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ShoutersVoice Digital Marketing Services

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ShoutersVoice Digital Marketing Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ShoutersVoice.com(ShoutersVoice Digital Marketing Services
) is the best platform for the explanation and criticism on Blogging, Digital Marketing, Make Money Online Tips, Programming, and Web Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, WordPress, Software, YouTube, Stock Trading Technology, Graphics Design etc. ShoutersVoice is one of the best platforms for those who choose the Internet as life and passion. They can express their talent through ShoutersVoice( ShoutersVoice Digital Marketing Services
). All the complex and hard matter of technological world will represent in a very easy and user-friendly language step by step. All the readers of ShoutersVoice will know some matters in an easy language that was previously not understood for lack of proper representation. Though ShoutersVoice is a place for the discussion of Advance Level knowledge, but will also some discussion about basic level for the new readers.

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ShoutersVoice Digital Marketing Services

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    1. www.shoutersvoice.com ShoutersVoice Digital Marketing Services Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Strategies www.ShoutersVoice.com Email: shoutersvoice@gmail.com

    2. www.shoutersvoice.com Marketing campaigns are managed by using digital media through online digital media. That's the key to digital marketing. Online marketing technologies for all types of this type in one word called Digital Marketing. Here are the steps of digital marketing that are most commonly used. All these factors mainly control digital marketing technology. Now we will briefly know about them. The most common Digital Marketing parts: 1.SEO(Search Engine Optimization) 2.Online Advertising. 3.SMM(Social Media Marketing) 4.Email Marketing 5.Affiliate Marketing 6.Content Marketing 7.In bound Marketing 8.Online PR(Press Release) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO is the key word for any websites, blogs, apps, businesses to make search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) friendly. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. 1.On Page SEO(On Side SEO) 2.Off Page SEO(Link Building) So that the business pages are in the high rank of the search engine. This method is mainly of two types, first is called On Page SEO(Technical SEO). And second type is called Off Page SEO. Which is basically a link building process of SEO. www.shoutersvoice.com ShoutersVoice ShoutersVoice

    3. www.shoutersvoice.com Online Advertising The types of advertising that are managed online are called online advertising. Online Visitors are mainly involved in the main role here. Online Visitors click on different adds online, which allows online providers to pay for the specified amount of money. It is divided by four types. 1.Cost Per Click(CPC) 2.Cost Per Action(CPA) 3.Cost Per View(CPV) 4.Display Advertising These display advertisements are mainly seen in different types of website headers, footers, sidebar and various content. Social Media Marketing(SMM) The most popular among digital marketing is the Social Media Marketing(SMM). Social media marketing is the way to manage various marketing campaigns using social media. This Social Media Marketing(SMM) is seven different types: 1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. YouTube 4. Instagram 5. Google+ 6. Pinterest 7. Sanp chat There are also various methods of social media marketing. www.shoutersvoice.com ShoutersVoice ShoutersVoice

    4. www.shoutersvoice.com Email Marketing Email Marketing is the most popular method of emailing. This method is used in digital marketing. Business niche is used for email marketing to collect the related email id. The follow-up email is sent on behalf of various companies on these email ids. There are also many methods of Email marketing. Affiliate Marketing who are sealing affiliate products in Affiliate Marketing, for those this process is only for a online money-making process. That is, they controlled a business campaign based on the commission. But for all the companies that have been selling this product, for those affiliate marketing is a strongest media for product sealing. Content Marketing Content Marketing is one of the powerful processes that basically used in digital marketing. When business marketing is depends on contentthen it became a Mossy Powerful Business process for Digital Marketing. This Content Marketingis five different types: 1.Blog Post 2.Images 3.Videos 4.Infographics 5.Nene www.shoutersvoice.com ShoutersVoice ShoutersVoice

    5. www.shoutersvoice.com Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing is a core part of digital marketing. At first attract the visitors use of many different process. Than some of visitors of them convert by “lead”(Lead= This is a digital marketing term).Then these follow up emails were sent to these interested visitors and closed the business process. Some of product sale of them. And the next step is called delight means, After that these letters were being sent to one by one to that visitors continuously. 1. Attract 2. Convert 3. Close 4. Delight Online Press Release Online Press Releases are a main element of your SEO strategy. As well as boosting your SEO, Online Press Releases helps by creating awareness about your business. Every tech company has news and stories to tell. That information or news can help to promote your business and increase your online visibility. www.shoutersvoice.com ShoutersVoice ShoutersVoice

    6. www.shoutersvoice.com 1.Make Money Online Tips 2. Digital Marketing 3. Blogging 4. SEO 5. Stock Trading Technology 6. Programming & Web Development 7. YouTube 8. Graphics Design 9. IT News & Tips 10. WordPress 11. Software & Tools Info 12. Social Media Marketing For know all of Advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing, Please visit our website for more information: http://www.shoutersvoice.com/ www.shoutersvoice.com ShoutersVoice ShoutersVoice