Top 15 facts in the energy industry
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Top 15 facts in the energy industry. . By D een and Roneel. Fact 1: Dividing them. Inexhaustible: We will always have it. Non-renewable: Once it is gone. It is gone!! Renewable : I f we use it rightly we can keep it. . Fact 2: The price of it globally.

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Fact 1 dividing them
Fact 1: Dividing them

  • Inexhaustible: We will always have it.

  • Non-renewable: Once it is gone. It is gone!!

  • Renewable: If we use it rightly we can keep it.

Fact 2 the price of it globally
Fact 2: The price of it globally

  • Around the world energy is priced differently.

  • Sadly developing countries have there energy priced highly. So the less fortunate people can’t buy. Witch makes the country lose money.

Fact 3 the inequality
Fact 3: The inequality

Fact is energy isn’t shared around the world properly. Some energy demands are bigger in other countries because they require more of it. So the developing countries are left out.

Fact 4 the reliance
Fact 4: The reliance

  • Industrialized countries require more energy than developing countries because they have a lot more that need energy.(Cars, electronics, etc.)

Fact 5 what does co2 do
Fact 5 what does co2 do

  • Co2 and other harmful gases create period of high temperature.

  • Sea level rises

  • In colder areas climate increases.

Fact 7 autonomy
fact 7: Autonomy

  • Some countries are independent for energy. They really on themselves.

Fact 8 dependent

  • Some countriesdependent on other countries tosupplywith energy.

Fact 9 biomass a threat
Fact 9: Biomass athreat

  • In developing countries biomass is the primary source of energy. But this has a down side using trees is a cause of deforestation.

Fact 10 nuclear power
Fact 10: Nuclear power

  • Is the lowest used energy source that and generate a lot of power, pollutes in a very small amount but also need a lot of money to operate.

Fact 11 storage power plants
Fact 11: Storage power plants

  • Storage power plants create a lot of electricity .But have certain needs. They need a lot of space to flood and hurt bio diversity.

Fact 12 biofuel
Fact 12: Biofuel

  • Biofuel is a environmentally friendly fuel that lowers the amount of pollutants in the air to benefit the environment,

Fact 13 solar energy
Fact 13: Solar energy

  • Producing solar energy is hard work. It is depended on the suns position, how sunny it is and how cloudy it is. If it is not sunny it is hard to get energy.

Fact 14 geothermy
Fact 14: Geothermy

  • Using the grounds heat bellow us is geothermy. It produces very few greenhouse gases. Most places using geothermic energy are near the ring of fire.

Fact 15 aeolian power
Fact 15: Aeolian power

  • In developing countries wind power is to pump water. However in industrialized countries they produce electricity.