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Projects and People Synergy PowerPoint Presentation
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Projects and People Synergy

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Projects and People Synergy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Projects and People Synergy

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    1. Hi, my name is Michael. The element I chose to look at was the shared community space –how to bring together the resources, like organizations and groups with the people and knowledge to run some of the projects just food is interested in, that would also provide a baseline of money to maintain and later invest in growing the project further. Some of the projects I thought would be important to focus on at the outset include composting and natural waste management; an education program which would include a database of resources in the community; a plant nursery and seed bank; a community kitchen; the organic incubator farms; with the lesser priority options of a basic workshop in the barn, and an urban sustainable self-sufficiency retrofit project, possibly in a cluster of homes nearby, with people committed to those principles maybe purchasing these and working in partnership with the food hub, and maybe local experts like Mike Nikerson. Projects and People Synergy

    2. Plant nursery and seed bank mindmap -prepare for growing in the spring -sell/barter with local community and others interested in these plants Composting mind map -one behind main hub facility between hoop houses for community kitchen scrap -zone 1 –close to source, for winter -source of heat for plant nursery hoop house, natural gas, compost for plants -partner w gerri baker ‘the worm lady’ to set up

    3. Community kitchen mind map -bring farmer’s and others together to process food goods, share skills, like making preserves, etc -maybe open to public on weekends, reserved for food hub community during the week? -food/potluck part of meetings for sense of community? -farmer’s market that doesn’t conflict with other local markets? Education mind map -ecowellness center mentorship satellite day-care 1/week ? -select demonstration projects which are useful to the hub starting out -networking tools, knowledge and skills database to connect people and groups to projects related to the hub – creates outreach

    4. Incubator farms mind map -modern organic farming (w modern machine if necessary) -groups like 4h and COG might be able to take point on organizing – bring regular farmers into hub, could generate a fair amount of money -try to transition eventually to more permaculture approach/ low oil based farming (ie fertilizers, gas, pesticides) Urban retrofit mind map -people who personally purchase homes nearby hub together, could experiment w techniques to retrofit Barn is low priority, but could do ‘global village construction set tools, EVCO, EWB

    5. Main recommendations: Without providing an actual business plan, I’ve tried to suggest some initial projects that can be done in the short term with minimal people and maintenance by just food people, by sourcing some of the initiatives out to groups and people with experience and systems already in place, bringing in people whose interests and goals intersect with those of just food and the community food hub. As the space develops, the site could expand into a much more self-sufficient community, a mini-economy that can meet its own needs and be a model for other communities.