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welcome to shrink wrap n.
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Scaffold Shrink Wrapping | How to Shrink Wrap Scaffolding PowerPoint Presentation
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Scaffold Shrink Wrapping | How to Shrink Wrap Scaffolding

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Scaffold Shrink Wrapping | How to Shrink Wrap Scaffolding
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Scaffold Shrink Wrapping | How to Shrink Wrap Scaffolding

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  1. Welcome To Shrink Wrap

  2. About Us With experience of 10 years we began our on-going process of evolving our company to be a more comprehensive service provider of Shrinkwrap in NewZealand. We are a team of experienced and capable engineers with rich exposure to the field. We have been working as a team for different project requirements ensuring safe delivery of its services with optimum utilization of resources.We believe in delivering the best of our services.

  3. Scaffold Shrink Wrapping

  4. Shrink wrap sheeting has two key attributes that make it useful as scaffold sheeting. First, individual sheets may be permanently joined by heating with hot air and pressing together. Second, the sheeting can be heat shrunk ‘drum tight’ by blowing hot air over it’s surface.

  5. What are the benefits of shrink wrap scaffold sheeting?

  6. Robust – Because scaffold shrink wrap is shrunk ‘drum tight’ it does not flap or ‘self destruct’ in high winds.

  7. Effective - Welded joints between individual sheets of shrink wrap scaffold sheeting create highly effective environmental containment and weather protection.

  8. Versatile - Because it is a shrink to fit solution, which is cut and welded ‘in situ’ there is no restriction on the size and shape of the scaffolding structure.

  9. Smart & professional – The drum tight finish of Rhino scaffold shrink wrap sheeting, which is shrunk tight around the scaffold structure can look much more professional than traditional solutions, (especially if the scaffolding structure has been built with scaffold wrapping in mind).

  10. Shrink Wrapping for Weather Protection

  11. Because shrink-wrap scaffolding shrink wrap is heat shrunk over and around a scaffolding structure it becomes ‘drum tight’ and very resilient to high winds. This means your work within the encapsulation can continue uninterrupted.

  12. Shrink Wrapping for screening and privacy

  13. In addition to weather protection and the containment of dust and debris, construction activities in built up areas may require screening to give privacy to local residents and to shield construction activities from view.

  14. Where a scaffolding has been built flush, then shrink wrap sheeting can present a very smart and professional option. An added benefit is that because the shrink wrap sheeting is fitted ‘drum tight’, it will not flap or bang against the scaffolding which can prevent complaints from local residents.

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