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MASSAGE OFFICE PROFESSIONAL. “ complete software for a balanced practice”. Easier, Faster and more Powerful than ever!. When it comes to running your practice, GO WITH A PRO !. New Features. Treatment Advisor.

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“complete software for a balanced practice”


Easier, Faster and more Powerful than ever!

When it comes to running your practice, GO WITH A PRO!


Treatment Advisor

Over 150 conditions with spelling, audio pronunciation, definition, symptoms, causes, indicated treatment and contraindications!


Gift Certificate Tracking

Complete tracking of every gift certificate at a glance!


Expense Tracking

Detailed expense tracking so you always know where you stand


Electronic Insurance Billing

FREE electronic claims submission through Office Ally


CMS (HCFA)-1500 forms auto-fill from the billing screen and database.

Simply check it, save it, print it or set it for next electronic batch export.



User Name and Password Protection

User name and Password protection to protect your sensitive data


EXTREMELY user friendly client data entry on one screen! Complete insurance info. Email right from the client screen. Access sessions, billing and SOAP notes for each client. Choose up to 3 conditions from the Treatment Advisor for each client. See purchase statistics at a glance.


Attached Documents

Now you can save all important files like intakes forms, prescriptions, release letters, etc. right with the client file using our new Attached Documents feature!


4 user-definable fields and a custom notes field to keep track of data that is specific to your practice.


Detailed SOAP Notes with anatomical image library. We provide 10 user-definable coloring buttons plus text on image (annotate) and lines on image.

Use our images or load your own from digital camera, scanner or internet.

Notes can be done in SOAP or Narrative format.


Treatment notes print with or without image. A legend is included so that anyone reading your notes can instantly determine problem areas.


On-screen scheduling integrated with billing. When checking your client out, go from calendar to printed receipt in 3 clicks, with no data entry!

Enter appointments from the calendar or the session screen.


Recurring Appointments

Our recurring appointments utility lets you create 12 sessions in advance. Makes scheduling and checkout fast, fast, fast!


Complete income and payment tracking. Automatically create invoices directly from sessions. Create CMS-1500 insurance bills from the billing screen.

Add items and tips at checkout. Track pre-paid credits, partial payments and multiple payment types per invoice. Print receipts. Much more!


Easy Reports

  • New Easy Reports screen makes running financial and marketing reports so easy you won’t believe it!
  • Run reports like:
  • End of Day Payments
  • Mailing Labels by Birth Month
  • Daily Schedule
  • Referred By list
  • and many more!

Product screen provides for inventory tracking and low inventory warning. Supplier information is displayed to simplify re-orders.


Common tasks cut down to size:

  • Credit card processing through X-Charge. NEW
  • Direct access to business & marketing templates from the menu. NEW
  • Attach & store documents and files like intake forms and pictures with each client record. NEW
  • Custom notes field for every invoice! NEW
  • New and expanded reports! NEW
  • Easy Reports makes running reports a breeze. NEW
  • Issuing & applying credits is now much easier and faster. NEW
  • Picking appointment times is a drop down in 15 minute increments. Easy & fast, fast, FAST!
  • Create CMS-1500 bills directly from the invoice screen.
  • Learning database, so you can learn to use features as your needs change. Also very helpful when training new employees.
  • Inactivate therapists, clients, etc. and retain their info.
  • Secure, encrypted database (HIPAA).
  • Much, much more!

“Dear Mr. Kreger,I am the proud owner of Restored Therapeutic Massage, LLC. I researched software to use in my new practice for the past 2 years and I mean I did my research. I found Massage Office Pro 3 to be the absolute best software for massage on the market. I am not only a certified & licensed massage therapist, I am also certified in medical billing and coding. I have a legal background as well as medical. I have used many other programs that were much more expensive. Of all the programs I've ever used, Massage Office Pro 3 is the easiest, most professional and efficient of them all. As a bonus, the staff at Island Software goes above and beyond to ensure that you are getting the most out of the software. I also added X-Charge Merchant Services and now my credit card processing is integrated allowing me to give professional invoices to my clients upon checkout.

I am now able to keep extraordinary SOAP notes. The SOAP note feature is so easy to use to document the treatment provided and future treatment plans. I never have to wonder what I worked on the last time the client visited the office. This feature creates a confidence in my clients that shows I am well aware of our focus for their overall health. I love this program and I'm so happy I didn’t use a web-based program that doesn't understand the needs of my profession. If any therapist is looking for software that fits the massage industry, look no further. Massage Office PRO 3 has everything a massage therapist needs.”

Meiko Dukes, LMT, CMT


"I have been using Massage Office Pro V2 since our opening in  April of 2012 and I’m so happy that I chose this program! I chose it over others because it had everything that I could possibly need all in one package and then some! I wouldn’t use any other program. I have frequently (and still will) tell other Massage Therapists to just try the 30 day free trial and you’ll see why I love it! There are just way too many things I love and use daily with this program to even list it here!I have had a few other inquiries from Naturopaths and an Acupuncturist and they wanted to know how come they don’t have a program like this! They can’t find one anywhere. They are going to do the free trial and see if they can use it too! I sell retail and can track my inventory and it tells me when I need to buy more!Now I use Massage Office Pro V3 and I didn’t think it could possibly get any better…. But it did! I love that I can now attach documents or pictures right to an individual client; I can attach great info/exercises etc from the web right to a particular “illness” or condition and print it right then and there for the client with Treatment Advisor. The new Treatment Advisor will show any contraindications and I can update and revise it to suit me and my particular practice. There is also a new Expense Tracker! My business partner (my mother!) is going to love this! Now I print out my monthly expenses which are detailed and hand them over. She can take care of our business end and not have to worry that I won’t be able to tell her the particulars of any receipt. I can seriously go on and on about everything I love about this program, but I won’t. I’m just going to tell you to do the free 30 day trial and you’ll see I know my practice is better for having this program. Oh! You can now track gift cards and make sure you check out the many, many documents you also get for marketing and business. Thank you Steve Kreger and Massage Office Pro!

Laura AhernGreen Blessings Center, LLC


If you research all of the software available for our industry and compare the features, ease of use and price, there is only one clear choice.

Massage Office Pro!

We are here to assist you in understanding and using the software. Just call us toll-free at


clients treatment advisor





Super easy to use client data entry on one screen! Complete insurance info. Access sessions, billing, insurance billing and SOAP notes for each client.


Store any type of file you wish. Images, Word documents, PDF, scans, website URL. Literally any file type! Keep your documentation for each client close at hand and secure.


4 user definable fields plus a custom notes field to keep any information that is specific to your practice.


Our brand new Treatment Advisor will knock your socks off! Choose up to 3 conditions for each client from over 150 available conditions (more to come). Access the details of each condition using the details button. Each condition has been edited and reviewed by Susan G. Salvo, MEd, LMT author of Mosby's Pathology for Massage Therapists 3rd edition


The Treatment Advisor provides the spelling, definition, causes, symptoms and audio pronunciation for over 150 different conditions!


Treatment Advisor also includes indicated treatments and contraindications as they pertain to Massage Therapy!

We have even provided fields for you to keep your own custom treatments and contraindications.


The Treatment Advisor allows you to assign a referral resource to each condition. This can greatly increase your referral business from other healthcare providers!


You can store any files related to each condition. i.e., diets, exercises, articles, images, etc. This is fantastic for creating quick handouts and educational pieces for your clients. It also keeps you from having to go over to that bookshelf full of reference books over and over again. The more you use this feature, the more efficient and organized you become! We also included a custom notes area for any other information you might want to jot down about each condition.


Store all Primary and Secondary insurance info for each client. The information in this section will transfer to the CMS (HCFA)-1500 for billing insurance.

gift certificates



To access the Gift Certificate Tracker, click “Open” on the menu bar and then click “Gift Certificates”


Monitor all of your gift certificates with ease

in the Gift Certificate Tracker.


To redeem a gift certificate, simply click “Edit”. Then choose the “Date Redeemed” and “Redeemed By”. Now click “Save”. The gift certificate status will now change to “Redeemed”


Then choose a session date that you wish to create a SOAP Note and click the “SOAP Notes” button


The SOAP Notes feature allows you to create a treatment note for each session that includes an anatomical image you can draw on. A picture is worth a thousand words!


You may change the image to one in our anatomical library, or, browse for any image on your computer!


You can copy the text from a previous note to a new session date. Then just edit the notes slightly and save. What a time saver!


Your printed treatment notes include the image and a legend describing what each color represents. Our SOAP Notes help you look more professional than ever!


If you research all of the software available for our industry and compare the features, ease of use and price, there is only one clear choice.

Massage Office Pro!

We are here to assist you in understanding and using the software. Just call us toll-free at



To order this amazing software, contact Vivian Madison-Mahoney at 865-436-3573

Or visit