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  1. Log In Embed Sign Up Browse    Are E-Learning Tools Really Helpful? by rrajeshrdy a month ago 6 Views For students who always felt that there economically weak background or residence in a rural area will affect their studies, e-learning tools proved to be a relief. While most of the tools are still used majorly by students from the metropolitan yet there have been numerous cases where students from an under privileged background or rural areas took to internet and realized there otherwise impossible academic dreams.Internet for many works as a medium of information and broadcasting, this new and efficient medium is highly sought after. While, students and others alike in metropolitans have developed other interest areas online like social networking and chatting, the trend is seeping in everywhere the internet reaches out to. Students with high caliber and less resources, can log in to so many online tutorials and e-learning tools like audios and videos which are maximum available for free. Internet also provides information on search engines Convert webpages or entire websites to PDF - Use PDFmyURL!

  2. equivalent to that of the books. Instead of wasting paper and cutting trees, this also provides an alternative with widely available e-books. This method saves both money and trees. A drawback of e-learning is that it does not create an environment of learning equivalent to that of a school, it remains a session online. Beyond that there doubt sessions and assistance available online similar to that in a classroom. Due to lack of information and news while earlier students lost on opportunities to study in the best schools and colleges, internet provides sufficient information and easily reachable e-mail addresses for consultation means. While learning through internet also has a lot of deviation means such as; availability of free music online, free high resolution images, games online and such other entertainment sources. It is necessary while studying online to remember the actual goal of using networking and not to deviate which otherwise might lead to waste of time and energy. It is always advisable while using this source of brilliant technology to first complete the required task at hand. E-learning has opened up gates for possibilities which cross regional and national boundaries, interactive learning is a new method where one can connect with teachers from abroad and so, to attend classes and seminars. There are also available pre - recorded lectures from some outstanding universities for students. Social networking sites provide information about such programs and lectures through posts. All this has created another world Convert webpages or entire websites to PDF - Use PDFmyURL!

  3. altogether which is online and draws its power from its ever increasing users. Source: - sooperarticles.com/educatio … Like Share   Related stories Why is e-learning such a E-learning in the corporate budding sphere to think world by Vishwanath Shankar about? Convert webpages or entire websites to PDF - Use PDFmyURL!

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