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CSU Public Private Partnerships

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CSU Public Private Partnerships - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CSU Public Private Partnerships. March 12, 2014. Public Private Partnership Projects. G. Paul Storey , Executive Director, Foundation, CSPU Pomona Dr. Steven Lohr, Chief, Land Use Planning and Environmental Review, CSU Chancellor’s Office. Public Private Partnerships-Agenda.

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Presentation Transcript
public private partnership projects
Public Private Partnership Projects
  • G. Paul Storey, Executive Director, Foundation, CSPU Pomona
  • Dr. Steven Lohr, Chief, Land Use Planning and Environmental Review, CSU Chancellor’s Office
public private partnerships agenda
Public Private Partnerships-Agenda
  • Purpose of Public-Private Partnership (P3) projects
  • Benefits of P3 projects
  • Examples of P3 projects
  • CSU P3 process
  • Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • RFP evaluation criteria
  • Cal Poly Pomona Innovation Village
public private partnership projects1
Public Private Partnership Projects
  • Long-term contractual relationships that use or develop campus real property
  • Purpose: Further the educational mission of the campus through the acquisition of physical assets, income and/or educationally related opportunities for students and faculty
  • Often involves ground lease from CSU to campus auxiliary, which then subleases to a third party developer to design, construct and finance agreed upon development plan
benefits of p3
Benefits of P3
  • Provision of development which university could not develop/fund on its own
  • Utilize private sector which has successful experience in projects in certain projects
  • Preserve bond capacity for other critical campus projects
  • Facilitate integration of students into university life
examples of p3 projects in higher ed
Examples of P3 Projects in Higher Ed.
  • On university property: Mixed-use projects; office-commercial development; hotels
  • On private property (UC): Research, medical office, housing
  • Other public agencies
  • Cal Poly Pomona: Innovation Village
csu p3 process
CSU P3 Process
  • Step 1: Project Initiation
    • Identify aspirations for development
    • Land Development Review Committee (LDRC)
  • Step 2: Concept Approval
    • Board approval of concept
    • Authorization to identify development team and negotiate terms
csu p3 process1
CSU P3 Process
  • Step 3: Project Scope/Due Diligence
    • Select development team and negotiate terms
    • Due diligence effort
    • Land Development Review Committee (LDRC)
    • Compliance with California Environmental Quality Act
csu p3 process2
CSU P3 Process
  • Step 4: Final Approval
    • Submission to CO (due diligence; terms)
    • Approval by Board (CEQA, Master Plan revision, Non-State Capital Outlay revision; development terms; design plans)
  • Step 5: Execution of Development Agreement
request for proposal rfp process
Request for Proposal (RFP) Process
  • Selection of development team
  • Issuance of RFP
  • Evaluation of developer qualifications
  • Selection of “short list” of proposers
  • Provision of more detailed proposals
  • Selection of development team
examples of evaluation criteria
Examples of Evaluation Criteria
  • Ability to secure financing; financial strength
  • Experience and expertise of development team
  • Ability and experience in constructing, marketing, leasing and operating comparable properties
  • Experience with P3 projects
  • Commitment to spirit of development concept
  • Furthering educational mission of campus