Storage of goods
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Storage of goods. Storage is a set of activities undertaken to save and preserve items in optimal conditions for use, since they are produced / received until they are required by the user or consumer , in a cubic system for a period of time determined by demand .

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Storage of goods

Storage of goods

Storage is a set of activitiesundertakentosave and preserve items in optimalconditionsfor use, sincethey are produced / receiveduntilthey are requiredbytheuserorconsumer, in a cubicsystemfor a period of time determinedbydemand.

Drawbacks in the process of storage
Drawbacks in theprocess of storage


  • Wastageof cubicspace of thewarehouseforlack of appropriateinfrastructure.

  • lackorinsufficiency of appropriateequimentformaterial handling.

  • Theloadspoorlystackedwhichgeneratestabilityproblemsthat can cause accidents.

Drawbacks in the process of storage1
Drawbacks in theprocess of storage


• Lack of behavior’sanalysis and productcharacteristicsto define appropriatecriteriaforstorage.

• No control of productsthathavelowrotationorthey are notdetectedbeforeto expire.


• Thelocationinformation of theproducts are usuallymanagedbyoperators. Withoutthem, thewarehouse can notoperate.

• Lack of informationsystemsthatallowtoproperlymanagetheallocation of space in thewarehouse and itsoptimization.

• Lack of identificationwithbarcodelogisticunits.

Drawbacks in the process of storage2
Drawbacks in theprocess of storage


• No strictmonitoringtothemanagement of refunds, overhauls and merchandiseto be destroyed.

• Incipient training and resistanceof thewarehouseoperatorsregardingtothemanagement of product, system and equipment.

Best practices for storage process
BestPracticesfor Storage Process

• Management of locations / positions in thewarehouse.

• Location of productsaccordingtotherotation. Zoningof thewinery.

•IdentificationwithBarcode / RFID EPC and AutomaticInformation Capture. Real-time information. Stocktakingturnover FIFO (First In-FirstOut)

• InformationSystem WMS (Warehouse Management System).

• Resources: Shelves and movingequipment and material handling