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Hedgehogs. The animal I researched was the hedgehog. Hedgehogs are mammals. They live in the woodlands of New York State. Physical Attributes.

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    1. Hedgehogs The animal I researched was the hedgehog. Hedgehogs are mammals. They live in the woodlands of New York State.

    2. Physical Attributes Hedgehogs have cool features. They are covered in sharp spikes. Their fur is black or tan. Short legs make them lack speed. The average hedgehog is 10in. Long. So if you see a small, chubby, prickly creature it’s most likely a hedgehog.

    3. Habitat and Shelter Hedgehogs live in burrows. Sometimes they live in nests, but not like a bird. The nests hedgehogs live in are on the ground. When they get tired they sleep under bushes.

    4. Diet and Predators Hedgehogs eat a lot of icky things. Some of the hedgehogs favorite foods are worms, bugs, mice or snakes. These are some of the animals that call the hedgehog their favorite food. Badgers are the biggest predators of the hedgehog. Birds of prey such as the hawk feast on the hedgehog. Wolves and coyotes enjoy a good hedgehog.

    5. Interesting facts Believe it or not hedgehogs grunt like pigs! Strange right? Even weirder, people keep these little prickle balls as pets! They can really put those prickles to good use. They roll up in a ball like an armadillo and stick out their spikes to defend themselves. I mean who would want to chomp down on those prickles?

    6. Conclusion In conclusion, hedgehogs are some pretty awesome animals. Don’t be surprised if you see one of these little prickle balls when taking a walk through the woods. But don’t touch them, even though they are covered in spikes these are fragile creatures.