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This year rocks. By mia 2012-2013. SCHOOL DAYS. What to remember when you go home Pack backpack Remember books Do homework(spelling, reading, and math). Morning Work Unpack backpack Sharpen pencils Write assignments DL DG Read or take AR quizzes. My Class.

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By mia 2012 2013

This year


By mia


By mia 2012 2013


  • What to remember when you go home

  • Pack backpack

  • Remember books

  • Do homework(spelling, reading, and math)

  • Morning Work

  • Unpack backpack

  • Sharpen pencils

  • Write assignments

  • DL

  • DG

  • Read or take AR quizzes

My class
My Class

There are only 18 kids in our class. This picture is a picture of everyone in my class including me. I am the one in the pink shirt and a red hat. My class is the best!

Click to view the class video.

Meet Our class

At work
At Work

Our class has done many things that were fun but one was really fun for me and it was dissecting flowers. We tried finding all the parts in the flower. We are also

making worm

Farms. We

made a

diary as if we were

the worms .


worms and

flowers was really fun

Celebrating international dot day
Celebrating International Dot Day!

This picture is a dot picture to celebrate international dot day. In my picture I have a flower with a bee and a sun shining over it. My cloud was even made of dots that were erased to make it look like a cloud.

By mia 2012 2013



I am on the level 5 team in gymnastics. Sticking with gymnastics has been hard because everyone except for two people have left. Those two people are now skipping a level and moving to level seven. I also have a passion for singing. I take singing lessons on Saturdays and Sundays. I technically have a love for music period. I play the piano which I also have a lesson for on Sunday. I used to play guitar but quit when I was really little. Music and gymnastics are for me.

My self portrait
My Self-Portrait

This is my self-portrait. I made it on the computer at the beginning of the year. This picture is a little bad in my opinion but drawing on the computer is hard. These self-portraits are something I look forward to at the beginning of the year even though mine is usually bad. I love doing my self-portrait.

My favorite books
My Favorite Books

Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie


There are many more…

Piper Reed 1

Piper Reed 2

Piper Reed 4

Piper Reed 5

Smelly Locker

The Magic Locket

By mia 2012 2013


Our class has only had two field trips. One was to Bass Hall. Another was to Camp El Tesoro. When we were at Bass Hall we saw the ballet first part of the Nutcracker. I think the Nutcracker was a very good performance. When you see the next slide you’ll learn more about Camp El Tesoro.

El tesoro
El Tesoro

  • My favorite part about Camp El Tesoro was shooting bow and arrows. I felt like I was good at the aim. As you can see I had a cast on back thenso that was one of the only things I can do. I had a lot of fun at Camp El Tesoro.

By mia 2012 2013


This is Seuss Week and my biography picture.

Gump day
Gump Day

  • I was a flamingo for Gump Day. The costume just made me itch at first but then I got the feel for it.

Charlotte s web
Charlotte’s Web

  • In Charlottes Web I was Templeton. In the end I turned fat from the carnival. I also saved Charlottes’ babies. I would describe Templeton as a grumbly rat who is lazy. I had a blast playing this role.

By mia 2012 2013

Field Day

For field day I got a couple of ribbons and one metal that everyone got. In the long jump I am never excited because I always get so much sand in my shoes and those little prickly thing in my socks. I still have fun in the long jump though. You can even see the sand going into my shoes. There was also an obstacle course this year. It was hard remembering what they were telling you to do. We also had the relay race and it was fantastic. There is a picture of me in the right corner doing the relay. Field day was a blast.

My best friends
My Best friends

  • Coco


Making seed bombs for mothers day
Making seed Bombs for mothers day

We made seed bombs for mothers day and they were a little bit hard to make. They are made of seeds, clay, and soil. You throw them in an open area where they don’t mow. Making these seeds were really fun.

Mothers day cards
Mothers day cards

For Mothers Day we made a four or more paragraph letter. This letter was really fun to make and my mom loved it. We made the letter with a ruff draft and a final copy. It was a blast.

This year was bananas

Banana split party

This year was bananas!