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Top 10 Reasons To Use Magento As An Ecommerce Store Development Platform PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 10 Reasons To Use Magento As An Ecommerce Store Development Platform

Top 10 Reasons To Use Magento As An Ecommerce Store Development Platform

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Top 10 Reasons To Use Magento As An Ecommerce Store Development Platform

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  2. TOP 10 REASONS TO USE MAGENTO AS AN ECOMMERCE STORE DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM • If you are looking for the best ecommerce development platform for your ecommerce website as sturdy foundation, then Magento can help in creating better performing ecommerce websites. It is one of the most well-touted and widely used ecommerce website development systems in the world. • There’s a lot to discover about Magento and its capabilities, but the best way of getting big picture in a nutshell is by delving into Magento’s biggest advantages. Here are ten of them:

  3. 1. VERSATILE CONTENT MANAGEMENT You can build and customise your offerings on the fly by using intuitive, visual based page editor. If you are code deficient and want to alter basic functioning within the shopping cart, you can use the option to toggle a user-friendly content management interface.

  4. 2. MOBILE FRIENDLY CONFIGURATION Magento shopping carts are designed responsively in a way that make them seamlessly viewable on smartphones, tablets, and other devices. This mobile friendly configuration feature of Magento accommodates a consumer shopping trend that move towards mobile usage.

  5. 3. ADVANCED SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION Magento is built with SEO efficiency in mind, imparting your products a better chance to appear on Google, Bing, and beyond. Magneto facilitates better optimisation of eCommerce sites. If your website is developed on Magento, you can efficiently manage page traffic, landing page, duplicate content, indexing etc.

  6. 4. MAGENTO IS POWERFUL AND SPACIOUS Magento can support up to 500,000 products, and manage more than 80,000 orders per hour. This simply indicates lots of scope for future growth between one or more shopping carts built on the same site. Magento has special hosting needs for load speeds and optimum performance. You need to get prepared for extra hosting expenses.

  7. 5. BUILT IN UPSELLS AND CROSS SELLS By using Magento, you can easily enhance user experience and increase sales potential. It allows you to add prompts to browse product related options and checkout pages. You can find relevant accessories, similar product cross sells and more in the margins.

  8. 6. EASY THIRD-PARTY INTEGRATIONS Magento gives you freedom of connecting your ecommerce experience with PayPal, Google shopping, Mail chimp, eBay, QuickBooks and more. The open source ecommerce platform, Magento allows business owners to include Google analytics and other relevant third-party integrations to their website to aid in data analysis.

  9. 7. STRICT SECURITY PERMISSIONS You can keep your site safe and manage internal access intelligently with options of customising multiple levels of security permissions. CAPTCHA-equipped login screens, standard PCI data security, and a secondary password prompt to give extra defence against unwanted breaches.

  10. 8. FILTERED SEARCH FOR INTELLIGENT SHOPPING Dynamic search features of Magento allow users to filter products according to a multitude of parameters. Magento makes use of a unique search terms cloud, recently compared and viewed products, product tag filters, product reviews, and ability to configure search with auto suggested terms.

  11. 9. MARKETING TOOLS Magento ecommerce websites have numerous marketing tools and technologies to promote your business. Marketing and promotional options like Private sales, catalog promotional pricing, landing page tools for campaigns, flexible coupons, bundles products, multi tire pricing, etc are among popular tools.

  12. 10. NO GEOGRAPHICAL BOUNDARIES Language and currency are considered significant factors when an online store caters to a wide geographical audience. Unique features and robust functionality of Magento blur these boundaries and you can shop from almost any corner of the world.

  13. THE BOTTOM-LINE Incorporating Magento ecommerce open source platform for ecommerce website development can offer plethora of advantages. Ecommerce website design and development companies in Sydney can help you experience seamless product management, easy third-party integration, and user-friendly shopping experience that drive business growth. Magento powered online stores deliver services that are convenient, fast, and acceptable as per the changing tastes and preferences of consumers. Magento once incorporated to your business endeavours, can make your life a lot easier.

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