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my family and relatives n.
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  2. My Grandfather -Nedim- • My grandfather is my mother’s father.He is sixty-nine years old.He is retired.He has three children.

  3. My Grandmother -Melehat- • She is my mother’s mum.She is sixty-eight years old.She is a housewife.She likes growing flowers.She has a garden which is full of flowers.

  4. My Granmother -ISMET- • She is my father’s mother.She is seventy-four years old.She has four children.She is fond of both her children and her grandchildren.I get on well with her.

  5. My Father -EŞREF- • My father is fifty-one years old.He is an officer.He is fond of us.He likes reading history books.He is very helpful and cheerful for me.

  6. My Mother -Esin- • She is forty-two years old.She is a housewife.She is very meticulous.She likes doing house work a lot.She is good at cooking.If I have some problems she is willing to help me.

  7. My Elder Brother -Ahmet- • He is twenty-two years old.He is so quiet.He is graduated from a univesity.He likes hanging out with his friends.I rarely argue with him. We enjoy very much.

  8. My younger brother -Emin- • He is fourteen years old.He is a student but unfortunately he doesnt like studying lesson.The only thing he likes is playing computer games like his peers.We argue a lot but we forget quickly.

  9. My Aunt -Gülnur- • She is father’s sister.She is fifty-four years old.She is retired.She has two children and she lives with her children in Ankara.She is like a my friend.

  10. My Cousin -Tuba- • She is twenty-nine years old.She is an interpreter.She likes reading history magazines.We enjoy very much when we come together.

  11. My Cousin -Ali- • He is twenty years old.He is a student.He has studied computer engineer at Bilkent University.He is very upbeat. He makes us happy with his jokes.

  12. My Uncle -Nedim- • He is my father’s brother.He is a teacher.He has forty-eight years old.I love listening to him because his speech is effective.

  13. My Aunt -Funda- • She is my uncle’s wife.She is thirty-eight years old.She is a housewife.She looks like my mum for me.

  14. My Cousin -Kübra- • She is nineteen years old.She is a student at AIB University.She will be sociologist.We enjoy very much in Summer. We comprehend each other very well.

  15. My Cousin -Kadir- • He is fifteen years old.He is a student.He likes playing computer games with my younger brother.I like watching funny movies which he advises to me.It is very enjoyable.

  16. My Cousin -Dilara- • She is only three years old.She likes playing dolls a lot.She love me very much and so do I

  17. My Uncle -Erdem- • He is my mother’s elder brother.He is forty-five years old.He is a plumber.He has four children.

  18. My Aunt -Nurcan- • She is thirty-six years old.She is a hairdresser.She has four children.

  19. My Cousin -Hümeyra- • She is eighteen years old.She is a student.She is also one of my classmates.She always helps me.

  20. My Cousin -Gamze- • She is fifteen years old.She is a student.She likes cooking and listening to music.

  21. My Cousin -Hazel- • She is thirteen years old.She is a student.She likes playing with her younger sister.

  22. My Cousin -Ayşenaz- • She is only two years old.She likes playing computer games very much.She is very good at computer games despite her age

  23. My Presentation finishedThank You For Watching