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Intu Bromley Shopping Centre PowerPoint Presentation
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Intu Bromley Shopping Centre

Intu Bromley Shopping Centre

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Intu Bromley Shopping Centre

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  1. Young Shoppers Safe card lanyard Scheme Intu Bromley Shopping Centre

  2. Intu Bromley!! Intu Bromley is a very safe and friendly environment. We have 24 hour security and customer support teams, who are always happy to help.

  3. CCTV This is our control room. We have 186 cameras which cover all areas. CCTV is recorded 24 hours a day! We would like to invite all schools to a tour of our control room and shopping centre! Details will be left with Amanda Evans.

  4. Hello from the Team in our new Uniform

  5. Help and assistance There are two customer services desks. This one is on the lower mall by Debenhams

  6. Help and assistance Here is the second desk It is on the upper mall by Starbucks Our friendly staff will always be happy to help you and are always at these desks.

  7. Safe Shopping Cards Side 1 When you visit intu Bromley you can visit one of the desks to collect a safe shopping card. This can be used to help you communicate with our staff. Side 2

  8. Safe Shopping Cards • If you would like to be a part of our safe card scheme, all you have to do is: • Make your way to the customer service desk, where you will be asked to provide a contact number, of a friend or family member you would like us to contact in case you need them! • You will then receive a Safe Card. With your unique number on it! • At any point during your visit to intu Bromley you require assistance, or need any help, just show any of our team your Safe Card and they assist you in any way they can.

  9. Police intu Bromley has it’s own police team who are always willing to help. We have our own dedicated team of PCSOs who are assigned solely to intu Bromley


  11. Remember! If you ever need any help at all please just ask

  12. Advertised on Local Community Board • This information is advertised on our Community Board opposite Levi’s by Lower Mall desk.

  13. Any Questions? Thank You