a more international caps what might that look like n.
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A More International CAPS: What Might That Look Like? PowerPoint Presentation
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A More International CAPS: What Might That Look Like?

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A More International CAPS: What Might That Look Like? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A More International CAPS: What Might That Look Like?
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  1. A More International CAPS: What Might That Look Like? CAPS International Conference, 2010, Kansas City Facilitators: Drs. Brad Smith and Fred Gingrich, Care and Counsel International

  2. Dr. Brad Smith • Psychologist, Private Practice, Boston, MA • Care and Counsel International • Coordinator, Lausanne Care and Counsel as Mission Interest Group • smithbrad@careandcounsel.org

  3. 2007 CAPS International Conference Psychology in Global Mission: Progress, Hindrances and Future Directions Breakout session Bradford M. Smith, Ph.D. March 23, 2007 Philadelphia

  4. Care and Counsel International • Formed June 2007 • Purposes: • Advocating • Connecting • Incubating • Equipping

  5. The Lausanne Movement An international “umbrella” network of ministry networks “whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world”

  6. The Lausanne Care and Counsel as Mission Interest Group Began planning an international consultation

  7. 2008 CAPS International Conference Psychology in Global Mission: Case studies from China, Mexico and Rwanda. Invited Symposium Drs. Brad Smith & Fred Gingrich: Moderators Dr. Wei-Jen Huang Dr. Linda Marcell and Saul Cruz, MA Ap.4, 2008 Phoenix, AZ

  8. Mexico City, January 2009 Lausanne Consultation on Care and Counsel as Mission 20 participants including Al Dueck, Anne Grizzle, Fred Gingrich, Gary Collins, Linda Marcell, Saul Cruz, Brad Smith

  9. 2009 CAPS International Conference Psychology as Global Mission: Perspectives on an Emerging Movement Breakout session Drs. Brad Smith & Fred Gingrich: Facilitators Saul Cruz – Also, plenary speaker Anne Grizzle – Also, plenary speaker Ap. 3, 2009 Orlando, FL Presented findings from Mexico City

  10. Cape Town 2010 The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization 4,000 Participants by Invitation Attending: Steve Allison, Saul Cruz, Anne Grizzle, Fred Gingrich, Brent Lindquist, Linda Marcell, Derek McNeil, Brad Smith (Facilitating Care and Counsel as Mission Group) And 15 other international participants

  11. 2010 CAPS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE • Psychology and counseling now operate in a context of a global community despite being originally rooted in a white, Western framework. • How can CAPS organize itself to better facilitate more inclusiveness, dialogue and fundamental change? • And why should this be a priority?

  12. “Mental health is closely linked with virtually all global public health priorities.” • The Moral Case for International Mental Health, Editorial, American Journal of Psychiatry (2006).

  13. Mental Health Professionalsper 100,000 People by Region

  14. The methodological “conversion” of Dr. Anthony Marsella

  15. "That night, I threw all my papers up in the air and I said, 'Either everyone is crazy, I'm crazy or there really are different realities.'"

  16. “We need a new psychology. It's no longer sufficient to train our students in isolation of other disciplines, from students across the world, from contact with different cultures. We need a psychology attuned to the changing times, a psychology that is alert to ethnocentric biases inherent in the Western academia psychology and one that values the diverse psychologies of the world."

  17. Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School • “rethinking psychiatry” (Arthur Kleinman’s term), • placing social and cultural forces at the intellectual and research core of psychiatry and mental health care; • de-centering and ‘decolonizing’ psychiatric research and knowledge, • criticizing ethnocentric practices that base psychiatric knowledge nearly exclusively on research with majority populations in North America and Europe, and • demonstrating the importance of diverse populations, societies and cultures for basic knowledge of human experience and psychopathology; • addressing issues of social justice and human rights associated with disparities in access to good quality mental health care; and • placing mental health firmly on the agenda for global health.

  18. JPC Article Subjects: 1993-2006

  19. The question for today… Where do we go from here?

  20. Dr. Steve Allison Internationalizing CAPS: Past Progress and Future Options • Robert and Mary Ann Hall Endowed Chair of Psychology & Intercultural Studies, Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas. • CAPS Conference Coordinator

  21. Dr. Gary Collins New Opportunities for Care and Counsel in a Global Context • Distinguished Visiting Professor in the School of Psychology and Counseling at Regent University, Virginia Beach • Distinguished Professor of Coaching and Leadership at Richmont Graduate University (formerly Psychological Studies Institute), Atlanta, GA • www.garyrcollins.com

  22. Dr. AlVIN Dueck International Psychology: Implications for Research and Training • Evelyn and Frank Freed Professor of the Integration of Psychology and Theology, Department of Clinical Psychology and Marriage and Family, Fuller School of Psychology • adueck@fuller.edu

  23. Dr. J. Derek McNeil Transforming Organizations for Global Inclusiveness • Coordinator of Diversity and Associate Professor, Wheaton College, Wheaton IL • Derek.McNeil@wheaton.edu

  24. Dr. EliSabeth Suarez Increasing Participation of U.S. Minorities in CAPS • Associate Professor, School of Psychology and Counseling, Regent University • esuarez@regent.edu

  25. 2009 APA Membership Profile

  26. 2009 AACC Membership Profile

  27. Some other stats… • In 2004, ethnic minorities received 20.1% of EdD and PhD degrees in psychology and 19.9% of new PsyD enrollees • Increased proportion of unmatched psych interns who are ethnic minorities • 12.4 % of full time psychology faculty are ethnic minorities

  28. Suggestions • More people of color in CAPS leadership • Establish committees of minority concerns • Special events on minority issues • Increase recruitment and retention of ethnic minorities in CAPS • Increase quality and quantity of education and training opportunities in psychology and counseling for ethnic minorities

  29. Categories for ideas • Recruitment • Retention • (Re)training

  30. Recruitment • Do professional development workshops with multicultural emphases for graduate students • Support and encourage students as they transition from training to professional life • Assign mentors to new student members • Provide list to colleges/universities of ethnic minorities about to graduate with PhD, PsyD, or EdD for hiring purposes

  31. Recruitment • Promote grad school as option to minority undergraduate students • Provide resources helpful to the emerging minority Christian psychology or counseling professional • APA: Minority fellowship program aimed at developing minority grad students into productive and empowered professionals. (federally funded)

  32. Retention • Increase minority attendance at conference • Encourage more ethnic content in publications • Invite more ethnic related content at conferences

  33. Retention • Promote the interests of ethnic minority psychologists and counselors through networking and communicating • Cultivate increased understanding of culture and ethnicity in psychology through publications

  34. (Re)training • Facilitate multicultural competence by offering workshops and presentations on multicultural topics such as working with culturally diverse populations • Promote and encourage culturally appropriate research methods • Offer CEU workshops on issues related to multicultural issues (i.e. test and assessment bias)

  35. Suggestion • APA: Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs – why not CAPS?

  36. What does it take? • Commitment • Concerted Effort • Community • Creativity

  37. Discussion OPPORTUNITY • Questions, comments, suggestions, etc. for the panel or for CAPS • Moderator: Dr. Fred Gingrich, Associate Professor and Chair, Counseling Division, Denver Seminary

  38. CAPS Reception for International Conference Attendees (and those interested in meeting them!) Now! (5.15 – 6.30) Convention Center Meeting Room 5