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Mood Elevator. grateful wise, insightful creative, innovative resourceful hopeful, optimistic appreciative, compassionate patient, understanding sense of humor flexible, adaptive, cooperative curious, interested impatient , frustrated irritated, bothered worried, anxious

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Mood Elevator

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    1. Mood Elevator grateful wise, insightful creative, innovative resourceful hopeful, optimistic appreciative, compassionate patient, understanding sense of humor flexible, adaptive, cooperative curious, interested impatient, frustrated irritated, bothered worried, anxious defensive, insecure judgmental, blaming self-righteous stressed, burned-out angry, hostile depressed up down

    2. HR Action • Request

    3. What is HRA? • HR Action Request (HRA) • Web-based application used to request and track approval of all student human resource actions.

    4. What HRA Can Do • Routine HR Actions for Student Employees (not GAAs) • Hire • Terminate • Change Rate of Pay • Change Funding Source • Occasionally • Change Number of Hours Worked Per Week • Update Job Duties/Responsibilities • Change Other Employee Data

    5. Process Greg and Janice are approvers Approved request sent to OAA Service Center for action and entry into HRIS Supervisor submits request • Benefits: • Ease of use - help feature • Automatic routing • Automatic records retention • University-wide - consistency • Custom application • Similar to eRequest • University Value – simplification

    6. Process How do I create an HRA? The following slides demonstrate the process of a basic HRA using the example of hiring an employee.

    7. Step 1. Log in Log-in: You will sign in using your name.## and password

    8. Step 2. Select the appropriate action Your information, as the supervisor, will default into these fields. Hover mouse over actions for additional details. Select the appropriate action, then click next.

    9. Step 3. Identify Hire • Check “current or former OSU employee/student field • Look up ID

    10. To Look up an employee: • To find the employee, use the ‘Lookup’ function. • You can search by any of the listed fields. • Any student enrolled should be “finadble”

    11. Step 4. Provide details for request • Enter your position number • Use the Supervisor Key • Confirm timehsheet approver • Information can be overridden • Use additional Information field as needed • Chartfield Information • Use Supervisor Key

    12. Chartfield Information • Org:Organization code used to identify OSUL unit associated with transaction. • 32011 – Planning & Administration • 32015 – Information Technology • 32101 – Research & Education • 32153 – Book Depository • 32201 – Special Collection & Area Studies • 32301 – Collection & Technical Services • Fund: Identifies source of money • 011000 – Departmental Budget • 014002 – Work-Study funds

    13. Chartfield Information • Account: Represents specific type of employee • 60131 – Student – Non Work-Study • 60155 – Student Federal Work-Study • User Defined: Used for reporting and to identify specific OSUL department • HR, SEC, CIRC, ACQ, CAT, SEL, etc.

    14. Step 5: Save, Review and Submit Choose to continue or save for later • Hire Request saved, but will NOT be submitted until you click the “Submit” button below. Click submit when you have confirmed the information entered is correct

    15. Step 6: Request will enter workflow • Request will flow through the approvals • Greg or Janice • OAA Service Center

    16. To impact multiple employees: • If you are making a change for more than one employee, check the box above the name field indicating multiple employees instead of creating a separate HRA for each person • At this point, there are no longer any fields that are required • Upload a spreadsheet as an attachment with the necessary details for the request

    17. To attach documentation: • Supplemental documentation and additional forms can be uploaded as attachments • Click add and select the appropriate documents • A description can be added to provide information about the attachment

    18. To send notification: • A notification can be sent just like an email directly from the HRA system • The option to send a notification will be on your confirmation screen once the request has been submitted • Notifications can be sent has the HRA# in the subject line of the email and will link the recipient directly to the request • You can save commonly used contacts as favorites in the system

    19. What Happens Next? • Once the HRA has made it through the approval process, you will receive an email • Direct the student to the Service Center, 008 Bricker to complete new hire paperwork • Request Building and eLAN request if appropriate • Once completed, the Service Center will enter the appropriate changes into PeopleSoft • To check the status of your HRA, you can use the Search function to see where it falls in the process • You can search by many parameters including: • Request # • Employee Name/ID# • Home Department # • Request Status

    20. Supervisor Key • Access via OSUL homepage • Staff Intranet • Doc Depts • Human Resources • Managing Student Employee Appointments and HRA Implementation • Use key to find your existing student position number, home department, and Chartfield to complete the HRA

    21. Examples • Hire • Funding change • Termination