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DOCTORS SURGERY Database. Ethics. Ethics are your attitudes and aptitudes towards a particular thing. An ethical situation is one where decisions must be made and affect a whole community. Your ideas, thoughts and decisions affect not only yourself but a society’s well-being. Moral.

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Doctors surgery database


  • Ethics are your attitudes and aptitudes towards a particular thing. An ethical situation is one where decisions must be made and affect a whole community. Your ideas, thoughts and decisions affect not only yourself but a society’s well-being.


  • Moral is the right thing to do. It is what you have learnt after doing something. The lesson or the coda. Moral is the correct way to do things; decent, proper, right. A moral situation is one affecting me and maybe just one other person.

What do the parents think about ethics and morals
What do the parents think about ethics and morals?

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  • Ethical-A set of rules or regulations for society to obey and follow in order

    to have a good standard of living.

    -Correct, right, what attitude everyone follows.

    -Value. e.g. Good work ethic or written rule.

    -A set of standards for society to follow.

  • Moral- A lesson, a unwritten rule.

    -The right and wrong, to be at best behavior and conduct.

    -A rule not written down, yet people follow it because it is morally right.

    -The right thing to do; decent; proper;right.

    The Dictionary Meaning!

    Ethics-A set of principles of right conduct.

    Morals-Of or concerned with the judgment of the goodness or badness of human action and character. Conforming to standards of what is right or just in behavior; virtuous: a moral life.

Doctors surgery database

Data Privacy Policies (DPP'S)

  • A Data Privacy policy is a policy that a company that collects data has to protect the data of their people.

  • An example of one shown here:

  • Here is a link to a privacy policy.

  • DPP’s are needed to show how the company will protect the data collected.

  • Each DPP must include:

  • What the data will be used for.

  • Who will have the data.

  • How safe it is.

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Doctors surgery database

The Fields in a doctor’s Database

  • The fields needed to in a doctor’s surgery are:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Sex

  • Previous Medication

  • Description of illness

  • Phone Number

  • Medicare Card Number

  • Symptoms

  • Address

  • Appointment Time

  • Past Illnesses

Doctors surgery database

Software used in a Doctors Database

There are nowadays many different types of programs for databases in doctors surgeries. I would recommend a number of software packages that would be ideal for use in a surgery. Prices range from the cheaper databases from about $150-$250. I would recommend these to the lower income countries where simplicity is a necessity. E.g.. India, Pakistan, African countries. Some features of these lower cost databases include: large database, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment information usually associated with each disorder/condition. Includes neonatal and extremely rare conditions. An expensive doctors surgery database would cost from about $500-$1000 dollars and would have very comprehensive and detailed description of all the patients statistics.

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Doctors surgery database

Backup for a Doctors Surgery

  • For a doctors surgery I would recommend they use one of the following options for backing up there databases.

  • Uploading it to the internet.

  • Saving to a Zip or Jazz drive ( a floppy disk is too small)

  • Burning a CD-RW.

  • Saving to an ejectable hard drive.

  • Personally all members in the group recommended either uploading to the internet or using a hard drive. Both of these are cost effective and relatively easy to use.

Doctors surgery database

Below is our privacy policy for the AAN Doctors surgery.

With us your data will be protected with the highest security system you can have for a surgery.

Your data will only be used by us and not be shared with any other company. It is stored in a ejectable hard-drive. It is only used by our surgery to find records and your medical history. We store personal information in a combination of secure computer storage facilities and paper-based files and other records. In so doing, we have taken numerous steps to protect your personal information from misuse, loss, and unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. Our services such as full 24 hour medical service, insurance cover, medical treatment in all our facilities, and treatment free with a Medicare card, with no Medicare card customers may have to pay for some particular services.

Because your privacy is important we will not sell, rent or trade your personal information without your consent.

However, to ensure a high level of service, we may disclose information about you to outside contractors to carry out specialized activities on our behalf, e.g. a mailing house. If you have any question on the personnel information, please do not hesitate to call us on 555-KLM-678. With the highest technology upgrade and the top security in the world, we can keep this information stored efficiently in paper based files on a computer and other storage facilities.

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