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EPSRC Fellowships Dr. Anne-Louise Holloway Research Capability PowerPoint Presentation
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EPSRC Fellowships Dr. Anne-Louise Holloway Research Capability

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EPSRC Fellowships Dr. Anne-Louise Holloway Research Capability - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EPSRC Fellowships Dr. Anne-Louise Holloway Research Capability. Imperial College London, 19 th June 2009. EPSRC Fellowships. Overview of EPSRC fellowship schemes Application Process Where to start?. EPSRC Commitment. Cross-Council activities: Living with environmental change (£9M).

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EPSRC Fellowships Dr. Anne-Louise Holloway Research Capability

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epsrc fellowships
EPSRC Fellowships
  • Overview of EPSRC fellowship schemes
  • Application Process
  • Where to start?
epsrc commitment
EPSRC Commitment

Cross-Council activities:

Living with environmental change (£9M).

Global Uncertainties: security for all in a changing world (£6M).

Ageing: life-long health and wellbeing (£11M).

Values are commitment 2008-11


EPSRC Research Fellowships

  • Fellowship schemes focus on different stages of an academic career:
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships
    • for new researchers, recently completed a PhD

Career Acceleration Fellowships

    • supports talented individuals at an early stage of their research career

Leadership Fellowships

    • those with potential to develop into the research leaders of tomorrow

Post Doctoral Fellowships

  • Enable new researchers recently awarded their PhD to establish a research career
  • Available in
    • Mathematical Sciences (up to 8)
    • Theoretical Physics (up to 5)
    • Theoretical Computer Science (up to 5)
    • Life Sciences Interface (up to 10)
post doctoral fellowship eligibility
Post Doctoral Fellowship - eligibility
  • Up to 3 years postdoctoral experience at start date of fellowship
  • Full time research for 3 years
  • Primarily for salary
  • Funds available for:
    • Small equipment items (e.g. computers)
    • Travel (e.g. visits to collaborators and conferences)
post doctoral fellowship contacts
Post Doctoral Fellowship - Contacts
  • Mathematical Sciences – Caterina Mora
  • Theoretical Physics – Katherine Rooke
  • Theoretical Computer Sciences – Claire Hinchliffe
  • LSI – Zoe Brown
  • Call released on 2nd June closing date for proposals is 26th August 2009
raeng epsrc research fellowships
RAEng/EPSRC Research Fellowships
  • Up to 10 awards
  • Up to 3 years postdoctoral experience
  • Full time research for up to 5 years
  • Apply for salary, T&S, other costs (small equipment, lab consumables etc)
  • Apply through Je-S; guidance on RAEng site www.raeng.org.uk
  • EPSRC contacts: Carmine Ruggiero

Career Acceleration Fellowships (CAF)

  • Supports talented individuals at an early stage of their research career
  • Full time research for up to 5 years
    • Can be held part time
  • Can apply for research costs for whole duration
    • Staff, equipment etc
  • Outline Call will open mid-July
  • Closing date late September 2009

EPSRC Contact: Anne-Louise Holloway

career acceleration fellowships eligibility
Career Acceleration Fellowships - eligibility
  • PhD or equivalent
  • Must not hold a permanent academic post
    • Usually hold a research position
  • Between 3 and 10 years postdoctoral, industrial or equivalent experience
    • Career breaks taken into account
  • Applications welcome from across EPSRC remit
the numbers game last time
The numbers game – last time

Approximate number of applications received:

  • Postdoctoral

LSI 60

Maths 80

Theoretical Physics 25

Theoretical Computer Science 25

  • RAEng 110
  • CAF 415 outlines; LF 249 outlines
    • 119 full proposals invited, 69 LF and 40 LF
    • Awards will be made in July 2009
application process postdoctoral fellowships
Application Process (Postdoctoral Fellowships)
  • Full proposal submitted
  • Closing date Autumn 2009
  • Postal peer review of full proposals
  • Applicant response to reviewers
  • Sift panel decides who will be interviewed (Feb 2010)
  • Interview panel approx March 2010
  • Awards made March–April 2010
proposal documentation postdoc toral fellows
Proposal documentation (Postdoctoral fellows)

Apply online using Je-S

  • Cover Letter – indicate area
  • Application form
  • Case for Support

Candidate’s track record, proposed research, Impact Plan

  • Other documents
    • Diagrammatic Workplan
    • Justification of Resources
    • List of Publications
    • CV
    • Host organisation statement
    • Personal Reviewer report
application process caf lf
Application Process (CAF & LF)
  • Awards made July 2010
  • Start fellowships July 2010 – March 2011
outline applications caf lf
Outline applications (CAF & LF)
  • As part of your Je-S application, attach
    • Outline Case for Support (max 3 sides A4)
    • CV (max 2 sides A4)
    • List of publications
  • Note – there is plenty to do in Je-S too so allow extra time, e.g.
    • Outline cost
    • Non-technical summary

Full applications (CAF & LF)Applicants successful at the outline stage will be invited to submit a full proposal

first steps
First steps…
  • Check eligibility and remit

Ask EPSRC if necessary

  • Check Je-S access
  • Read supporting documentation carefully
    • Please check if the call document answers your question before getting in touch with us!
make early contact with
Make early contact with…
  • Head of Department

Especially where statement is needed

  • Research Office about costing

Also confirm internal procedures for submission

  • Personal Reviewer
  • Letters of Support (project partners)
a good case for support
A good Case for Support
  • Ask colleagues to review your proposal rather than just reading it
    • Use appropriate fellowship reviewer form
  • Reviewers are the technical experts
    • Must impress them
  • Don’t expect reviewers to read links – all relevant info should be included
    • Make the reviewer’s job as easy as possible
help peer reviewers
Help peer reviewers!
  • Clear title & objectives
  • Make summary understandable
  • Make proposal as easy to read as possible!
    • Limit technical jargon where possible
    • Explain acronyms on first usage
  • Not just case for support
    • Other attachments need effort too
applicant s response
Applicant’s Response
  • Reviewers’ comments sent to applicants via Je-S
  • Applicants may provide response for panel (2 sides of A4)

Positive Referee Reports

    • still need to be read carefully

Unsupportive Referee Reports

    • need careful consideration before responding
    • address specifics – avoiding aggressive or dismissive responses
    • don’t waste the opportunity to clarify issues
your fellowship interview
Your fellowship interview..
  • Read invitation carefully
    • Time & Location – arrive early
    • Presentation format & content
    • Panel membership, if given
    • Practice presentation and interview
  • Predict likely questions- look at assessment criteria
  • Be aware of wider context of your research
  • Ask current/past fellows for advice