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T320-13B Tutorial 1

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Session Starts 7 PM – Be with you soon!. T320-13B Tutorial 1. Introduction / TMA01. Please Note: As per your e-mail notification, this elluminate session will be recorded and made available in various formats. By attending this session you are agreeing to this recording. Thank You!.

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t320 13b tutorial 1

Session Starts 7 PM – Be with you soon!

T320-13B Tutorial 1

Introduction / TMA01

Please Note: As per your e-mail notification, this elluminate session will be recorded and made available in various formats. By attending this session you are agreeing to this recording. Thank You!

  • Click on green tick if you can hear me!
  • 90 minutes of presentation
  • Use the chat box for chatting(!)
  • Click on raised hand if you have a question
  • Beware of power cuts!
  • Start the recording Karl!
  • Overview of course
    • What you will learn
    • Useful resources
  • Review of block one
  • The TMA
    • How to approach it
    • Hints and tips
    • How it will be marked
what you will learn 1
What You Will Learn - 1
  • Some specific tools & technologies
    • Eclipse IDE
    • XML
    • Web services
    • BPEL
  • And become aware of many others
    • Alphabet soup!
  • The learning is more important than the technologies
    • Demonstrate your learning ability
    • NOT a "certification" course
  • Awareness of what technologies can (& can't) be used for
what you will learn 2
What You Will Learn - 2
  • Academic skills
    • Report writing
    • Referencing
    • Targeting your audience
  • Business skills
    • Technology in context
    • Applying models to business
  • Skills and Knowledge
    • Useful and transferable
    • Good for your CV
    • Interesting in their own right
module structure
Module Structure
  • 1 - Business Context
    • Through models
  • 2 - Standards & Data
    • Use of XML
  • 3 - Web Services
    • WSDL & friends
  • 4 - Business Processes
    • BPEL
  • EMA Project
    • All of the above
  • TMA01
  • TMA02
  • TMA03
  • EMA
    • Workplan
    • Final Report
important dates for 2013
Important dates for 2013
  • TMA01 14th March
  • TMA022nd May
  • TMA0313thJuly
  • EMA part 1 (Workplan) 25th July
  • EMA part 2 (project) 27thSeptember
mark structure to pass
Mark Structure - To Pass
  • Average of 40% across TMAs
    • DON'T PANIC if lowish TMA01 score
    • Most challenging of the 3
  • 40% on EMA
    • Including 10% (?) for workplan and reflection
  • If you submit reasonable work for all
    • Likely to pass
  • Higher grades also possible!
help resources

Help & Resources

None of the following are REQUIRED

These are suggestions, for information only

how to get help
How To Get Help
  • Everything you need is in course material
    • Or in the direct links from it
  • National Forums
    • Best place for technical queries
    • Carefully watch TMA and EMA forums for hints and updates
  • Tutor Group Forum
    • Only 40 people, not 400!
  • E-mail k.r.wilcox@open.ac.uk
vle and other resources
VLE and Other Resources
  • When I tell you, click on green tick if you already know:-
    • Where the forums are on the VLE?
    • Where the module news is shown?
    • How to get to elluminate rooms? (!)
    • How to use the OU library?
    • How to access the O'Reilly Safari Library?
  • (Any questions I'll deal with individually)
library services
Library Services


skills for ou study
Skills for OU Study

Linked from Student Home…

review of block 1
Review of Block 1
  • Technology does not exist in a vacuum
    • Business context
    • Trust issues
    • Standards, connections (network effects)
  • Ways to discuss / analyse tech in context
    • Models
    • Can be used to categorise, compare & evaluate
example technology adoption
Example - Technology Adoption
  • Can be used to discuss & identify an organisation's attitude to technology
  • Use to categorise an organisation
    • Be sure to identify the overall population
  • Not really aimed at "value" judgements
    • Not everyone can be an "early adopter"
    • Sometimes an advantage to be second
    • Some technologies not actually needed
technology adoption model
Technology Adoption Model

Explain what the model shows and how you are using it

using the models
Using the Models

Not all the models may be relevant

You won’t have space to discuss them all anyway

Use the diagrams

Adapt them if required

Diagrams NOT included in wordcount!

For top marks make “critical use” of them

Are they actually helpful?

Do they have any short-comings?

Can be challenging within the word count

(This is why marks 95+ are hard to achieve)

how are you feeling about tma
How Are You Feeling About TMA?



We will cover TMA01 in much more detail duringthe next tutorial..

Already finished(!)

Not looked yet…

tma the question
TMA - The Question

What Opportunities and Challenges has the

widespread Adoption of the iPod

presented for the recorded music industry

Value Chain?

Also consider:

Apple e-business Relationships

look at the mark scheme
Look at the Mark Scheme
  • This is the same scheme used by tutors to mark
  • There no tricks or traps!
  • There is no "right" (or "wrong") answer
  • There are answers that are better (or worse)
    • At providing a coherent argument
    • At critically using models to address issues
    • Presented (headings, paragraphs, spelling)
    • At providing references
tma approach
TMA - Approach
  • You do need to have read ALL of block 1
  • Highlight things that may be useful for the TMA
  • Use the suggested headings structure
  • Draw up an outline plan
    • What diagrams will you use?
  • Write your first draft
    • Do not worry about wordcount
tma rewrite
TMA - Rewrite
  • You are probably over the wordcount
    • Possibly quite a lot!
  • Re-read each paragraph
    • Is it background? (only need 1)
    • Will the audience already know this? (e.g models)
    • Is your argument still valid without this paragraph?
  • If "yes" to any - Consider removing it
  • If still over wordcount look at re-wording
    • Simpler phrases, extraneous adjectives etc.
tma evaluate
TMA - Evaluate
  • Check your wordcount
    • Some lee-way for diferent ways of counting
  • If possible, get someone else to read it
    • Do NOT send it me, I can't comment on it
    • Do NOT post extracts on line!
  • Do KNOT re-lie on you're spilling chequer(!)
study hints
Study Hints

Make sure you have the study guide and know where you should be

Don’t let yourself fall behind

If you start to fall behind discuss it with your tutor

Work on assignments as you study the material

Always plan to submit your assignments at least 3 days before the final cut-off date

approaching tmas
Approaching TMAs

Study the course

Don't try and just pick out those bits you think might fit into the TMA. You will need it all later!

Read all of the TMA instructions carefully early in the block

Don't leave it to the end

Keep the assignment beside you as you study the block

make notes as you see content that might be useful


Key explanations should be in your own words to show you understand the concepts.

You must not use quotations to replace explanations that should be in your own words.

Give a reference to the source of the information that you have used to give your own explanation.

Give references for diagrams

Reference in a standard way

Quotations should be used for standards where the wording should not be changed.

Use quotations for important statements of opinion by important people in this field

tma submission marking
TMA – Submission Marking

Submitted via the eTMA system

.docx now accepted

Submit TMA00 if you want to test system

All TMAs submitted on or before the cut off date WILL BE RETURNED on or before 28th March

All TMAs will be returned in one batch

any other questions
Any Other Questions....?
  • Next Tutorial Session:
    • 16th April 2013, 19:00 same place
  • Topics:
    • Feedback on TMA01 (briefly)
    • Review of Block 2
    • Q&A session on TMA02
    • Looking ahead to Block 3

Thank you for attending!

Please feel free to click on applause / smile / yawn / confusion as you see fit....

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