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Stephen Vos

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S. Stephen Vos. Skills Presentation: Animation Major. S. Previous QUT Courses. S. Preferred Modelling & Animation Programs: Autodesk Maya, Zbrush Some experience with 3ds Max, Photoshop and After Effects Programming: Some experience in most languages Currently learning Unity

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stephen vos


Stephen Vos

Skills Presentation:

Animation Major

previous qut courses


Previous QUT Courses

technical skills


Preferred Modelling & Animation Programs:

  • Autodesk Maya, Zbrush
  • Some experience with 3ds Max, Photoshop and After Effects
  • Programming:
  • Some experience in most languages
  • Currently learning Unity
  • Good deal of experience using Eclipse (coupled with Corona SDK for Android Game development).

Technical Skills

preferred engine ureal development kit


  • Fully confident in my knowledge of the Unreal Development Kit in respect both to interacting with the Editor as well as scripting within Visual Studio utilising nFringe IDE.
  • Have scripted a custom UDK game mode with Game, Camera and Character controls.
  • Have developed a script which uses a very basic algorithm to spawn a field of cubes which are used as a floor in the world.
  • Have valid UDK Licence

NOTE## - As I become more confident with unity I will probably prefer to work with that

Preferred Engine: Ureal Development Kit

artistic skills


  • Prefer to work with organic characters
  • Greatly enjoy creating character rigs and developing movement animations with these rigs.
  • Currently in the process of creating a character rig which I will then import into UDK to create a moveable custom character
  • Drawing: As is to be expected all my work starts off as a hand drawn concept.

Artistic Skills

example 2d android game blast reaction


  • Solely developed by myself using a Corona SDK license (now expired) within Eclipse.

Example 2D Android Game: Blast Reaction

example rigging


  • Thisis my current WIP of a custom character rig, the model was acquired online to use as a workable example.
  • This is a very basic arm musculature rig which deforms the character skin in relation to muscle movement.
  • I have previously worked with soft skin constraints and painted on weights for previous university tasks, but much prefer the natural deformation that comes with muscles

Example: Rigging

example rigging1


Example: Rigging

example rigging2


Example: Rigging

example rigging3


Example: Rigging

example drawing


Example: Drawing

example previous university tasks


  • The following is a link to my Vimeo account which was used for a large number of previous tasks in 2011. I’m not fully pleased with a number of these works particularly my main assessment pieces which I feel should not be used as an indication of my current level of skill.

Example: Previous University Tasks

what can i bring to the group


  • While like most of you, I would prefer to work on my own game idea, I am completely happy working just as diligently on a project that I am interested in.
  • I feel my modelling / animating skills as they currently are at a level where you can feel confident I can bring to life any vision you may have.
  • Additionally my programming and scripting skills (particularity within UDK) will allow me to assist with bringing all the separate elements that other participants may bring into a completed product.
  • I am fully committed to working within the Games Industry and have invested a lot of time (and money) like many of you into the pursuit of this dream, I hope to one day to build a small team to create a small games company. I see this final project as an opportunity to possibly build this team and would love if this educational endeavour turned into a professional one.

What can I bring to the group?

contact information


  • Email:
  • SMS: 0405487725
  • Friday Tutorials 3pm-5pm
  • Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Contact Information