working through consulting firms the implications of direct facilitation n.
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Working through Consulting firms: the implications of direct facilitation

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Working through Consulting firms: the implications of direct facilitation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Working through Consulting firms: the implications of direct facilitation. GIPB Event Istanbul, Turkey May 2013. Introduction to OCO Global What are the key activities in investment promotion? What roles do consultants play? Working WITH IPIs Working FOR IPIs Q&A . About OCO.

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working through consulting firms the implications of direct facilitation

Working through Consulting firms: the implications of direct facilitation

GIPB Event Istanbul, Turkey

May 2013


Introduction to OCO Global

  • What are the key activities in investment promotion?
  • What roles do consultants play?
  • Working WITH IPIs
  • Working FOR IPIs
  • Q&A

About OCO

  • Established 2001
  • 50 Staff
  • Offices in Belfast, London, Paris, New York and Sao Paolo
  • Services
    • Site Selection/CLS, Grants/Incentives
    • Trade and Investment strategy
    • Business Intelligence
    • Lead Generation/representation
  • Clients
    • IPIs, EDOs, IPAS,
    • OCO Corporate
    • International Orgs, NFPs

OCO Services Cube


Key Activities in Investment Promotion

Funding & organisation




Lead generation

Product development

1.Policy & Strategy

2.Investment promotion

Events & outreach

Market & sector prioritisation


Investment policy

Marketing & promotion

4.Aftercare & Reinvestment

3.Investment Facilitation & Landing

Monitoring & Intelligence

Site visits


Supply chain support

Skills & Capabilities

Account management

Property search

After sales/aftercare

Connectivity to suppliers/clients



Role of Consultants in Investment Promotion



Many consultants do both!


The Investor’s Point of View

Alignment with

corporate strategy

Speed of


Synergy with



Due diligence:

‘show stoppers’

‘forward planning’

Customer and

supplier activity

Where to


Financial analysis:

impact on

the bottom line




incentives and


Labor and

skills availability

Site and property


Track record in

the sector


(R&D) availability


Site Selection Methodology

  • Desk research on location benchmarks
  • Various data sources
  • Location expertise
  • Network of contacts with recruiters, IPIs, current companies, real estate advisors
  • Primary research from recruitment consultants, investment promotion intermediaries
  • Apply weightings, cost / quality score where necessary
  • Discussion on strategic context and business drivers







An IPI Role at Every Stage


Aligning to the Corporate Process

Corporate Decision


The IPI Role

  • Proactive Investment Promotion:
  • Align message and information to corporate location process
  • Go from reactive approach to proactive approach
  • Ensure that information given to investor is aligned to actual requirements
  • Listen to the investor
  • Understand the types of projects you’re competing for
  • Identify key location factors: quality and cost

1. Project Design

- Identify, and collect data on benchmark locations

- Proposition & website marketing

- Get on the short list!

  • 2. Long List of Locations
  • 3. Short List of Locations

- Investor facilitation – support, research, information provision

  • 4. Validation Visits
  • Site visits, more information provision
  • Then implementation and aftercare!

A Company’s Key Location Drivers


LABOR Salaries, On-costs, Attrition, Severage Costs, Benefits, Recruitment


PROPERTY Rents, Acquisition, Fit-Out, Taxes

UTILITIES Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephony, Broadband



LABOR SKILLS Qualifications, Availability, Universities, Experience, Languages


ATTRACTIVENESS Visitor Profile, Amenities, Quality of Life

LABOR FLEXIBILITY Max Hours, Leave, Overtime, Unions

CONNECTIVITY Road and Rail Networks, No. of Flights, Proximity to Airports

INFRASTRUCTURE Regulation, Patents, Government Support

RISK Security, Political, Economic


Ideal location

Making the Decision

High cost, high quality location option

Medium cost, medium quality location options

Uncompetitive location options

Low cost, low quality location option


GIPB: Optimizing Your FacilitationHow Can You Improve?

  • Remember, your role is not complete by providing information – that is where it starts and its then time to pursue that lead
  • Do more research before you get inquiries – know everything there is to know about your location, particularly in your target sectors
  • Differentiate your presentation – make it slick but don’t overcomplicate – credibility is key
  • Differentiate the content – benchmarking your location in a good light against competitors is a powerful message

Above all, LISTEN to the investor, UNDERSTAND their needs, and TAILOR your facilitation services specifically for that inquiry



Working WITH IPIs

  • Have dedicated research specialists within your organization, so detailed, up-to-date information is continuously available
  • Put yourself in the guise of the private sector and think like investor – your services should be giving the solutions not tying them down in bureaucracy
  • Be flexible, learn from your mistakes. Ask companies and consultants about your facilitation
  • Talk to your existing business base – learn from them and get them involved
  • Don’t be afraid do ask other organizations for input – but maintain ownership as the key client contact
what consultants can bring to ipis

Good Practice / Weak Practice

What consultants can bring to IPIs
  • Efficiency & Process improvements
  • Independence (Assessment impacts)
  • Best practice insights
  • Networks & credibility
  • Sector industry expertise

What consultants can’t / shouldn’t bring to IPIs

  • Unfettered access to their clients
  • Delegated authority to operate in Government organisations
  • Control over the client relationship
  • Performance management/MIS
  • Capacity solutions (in longer term)

Different Levels of Focus & Engagement



Policy & Strategy

Outsourced investment promotion


Marketing & PR

Lead Generation

Incentives & Property

Business Intelligence

Low involvement

High intensity/Long term

Low intensity/Short term


Trends in Consultants Working for IPIs

  • Business intelligence and use of data mining tools, CRM & technology platforms to target clients
  • Partnerships with private sector to fund or second staff where there are mutual gains
  • Payment by results
  • Outsourcing of oversees networks/offices and lead generation, events and investor outreach to improve agility/flexibility
  • Investment in client segmentation and differentiated service levels to improve client reach, conversion and retention
  • Marketing and propositions – a shift from place marketing to business solutions marketing to a narrower audience
Agility and operational flexibility are features of the most effective trade and investment agencies today. This means fewer international offices and fixed geographical footprints and more partnership with external specialists. OCO offers a 3-tier service that reflects the different needs, budgets and expectations of our client base.
  • Full client representative office (Front Office)
    • Dedicated office and address
    • Card carrying staff
    • Trade, Investment and marketing services
    • Missions and client hosting

In-market representation

  • Sales and marketing support (Middle Office)
    • Investment lead generation
    • Trade leads and pipeline development
    • Market and company profiling and analysis
    • PR and marketing

Sales support & lead generation

  • Fast track services (Back Office)
    • Unqualified leads/market watch
    • Trade and investment missions
    • Direct marketing/cold calling
    • Appointment setting

FDI and trade

fast track services

Lead Generation & Representation





Representation: State of Florida, USA

  • Scope of Work
  • Since 2005 OCO have been representing the State of Florida in the France, Italy, Benelux and more recently in UK and Ireland.
  • We operate fully serviced offices and staff working full time on behalf of the state in Paris and London supported by back office services from Belfast.
  • Role is to provide investment leads from these markets and to connect Florida companies with trade opportunities/buyers from Europe.
  • Outputs
  • OCO has investment targets to meet each year in respect of projects, jobs and capex in Florida’s key sectors and a $ value of trade deals which must be introduced.
  • We also have planned and delivered a number of high level Governor missions to UK, France and Germany.

Photos: TOP Governor Rick Scott with Ian King, CEO of BAE System (meeting scheduled by EFI UK); BOTTOM Governor Rick Scott, Gavin Cleary (EFI UK) and Manny Mencia (EFI) with Nigel Stein (CEO of GKN Group), Mike McCann (SVP Business Development of GKN) and Marcus Bryson (President/CEO GKN Aerospace)


Managed Services: UKTI

  • Scope of Work
  • Since 2011 OCO are part of the consortia led by PA Consulting responsible for delivery of services to investors in the UK.
  • Our role is to develop the investment propositions for some 50 sectors that UKTI is promoting for investment and trade, and to develop customised responses to the investment enquiries received by UKTI.
  • Outputs
  • In our first year of operations to end of March 2012 the UK secured more than 1400 investments from overseas companies and created 100,000 jobs.
  • OCO have responded to more than 400 enquiries and developed more than 50 investment propositions on the UK that are being used to target investment.
  • We are heavily involved in training and capacity building for the wider network.


Working FOR IPIs

  • Use of consultants and managed service providers can significantly amplify budget, reach and performance among IPIs
  • Consultants bring agility, connectivity to the industry and operational freedom that cannot easily exist in government
  • The most effective consulting engagements have built in success fees or incentive award performance
  • Clients (IPIs) need to adopt professional standards of project management, control and reporting to get the most from their consulting partners
  • Independence and strategy for managing conflicts are important to discuss and agree at the outset
  • Clients & consultants need to distinguish between design or development work versus delivery/implementation. The time frames, control and cost profiles are very different.

Contact Us

OCO Global (Belfast)

6 Citylink Business Park, Belfast BT12 4HB, Northern Ireland

Tel: +44 (0) 28 9024 1849    Fax: +44 (0) 28 9024 2597

Key contacts: Judith Walker, Dawn McCoy and Therese McCrory

OCO Global (London)

146 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2BU, UK

T: +44 (0) 207 8220 710     F: +44 (0) 207 353 1081

Key contact: Gavin Cleary

OCO Global (Paris)

65, Rue d'Anjou, 75008 Paris, France

T: +33 (0)143 87 56 40

Key contact : Laurent Sansoucy

OCO Global (New York)

45 Broadway, 21st Floor, New York, NY10006, USA

T: +1 646 350 3490

Key contact: Joe Phillips

65, Rue d’Anjou /angle Boulevard Haussmann,OCO Paris