Ng911 today in the enterprise over the legacy e911 network
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NG911 TODAY in the Enterprise Over the Legacy E911 Network - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NG911 TODAY in the Enterprise Over the Legacy E911 Network. Mark J. Fletcher, ENP Public Safety Solutions & Strategy Avaya. @Fletch911. PSTN. Typical ILEC E911 Selective Router. SRDB/MSAG. PS-ALI. ALI. MLTS Call Server / PBX. PSAP. PSAP. How E9-1-1 Works TODAY.

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Ng911 today in the enterprise over the legacy e911 network
NG911 TODAY in the Enterprise Over the Legacy E911 Network

Mark J. Fletcher, ENP

Public Safety Solutions & Strategy



How e9 1 1 works today


Typical ILEC E911Selective Router




MLTS Call Server / PBX



How E9-1-1 Works TODAY

What happens when I dial 911 from my MLTS/PBX Telephone system?











CUBE 2C231

211 Mt. Airy Road

Basking Ridge, NJ

211 Mt Airy Road

Cube 2C231

Basking Ridge

Where are you in the building
Where are you in the building?

I DON’T KNOW . . .

211 Mt Airy Road

Cube 2C231

Basking Ridge

Maybe you know do they know
Maybe YOU know. Do THEY know?

Chevron: Hello. We have a fire in Process Unit 4 Crude.

Richmond 911: I don't know what that means but okay.

Chevron: We got a process unit [garbled] gate 31. It will be a first level response for you guys.

Richmond 911: Okay what does that mean?

How many do you need?

Does your mlts pbx know
Does your MLTS/PBX know?

211 Mt Airy Road

Cube 2C231

Basking Ridge





Enterprise big data

Understanding Enterprise BIG DATA,

NG9-1-1 Data to the PSAP

Ng911 requires a new network
NG911 Requires a NEW Network

Legacy E9-1-1 Network

Analog Based

Static Positioning

Static Routing

Geospatially limited

1968 Technology

It’s DONE – Stick a fork in it

Next Generation 9-1-1 Network


IP Centric in Design

Geospatial and Geodetic Routing

Cross Border connectivity

Designed with tomorrow in mind



Delivering data to the psap
Delivering DATA to the PSAP

Location URI/URL conveyed in the SIP header

  • Additional Location Data Repository (ALDR) and Additional Caller Data Repository (ACDR) functional elements in the customer DMZ will provide information about:

    • User Location Details

    • Device Location Details

    • Environmental Data Details

    • Event Correlation Details

  • This additional information will empower Public Safety by enabling better decisions

    • Temperature Sensors

    • Video feeds

    • Physiological data


* ACDR: Additional Caller Data Repository

ALDR: Additional Location Data Repository

NEW Functional Elements as defined in the NENA 08-003 i3 Version 2 Framework document for NG9-1-1

Houston we have a problem
Houston . . . We have a problem


In order for this model to work, network connectivity needs to exist between both the

Public Safety Call Taker and the Citizen caller.

Public Safety Answer Points often do not provide open internet access to the Call Taker workstations to insulate them from harmful data.


Ng9 1 1 over the top
NG9-1-1 Over the Top

An “Over the Top” model of content delivery is one where content is NOT being delivered by the provider of the pipe.


NetFlix content is considered Over the Top content as it is delivering the media and your internet provider is delivering bandwidth, and not the content of the bandwidth.

NG9-1-1 ‘Over the Top’

This is where the 9-1-1 call is delivered via legacy phone lines, but the location data is provided through an alternate service, such as Smart911.

Situational awareness
Situational Awareness

Connecting Public Safety to the EventConnecting the Event to Public Safety

Being aware of what is happening around you and understanding how information, events and your own actions will impact your goals and objectives both now and in the near future

E9 1 1 solution checklist
E9-1-1 Solution Checklist

  • Identify the DEVICE LOCATION, not the user

  • Recognize an Emergency Calls (multiple numbers)

  • Establish proper routing

    • Branch office with/without trunks

    • Nomadic VPN Users (Starbucks)

    • Static VPN Users (SoHo employees)

  • On Site Notification

    • Zone Based Alert Routing

    • No response escalation

    • Incident Notes

  • VPC Routing service for FCE environments

L3 location discovery
L3 Location Discovery

  • PROS

    • Already established

    • Granularity to floor/closet

    • Easily Managed

    • Device Identity possible (MAC Address)

  • CONS

    • Must match Emergency zones

    • May not be granular enough

    • Device identity not possible (MAC Address)

L2 location discovery
L2 Location Discovery

  • PROS

    • Based on Physical network

    • Granularity to the jack

    • Very accurate if Managed

    • Device Identity possible (MAC Address)

  • CONS

    • Requires WireMap Database

    • Move Add Change coordination

    • ‘Closet Moves’ not allowed

    • Requires backend process

On site notification
On Site Notification

  • OSN needs to be originated ONSITE.

  • Remote notification coming from the PSTN may be blocked.

  • If a 911 call never gets out, the alert will never be generated, and you will never be notified.

  • True OSN happens ONSITE

  • OSN provides critical Situational Awareness based on multiple data points

  • Floor Plans, MSDS Sheets, IP Temperature Sensors, Video feeds.

  • Event correlation

  • Analytics of the data

  • Target Response based on facts

  • Identification and Elimination of Misdialed calls

Standards bodies
Standards Bodies

  • Avaya employees maintain active memberships with several industry forums

  • NENA ENP Certification

  • Key workgroup/committee contributions include:

    • President’s NSTACNational Public Safety Broadband Network Scoping Subcommittee

    • Federal Communications CommissionEmergency Access Advisory Committee

    • National Emergency Number AssociationMLTS PBX Model Legislation NG911 ESI Network DesignNG911 Additional Data WorkgroupNG911 Transition Plan

    • European Emergency Number AssociationVarious EENA Operations Document

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