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piezoelectric microphone n.
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ic-processed piezoelectric microphone PowerPoint Presentation
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ic-processed piezoelectric microphone

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ic-processed piezoelectric microphone
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ic-processed piezoelectric microphone

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  1. Piezoelectric Microphone The EndevcoModel 2510M4A Piezoelectric Microphone measures high intensity acoustic noise and very low pressure fluctuations. The rugged, hermetically sealed construction and extremely wide temperature range -67°F to +500°F (-55°C to +260°C) make this transducer extremely useful over a wide range of environmental conditions, including insensitivity to altitude changes, and the transducer has vibration compensation incorporated into the sensing element. The Piezoelectric Microphone is a self-generating device that requires no external power source for operation.

  2. Weight Measurement Presents a new family of robust and low cost intelligent sensors for force and weight measurement using mechatronic technology. The components of the weight measurement kit provide several key features that make it easy for users to build an accurate and reliable load measurement system: CS-Series Sensors DS-2100 WiFi display LoadVUE software

  3. MEMS Accelerometer I assume you are an expert in MEMS sensors. Is there a MEMS technology sensor that measures absolute angle of rotation to resolutions of 5 arc minutes or less? Such a device would be used in servo control of a rotating axis. MEMS accelerometers are used in many systems, noise characteristics of these devices are also very important. Prices of MEMS accelerometers and other MEMS devices aren’t excessive, but they still have to drop a lot if we want to expand massive consumption.