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p a l e t t e c r e at i ve s l.
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palette creatives

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  1. PaLetteCreatives

  2. • Suggestions about the site : • 1). is a flash based website , looks very beautiful , however , we cant do justice to SEO using a flash website . There can be lots of reasons for that : • Flash websites take long to open . For eg. It took me atleast 3 minutes to open • They are not compatible with many internet browsers • Many apple products don’t run flash • There is always a conflict and most of the search engines don’t rate flash based sites so easily. • 2). SEO of is not done and it is not listed for its services • 3). Traffic of website is extremely low.

  3. Why Is It Important: Without SEO your website will not bring in any new business whatsoever. It is the same as having products in a store hidden in the back room, if no one can find your products then how can they purchase them?

  4. What I Can Do ?? I can carry out a fully intensive Search Engine Optimization Program according to Google and on the entire website to ensure that interested potential customers can find the web portal when they are looking for anything related to skin , fat procedures etc..

  5. What all needs to be done I would Develop a simple yet Business oriented Website for ( I am not a developer but the website will surely generate lots of traffic and enquiries)

  6. What Else? What else We Will Do: We will establish extremely defined pay per click accounts for, focusing extensively on the region in which we want to target visitors to the site. Cosmos can build a massive PPC account that spans the entire country, dozens of ad groups, hundreds of ad variations and thousands of keywords that can link to the site directly. Why This Will Be Important: If there are people searching online for this, then we can immediately grab them and show them the brand new website and portal through this method. All it takes is a budget to be opened with Google and Cosmos to do all the dirty work and the rest is history.

  7. Blog What We Will Do: An interesting Dubai Blog can be created and maintained in the name of 9medical to provide users updates on the latest user news, keep them involved with other users and lead to higher search engine results as well by being hosted by Google externally. Why It Is Important: Blogs keep the content on your website as fresh and updated as possible, they ensure that the users will receive information on all the latest happenings of your company and lead to better search ranking results for your companies as well.

  8. Social Media Optimization What is Social Bookmarking? Social book marking, is a very recent branch of online marketing that is focused on peoples recreational use of the internet. This strategy allows businesses to promote their brands by displaying them on different social media networks and passing the sites around virally between internet users. A sort of viral marketing, social sites allow your business to be passed around from person to person very easily. What We Can Do: At Palette Creatives, we utilize this social system to reach out to your market. Our dedicated team of marketers can distribute your website across the spectrum of social sites at your right-hand and in turn create a buzz about your company within the internet community. This works best for companies who aim to hit a target demographic between 18-30 years old. Why It Is Important This is a quick and easy way for your company to become internationally known by millions. Social sites are the hottest thing on the web right now and many sites have upwards of 50 million users constantly passing information around to each other and communicating.

  9. Summary