home energy monitoring the more you know the more you save
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Home Energy Monitoring "The more you know the more you save"

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Home Energy Monitoring "The more you know the more you save" - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Home Energy Monitoring "The more you know the more you save". Robert Crowell Andrew Darmody Luke Fritts Josh Kamdjou. What's the Problem?. Average single family home electricity usage in 2010: 940 kWh/month @ .12$/kWh = $112.00/month x 12 = 1,350.00$ per year

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home energy monitoring the more you know the more you save

Home Energy Monitoring

"The more you know the more you save"

Robert Crowell

Andrew Darmody

Luke Fritts

Josh Kamdjou

what s the problem
What's the Problem?

Average single family home electricity usage in 2010:

940 kWh/month @ .12$/kWh = $112.00/month x 12 =

1,350.00$ per year

Source: Energy Information Administration eia.gov



-Peak hours

-Unit charges

No granularity

-Total energy usage read once per month.


-Electric bill = yawn

Image Courtesy Nstar.com

Where did my dollars go?

Why did my usage spike this month?

Who is using all this energy?

What can I do to fix this!?

verizon home monitoring
Verizon Home Monitoring

- A "total" home monitoring system that aims to provide a user with complete control of home.

- Accessible through personal website or mobile application.

- A user can monitor their electricity usage for the entire house (through existing meter) or attach individual sensors to high load appliances.

- Doesn't always give the user a clear understanding of where their energy is being used.

- Usage isn't always calculated in dollars, no incentive to lower consumption!

- Verizon visualizes home energy usage to the through the use of many graphs, charts, and technical jargon.

solution kiss
Solution KISS
  • Keep
  • It
  • Simple
  • Stupid
  • Thermostat
  • Save money
  • Monitor Energy Usage
evolution iterative design
Evolution - Iterative Design
  • Brainstorming
  • First Sketches through iteration
  • Interviews, Brainstorming
  • Altered sketches that changed little
  • User Testing(Observations), Brainstorming
  • Made Interactive Prototype that adjusted the design because of time, but mostly followed the sketches
user testing results
User Testing Results
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to learn
  • Users who tested would actually use our product
  • Achieved success of our initial goals
future work
Future Work
  • Add spin wheel for temperature change
  • Create better buttons
  • Have real backend
  • Have floor plan database
  • Create multiple styles
  • Gain control of lights and display lights in the room layout
  • Expand on the Schedule for more customizability
  • Add AC/Heater counter
  • Make items clearer that they can be clicked
  • Add more information
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