sabr soccer playoff overview for referees l.
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SABR Soccer Playoff Overview for Referees PowerPoint Presentation
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SABR Soccer Playoff Overview for Referees

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SABR Soccer Playoff Overview for Referees - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SABR Soccer Playoff Overview for Referees. Sunday, February 8, 2009 Sugar Sand Park. Meeting Agenda. Playoff Schedule ARs for U9 & U10 Length of Games & Overtime Golden Goal Rule FIFA Kicks from the Penalty Mark Observations & Reminders End of Season Awards Party Questions

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SABR Soccer Playoff Overview for Referees

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sabr soccer playoff overview for referees

SABR Soccer Playoff Overview for Referees

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sugar Sand Park

meeting agenda
Meeting Agenda
  • Playoff Schedule
  • ARs for U9 & U10
  • Length of Games & Overtime
  • Golden Goal Rule
  • FIFA Kicks from the Penalty Mark
  • Observations & Reminders
  • End of Season Awards Party
  • Questions
  • Assignments
playoff schedule
Playoff Schedule
  • Monday, February 16 through Monday, February 23rd
  • Tom Cup Finals – Patch Reef Park – Saturday, February 28th
  • Playoff Schedule Posted on
  • Payment will be made at the End of Year Referee Party
ars added to u9 u10
ARs Added to U9 & U10

*Semi-finals and finals ONLY

For Recreational Games collect all money even if an AR is missing & contact and turn in to Mr. Behrman (see Contacts for Referees)

golden goal rule
Golden Goal Rule

The first team to score in any overtime period will be declared the winner.

kicks from the penalty mark
Kicks from the Penalty Mark
  • If after overtime period has expired in the playoffs or Tom Cup finals, FIFA “kicks from the penalty mark” rules will apply.
  • See Instructions for the taking of kicks from the penalty mark
observations reminders
Observations & Reminders
  • Attendance
  • Preparedness
  • Attire
  • Time Management
  • Fouls, Yellow & Red Cards
  • Behavior
  • Non FIFA Rules
on time being prepared and looking professional
  • Attributes of a SABR Referee
  • Keys to gaining the respect of the coaches, players and spectators
  • Arrive 20-30 minutes early before each game
  • If a referee does not show up, then please follow these procedures:
    • Try to contact either Mr. Brian Behrman (Recreational)
    • If you cannot contact Mr. Behrman or if he does not have a substitute available, you should see if there is another licensed referee in the area who can act as a linesman.
    • Unless that referee just finished a game at the same level, you should still try to contact Mr. Behrman before having that person step in.
    • Any such tardiness should be reported to Mr. Behrman (see Contacts).
    • If you cannot find a suitable linesman, then you can use a “club linesman” if the coaches agree.
    • If the scheduled linesman shows up after the game has started, they may take over for the “club linesman” with the referee’s permission.
  • Games should not start without the FIFA prescribed three referees.
  • Head Referee
    • Coin for starting game
    • Working whistle
    • Watch or stop watch
    • Game report and pen or pencil
    • Your red and yellow cards.
  • Assistant Referee (Linesman)
    • Flag
    • All the above for Head Referee in the event you need to step in if the head referee does not show.
  • Wearing the proper Referee Uniform
    • Yellow shirt
    • Black shorts
    • Long black socks
  • Shirt must be tucked in for the entire duration of the game.
  • We need to set an example for the coaches and players
time management
Time Management
  • Time management of the soccer game IS the responsibility of the referee
  • NOT the coaches…
  • NOT the players and…
  • NOT the administrators.
  • SABR works very hard to schedule as many games as possible to optimize the limited number of soccer fields, thus it is extremely important that you keep the games on time.
  • Delays due to injury, weather or other reason you deem appropriate can be made up by adding time at the end of the game.
behavior on the field
Behavior On the Field
  • Be decisive in your decisions
  • Blow your whistle loud
  • Signal your calls correctly
  • Be consistent in your calls
  • Call fouls based on the age group and level of play
  • Hand balls need to appear to be deliberate, not accidental
  • IDF awarded to attacking team if a teammate of the goalie passes back to goalie and they pick it up
  • If a goalie touches the ball, it is considered their ball and thus running into the goalie or kicking it out of their hands.
  • Be careful in the last few minutes of a close game with your calls
yellow cards
Yellow Cards
  • When a player is issued a YELLOW CARD the player must be substituted to allow for a “cool down” period
  • Player may re-enter game at the next opportunity the team can substitute
red cards
Red Cards
  • If you issue a RED CARD, be sure to report the incident via e-mail to your Assignor and the SABR Director of Referees.
  • Include in your report the following information:
    • Date
    • Team Gender, Age Group and Team Name (e.g., GU14 Revolution)
    • First and Last Name of the Player, Coach or Spectator
    • Nature of the Misconduct or Red Card
non fifa rules
Non FIFA Rules
  • Many are covered in your SABR Handbook
  • Read the Handbook and print pages from the SABR Web Site – “Referee’s Corner”
  • Keep this information handy as a guide
location for taking penalty kicks
Location for Taking Penalty Kicks
  • Should be marked
  • Full size field – 12 yards from the goal
  • Smaller fields – halfway between the goal area and the penalty area lines
  • If the goal area is not marked, pace off the penalty area and place ball 2/3s the number of paces. For example:
    • Penalty area = 12 paces
    • Penalty mark = 8 paces
  • A team CAN substitute on their OWN throw in, NOT on the opponent’s throw in.
  • All teams MAY substitute:
    • On either team's goal kick,
    • After a goal,
    • After a half
    • After you stop the game due to injury (either team)
    • Water breaks
    • After the regular time of the game has expired if an overtime period is provided. 
  • Players must be ready at the halfway line – please explain this to the coaches
  • You may use discretion to not allow a substitution if the substitute is not ready to come onto the field
water breaks
Water Breaks
  • Water breaks are REQUIRED
  • Approximately mid-way through each half
  • No more 1-2 minutes to allow players to get a drink
  • Game clock is NOT stopped
  • Players must stay in the field of play
  • Encourage players to get back on the field
  • No coaching
  • Both teams may substitute following an injury
  • Only coaches allowed to attend to an injured player on the field
  • If a player is injured and cannot return, e-mail the Director of Referees:
    • Date
    • Team Gender, Age Group and Team Name (e.g., GU14 Revolution)
    • First and Last Name of the Player
    • Nature of the Injury
other considerations
Other Considerations
  • Be sure to enforce the Technical Area with the coaches at the beginning
    • ~10 yards on either side of the centerline
    • ~ 1 yard behind the touch line
  • Ask the coaches or SABR Administrators to ask their spectators to sit on the opposite side of the field
  • Do Not engage with the spectators
  • Ask the coaches or SABR Administrators to help you manage the spectators
lightning safety
Lightning Safety
  • Use the “30-30 Rule” and Common Sense
    • If you see lighting, check your watch
    • If thunder occurs before 30 seconds, you need to have everyone get off the field and into a sheltered area
    • Wait 30 minutes following the same 30 second rule before allowing players coaches and spectators back onto the field
  • Most fields have lighting detectors (except FAU/Henderson)
    • When you hear the detector sound, have everyone get off the field
    • Safe to return when you hear 3 short blasts


referees need to set the tone for the games
Referees Need to Set the Tone for the Games
  • CONSISTENTLY enforce the “Rules of the Game”, “Non-FIFA Rules”, and “Other Considerations”
  • Establish themselves with the coaches, players and spectators as “In Charge”
  • Be decisive and blow your whistle loud so everyone can hear it
  • Have fun and let the players play!
sabr web site www bocasoccer com referees corner
SABR Web Site– Referees’ Corner
  • Message from Director
  • Contacts for Referees, Web Sites and Information Updates - Copies of Referee Presentations
  • 2009 Certification and Recertification Classes
  • Payment Schedules
  • Attendance, Preparation, and Attire
  • Game Management and Unpaid Monies
  • Some Non-FIFA Rules
  • Lightning Safety
end of season referee party
End of Season Referee Party
  • Referee Party after the East-West Game
  • Payment for Playoffs & Tom Cup
  • Awards for Referees & Mentors
  • Raffle for Prizes
  • Food and Drink
  • Date and Time TBA


Brian Behrman