case study, 1999

How to implement a dsvl
How to implement a DSVL

Done a few times before!












Generate callsto components





Apply in software production
Apply in software production

  • Develop applications using the DSVL infrastructure

  • Continuously evolve your DSVL

    • Domain & platforms evolve

Further information www metacase com dsm html
Further information:

  • Related events:

    • OOPSLA’01: Workshop on Domain-Specific Visual Languages

    • HCC: IEEE Symposium on Human-Centric Computing Languages and Environments

    • GT-VMT '02: International Workshop on Graph Transformation and Visual Modeling Techniques

    • ECOOP’00: Workshop on Model Engineering

  • Experience reports:

    • Honeywell

    • NASA

    • Nokia

    • Pecunet

    • LexiFi

    • DuPont

    • Lucent

    • USAF

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Thank you!

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