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Magic?. What happened first ? Then what did you all do? Then what you changed to accomplish the task?. My Development. Beliefs. Thinking Skills. Habits of Mind. Processor. Operating System. Intelligences. Programs. Habits of Mind?. Lets have a experience of How do HOM operate?

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What happened first ?

Then what did you all do?

Then what you changed to accomplish the task?

my development
My Development


Thinking Skills

Habits of Mind


Operating System



habits of mind
Habits of Mind?

Lets have a experience of

How do HOM operate?

How do we develop HOM?


The objective of this exercise is to:

Understand other’s point of view

strategizing learning
Strategizing Learning
  • How can I ensure that I start valuing other’s point of view? What different attitudes can I adopt here?
  • What are the many ways in which I can listen to others, encourage others to share more?
  • What are the kind of questions I can ask to get to know other’s point of view?
  • If somebody asks me a question, how in many ways, I can get back to understanding their question and their thoughts behind their question?
habits of mind1
Habits of Mind
  • Aware
  • Understand
  • Strategize
  • Become Habit
  • What
  • Why
  • How
  • My Habit
  • Punctuality is coming on time
  • I (want to) come on time because I like to respect others
  • I will plan to start early
  • I come on time
three habits of mind
Three Habits of Mind

Think of three habits which you would like to see in a child, habits that would help the child be successful/effective in life

habits of mind2
Habits of Mind

How important are these habits for success or being effective in life: More imp than academics or equally imp or less imp?

If more or equally important – then how are we ensuring that these get developed in the child

habits of mind3
Habits of Mind

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit."

- Aristotle

is this is a good news
Is this is a good news ?

Child while working on something gets agitated when he/she is not able to do it and leaves the activity in the middle saying ‘I don’t want to do it’ or ‘I cannot do it’.

  • Opportunities
    • in every problem see opportunity
    • to do this work which HOM is required to fulfill intentions
  • Experiences
    • Explore the many facets of a HOM
    • ask in how many ways do we use this HOM
  • Activities
    • Make the child use the HOM in some way
lets do this
Lets do this

Keep a pencil in between your toes and write a sentence.

Choose one band before you start

PINK ( If you are sure you can do it)

Blue (You are not sure if you can do it)

Green (You are sure you cannot do it)

  • How are you feeling about yourself?Choose any one word that comes closest to what you are feeling.
  • How much did you persevere? Rate your perseverance out of 10.
  • Excited
  • Frustrated
  • Amused
  • Embarrassed
  • Irritated
  • Funny


help me in my design
Help me in my design
  • Make a design out of outline of five circles – could be a flag for yourself, a design for your t-shirt, curtain, a rocket – anything.
  • Now each of these five circles need to be “filled” by somebody other than you. They can fill however they want.
  • When filling for somebody else – explore different textures, patters, styles, motifs etc.
how was your interaction
How was your interaction?
  • Give a Pink band if it was Creative (left hand)
  • Give a Blue band if it was done with Responsibility (left hand)
  • Give a Green band if the person was receptive and listening to your ideas(left hand)

Habits of Mind

  • The activities they do are not important – how they do it is important.
  • Their emotions are their experiences – do not assuage them – but encourage them to find their own ways to deal with it.
  • Their analysis is their understanding – so don’t do it for them (as don’t give gyan) rather facilitate it by lending an active ear.
reflective questioning
Reflective Questioning
  • Open / Thinking Questions
  • Use what & how
  • Use Invitations
  • Keep questions plural
  • Use HOM & TS terminology

3 strategize

2 understand

4 habit

1 aware

Four stepsWhich in some cases happen automatically, but in many cases need conscious development