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DIFFERENCES 2010-2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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  2. 1FIELD OF PLAYDimensions • 100 – 120 yds long 55 – 80 yds wide • 100 – 130 yds long 50 – 100 yds wide 4 inch width – all lines • lines no more than 5 inches width TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  3. 1FIELD OF PLAYOther • 9 inch penalty spot or 2 foot penalty line penalty spot • prior to game field condition decided by host • prior to game field condition decided by referee TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  4. 1FIELD OF PLAYOther Defines Official and Team areas Defines Technical Area Defines Spectators’ Areas Goal posts MAY be padded TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  5. 2GAME BALL NFHS logo FIFA logo • Manufacturers recommended pressure 8.5 to 15.6 lbs/sq. in. Home Team provides 3 TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  6. 3NUMBER OF PLAYERSCaptain • Designated team captain(s) Wears arm band • May address referee - rules interpretation essential information TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  7. 3NUMBER OF PLAYERSNumber to Start • 7 to Start Forfeit if less 7 7 to Start TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  8. 3NUMBER OF PLAYERSSubs Throw in – either team IF team in possession subs both must report prior • Throw in – team in possession only • No sub allowed • Corner Kick – either team IF team in possession subs Both must report prior TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  9. 3NUMBER OF PLAYERSSubs • Either team – unlimited subs on: injury – from bench goal kick – must report after a goal – from bench between periods – from bench • Either team on: injury goal kick after a goal between periods caution/disqualification Soft red may be subbed for Hard red may not be subbbed for TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  10. 3NUMBER OF PLAYERSSub Control • reports to scorer or nearest official except – - after goal -beginning of period -injured player • reports to referee suggested off before on off before on GK change w/o permission - warning • GK change w/o permission caution at next stoppage TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  11. 3NUMBER OF PLAYERSInjury • player injured referee deems or attended to SHALL leave and MAY be subbed • player attended to on field must must leave re-enters after restart • Injury attended to on field - no coaching by either team • Unconscious – must have physicians written auth. TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  12. 3NUMBER OF PLAYERSCautioned • Caution - player MUST leave and MAY be subbed TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  13. 4PLAYERS’ EQUIPMENTJerseys • Home team changes for color conflict left to league • Home team wears white/light color jerseys & socks TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  14. 4PLAYERS’ EQUIPMENTSocks/Numbers • Both socks same dominant color • Numbers on jersey back & on jersey or shorts front left to league TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  15. 4PLAYERS’ EQUIPMENTShinguards • NOCSAE Stamped age & size appropriate • provide reasonable degree of protection bottom edge must be no higher than 2 inches above ankle TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  16. 4PLAYERS’ EQUIPMENTCasts/Braces • Cast padded ½ inch slow recovery • Cast – referee’s decision • Braces – covering recommended by manufacturer • Brace – referee’s decision TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  17. 4PLAYERS’ EQUIPMENTCasts/Braces • Ankle Braces – w/hard material may be worn outside stocking • Ankle Braces – referee’s decision TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  18. 4PLAYERS’ EQUIPMENTGoal Keeper • May wear soft pliable helmet • May wear soft bill Cap • Referee’s decision • May wear same color as other Goal Keeper Should have 5 colors TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  19. 4PLAYERS’ EQUIPMENTJewelry • None – except for Medical Alert or Religious - must be taped None TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  20. 4PLAYERS’ EQUIPMENTOther Equipment • Face Masks allowed – contoured to face – must have release None • Sliders must all be same color does not have to be same color as shorts • Sliders league rules govern TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  21. 4PLAYERS’ EQUIPMENTResponsibility • Coaches’--- Referee checks Referee’s TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  22. 5OFFICIALS/REFEREE • DSC Dual DSC Notify both coaches, scorer on Cautions/ Disqualifications Timer keeps time Referee keeps time TASO TARRANT SOCCER


  24. 5OFFICIALS/REFEREE Pre-game conference With head/Coaches required TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  25. 6ASSISTANTS • Ball holders (must have at least 2) • Timers – counts last 10 seconds Scorers TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  26. 7DURATION OF GAMEHalfs • 2 x 40’s for varsity 2 x 35’s for most JV’s • 2 x 45’s for U19, Adult 2 x 40’s for U16 • May be shortened by agreement (prior to start OR at halftime) • may not be shortened TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  27. 7DURATION OF GAMEOther • 10 minute half time – may be shortened 15 minute half time max; Youth 5-10 mins Time added – Referee’s discretion for Substitution/Injury/ Other Delay Clock stopped for: Penalty Kick Cautions/Disqualifications After a Goal Referee’s discretion TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  28. 7DURATION OF GAMETime • Stadium clock - official time kept by timer Referee keeps time TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  29. 7DURATION OF GAMEOvertime Tie Tie stands 2 – 10 minute periods Shoot Out District decides TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  30. 8START OF PLAY • Visitor calls coin toss rule 5 • Winner elects: defend goal or kick off rule 5 • Winner selects: direction of attack . TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  31. 8START OF PLAY • Drop ball – 2 opponents 5 yards from touch line Dropped Ball – no players required • IFK – for team in possession – injury/unusual stoppage Dropped Ball TASO TARRANT SOCCER



  34. 11OFF-SIDE No Major Differences TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  35. 12FOULS/MISCONDUCTCautions Enter/Leave w/o perm. Unsporting behavior Persistent Infringement Dissent Persistent Infringement Dissent Delay Restart Incidental Language Fail to give 10 yards Use of Electronic Unsporting Conduct Enter w/o permission Leaving w/o permission Use of Tobacco TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  36. 12FOULS/MISCONDUCTCautions • Trickery – pass to GK IFK to opponent – not cautioned • Trickery – pass to GK IFK to opponent cautioned • Referee notifies coaches, scorer on cautions TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  37. 12FOULS/MISCONDUCTCautions Cautioned player MUST leave & MAY be replaced No requirement Coaches & team personnel may be Cautioned – show card Coaches & team personnel guilty of misconduct – no card TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  38. 12FOULS/MISCONDUCTDisqualification/Send off Excessive celebration Serious foul play 2nd Caution Violent conduct Taunting Spit at a person Violent conduct Denies GSO - handling Serious foul play Denies GSO - foul Goal stopped by handling Insulting, offensive, Abusive Goal stopped by foul 2nd Caution Spit at a person Insulting, offensive, Abusive Leave team – join altercation TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  39. 12FOULS/MISCONDUCTDisqualification/Send off • Soft Red for excessive celebration 2nd Caution No Soft Red • Team does not play short for soft red, plays short for all other red cards • Team plays short for all red cards TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  40. 12FOULS/MISCONDUCTDisqualification/Send off • Team does not play short for red cards between periods Team plays short for all red cards – after start of play • Referee notifies coaches, scorer of disqualification TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  41. 12FOULS/MISCONDUCTDisqualification/Send off • Soft Red yellow/red cards shown in one hand together • 2nd Caution yellow card shown - then red card shown • Coaches & bench personnel may be disqualified – show card • Coaches & bench personnel are dismissed – no card • Coaches & bench 2nd caution yellow/red cards shown 1 at a time TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  42. 12FOULS/MISCONDUCTDisqualification/Send off • Disqualified coach must leave – no contact with team • Dismissed coach must leave • Disqualified player remains on bench • Player sent off must leave TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  43. 13FREE KICK No Major Differences TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  44. 14PENALTY KICK Clock is stopped • stutter step not allowed caution and retake stutter step allowed TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  45. 15THROW IN • Must be 2 yards from thrower • Must be 2 yards from thrower Throw in does not enter field – throw awarded to opponent TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  46. 16GOAL KICK No Major Differences TASO TARRANT SOCCER

  47. 17CORNER KICK Substitution allowed for team in possession and opponent if already reported TASO TARRANT SOCCER