western european social cultural life during the middle ages
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Western European Social & Cultural Life During the Middle Ages

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Western European Social & Cultural Life During the Middle Ages - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Western European Social & Cultural Life During the Middle Ages. Presented By: Alan, Diana, Sarah, Jared, Dan, Jeremy, Charles. Status of Western Europe during the Middle Ages. Middle ages: 500-1000 C.E.

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western european social cultural life during the middle ages

Western EuropeanSocial & Cultural LifeDuring the Middle Ages

Presented By: Alan, Diana, Sarah, Jared, Dan, Jeremy, Charles

status of western europe during the middle ages
Status of Western Europe during the Middle Ages
  • Middle ages: 500-1000 C.E.
  • Western Europe was filled with violence and disorder during the beginning of the middle ages.
  • Political organization and economic growth brings W. Europe into world stage after Roman Empire collapse. Opens trade as far as China for luxury goods.
  • W. Europe became a center for Christianity. Military and political leaders expand Christendom to pre-dominantly Muslim areas. (Spain, Palestine through Jerusalem)
agriculture and economic growth
Agriculture and Economic Growth
  • Expansion of Land
    • Cause: population pressure
    • Effect: Yielded higher tax rates

led to increased wealth

  • Improved Agricultural Techniques
  • New Tools & Technologies
    • Use of watermills and plows
    • Invented items: horseshoe, collar
agriculture and economic growth4
Agriculture and Economic Growth
  • New crops
    • Meat, dairy, fish, vegetables
  • Population growth
    • Cause: improved human diets
    • 800 CE – 29 Million
    • 1000 – 36 Million
    • 1300 – 79 Million
  • Increased Population = increased trade
revival of towns and trade
Revival of Towns and Trade
  • Urban opportunities
  • Manufacturing
  • Revival of Urban Society
  • Improvement in Business Techniques
social changes in the middle ages
Social Changes in the Middle Ages
  • The Three Estates
    • “Those who worked, those who prayed, and those who fought.”
    • Western European society was socially and economically unequal. Those who fought and prayed enjoyed rights and honors that were denied to workers.
  • Chivalry
  • Troubadours
  • Independent Cities
  • Guilds
  • Urban Women
popular religion in the middle ages
Popular Religion in the Middle Ages
  • Europeans believed strongly in the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Christianity was a set of beliefs and rituals that gave meaning to lives of communities
  • Roman Catholics practiced the observance of the sacraments
    • recognized baptism, matrimony, penance, and the Eucharist
    • believed that a sacrament would protect them from sudden death and advance their worldly interests.
popular religion in the middle ages8
Popular Religion in the Middle Ages
  • They also practiced devotion to the saints recognized by their church.
    • Believed that saints could cure diseases, relieve toothaches, and guide sailors through storms through a port
    • Virgin Mary was the most popular saint who personified the Christian ideal of womanhood, love, and sympathy
    • The churches also made relics of clothes, locks of hair, teeth, and bones of famous saints
education during the middle ages
Education during the Middle Ages
  • Early Middle Ages
  • - Western European societies were poor and unstable
  • - Bible
  • High Middle Ages
    • wealth increased
    • educated people were needed
  • 11th century
    • Cathedrals set up schools
    • Boys only
education during the middle ages10
Education during the Middle Ages
  • 12 century
    • strict curricula were founded
    • Latin grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music
    • Latin was important!
    • no women
    • no desks
    • had to use bones to take notes
  • Mid-12th century
    • cathedral schools were transformed into universities
    • students could obtain degrees in law, medicine, philosophy or theology
  • Universities were founded in Paris, Rome, Oxford, Cambridge
the crusades
The Crusades
  • Holy war

Latin word crux meaning "cross"

  • 1095 - Pope Urban II
  • The First Crusade 1096-1099
    • Gave blessing to recapture Jerusalem or "Holy City"
    • Peter the Hermit
    • 1099 Christians recapture Jerusalem from Muslims
  • The Second Crusade 1147-1149
    • Saladin
    • 1187 Muslims recapture Jerusalem
    • Battle of Hattin
  • The Third Crusade 1189-1192
    • Pope Gregory VIII
    • Orders to regain the Holy City
    • Led by Richard the "Lionheart"
the crusades12
The Crusades
  • The Fourth Crusade 1201-1204
  • The Fifth Crusade 1218 -1221
  • The Sixth Crusade 1228 -1229
  • The Seventh Crusade 1248 -1254
  • The Eighth Crusade 1270