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    1. Introducing the SAP HANA & Business Benefits of SAP HANA Introduction- Sapvits are glad to say that we are running the organization based on a highly integrated landscape, with announcing that is extremely originating from the value-based framework. This takes into consideration a genuinely 360° perspective of the organization for continuous basic leadership. Deployable on preface or in the cloud, SAP HANA is an in-memory information stage that gives you a chance to quicken business forms, convey more business knowledge, and improve your IT condition. By giving the establishment to every one of your information needs, SAP HANA expels the weight of keeping up discrete inheritance frameworks and information, so you can run live and settle on better business choices in the new advanced economy.

    2. Key benefits of SAP HANA • 1. Reduce Complexity • Different data storage strategies • Transactional data typically stored in rows. • Analytic data increasingly stored in columns. • DBAs avoid secondary indexes on transactional data because index management slows throughput. • Without secondary indexes on row-oriented data, complex queries are too slow to run. • Complex administration • DBAs must allocate data on disk in ways that minimize I/O. • Changes in database organization often require the data to be unloaded and reloaded. • Normal operations require periodic index rebuilds. • These things cost time and effort, and inhibit agility

    3. 2. Run Anywhere Choose from a variety of SAP HANA deployment options Move to the SAP HANA stage rapidly and consistently by picking the organization alternative that best fits your business needs, spending plan, and assets. SAP HANA can be sent on-start for most extreme control, in the cloud for quick time to esteem, or through a half and half model that backings an assortment of sending situations – from on-introduce to cloud to the outsider. Available Deployment Models SAP HANA can be deployed in different ways. Here is an overview of all available options offered by SAP today. Each of them will be explained and mapped to applicable business scenarios Options for SAP HANA in your data center include: -  Appliance – Bare-metal single server or scale-out (see the “Define Your Cluster Strategy (Scale-Up or Scale-Out)” section) as a preconfigured validated stack, delivered together with the corresponding hardware

    4.  SAP HANA tailored data center integration – Uses the existing hardware and operations in your data center  Virtualized – Hosts multiple, isolated database instances on one or more servers so that each database instance appears as if it is running on a separate machine  SAP HANA, Edge edition, advanced version – Special package dedicated to subject-matter experts, delivered by SAP partners as an appliance or deployed using SAP HANA tailored data center integration Options for SAP HANA in the cloud include: -  SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud – Private cloud service managed by SAP.  SAP HANA Infrastructure Services technology – Public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that offers you the ability to run your own licensed SAP HANA software, including the advanced version of SAP HANA, Edge edition, on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform.  SAP Cloud Platform – Open and public platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering, with SAP HANA database as a service (DBaaS) and advanced analytical data-processing services

    5. 3. Real Results Achieve better business outcomes with SAP HANA. Learn how companies are seeing 575% five-year ROI by using SAP HANA to increase innovation, while decreasing data management costs. About SAPVITS We recognize that many of you are willing to put the extra effort to migrate to SAP practice and become SAP consultants. We support you to achieve your goal with a team of experienced SAP professors, great infrastructure, and a clear road map to SAP certification. In short, we have what you need at prices you can manage. At SAPVITSour goal is to provide best sap hana online training, helpful, expert service of the highest quality. Also we provide many SAP Courses like, SAP Simple Finance Online Training,SAP C4C Online Training, SAP HANA Administration Online Training, SAP TM Online Training. Visit our site if you want to know more about Vintage IT Solutions for SAP Training or to be able to know

    6. Key Features of SAP Online Training  The key features of our SAP Online Training are given below:  In-depth knowledge of SAP Every Module  Instructor-Led online training sessions  The real-time and practical training approach  24/7 Server Access support  Experienced and Certified SAP professionals as trainers  Lifetime access to the recorded videos  Industry-based syllabus SAPVITS is one among the best SAP Online Training in India, USA, UK, and Malaysia. We center on giving Online SAP Training that is in accordance with the present business situation. With our prudently planned courses, we prepare you to climb the company pecking order and exceed expectations your export objectives. SAPVITS will offer thisSAP HANA course with Online Training in light of your adaptable timings. We giveSAP HANA Training Material, Free Demos, Server get to the office. Visit our foundation for subtle elements and charges.

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