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Stop, Think, and Write…

Stop, Think, and Write…

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Stop, Think, and Write…

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  1. Stop, Think, and Write… Imagine your parents come home today and said you were moving to a new town! What kinds of stores or places would you hope this new town had? Would you want to move there if one of those things wasn’t there?

  2. The Village Grows… People were excited to buy land in the new village. By the end of the first summer over 100 lots were sold. Many houses were being built, and two sawmills were operating. The Ann Arbor Milling Company was located next to the Broadway Bridge. 19

  3. The Village Continues to Grow… Sawmills cut lumber needed for building. A short time later, a gristmill was built. Thegristmill was a place where farmers brought their wheat and corn to be ground into flour and meal.

  4. The Mills Why do you think the sawmill was important to the growing village of Ann Arbor? Why did the new gristmill attract more people to settle in Ann Arbor? With a mill in Ann Arbor, farmers didn’t have to take their grain all the way to Detroit to be ground. Mills made the lives of the settlers easier and also attracted more settlers to the area.

  5. Ann Arbor in the 1800’s Philip Vogel’s Meat Market, 1885 Alber & Co. Blacksmith Wagon Shop, 1875 Bach & Abel Dry Goods Store, 1888 Main Street in the late 1850’s 21

  6. Alber & Co. Blacksmith Wagon Shop

  7. Philip Vogel’s Meat Market

  8. Main Street

  9. Bach & Abel Dry Goods Store

  10. How did Ann Arbor change? Ann Arbor in 1820’s. Ann Arbor in 1870. 20

  11. Time to Act! • Create a short 2-3 minute skit where you and your partner act out what your settlers did. • Decide who will read each part. • Practice reading your part. • Help each other with new/tricky words. • Take turns reading your part with expression. 22

  12. Stop, Think, and Share… Lets pretend the circus came to town and didn’t ever leave. How would life in Ann Arbor change? Well now we are going to learn about what happened to Ann Arbor when 3 important events or places came to town!

  13. 1.) The Beginning of Lower Town This is Ann Arbor’s oldest building located on Broadway Street. It was built in 1832. St. Vincent DePaul’s store is located here. The first Broadway Bridge was built in 1828. A dam was also build across the river. Then 3 mills were built to use the water power from the dam. 23

  14. 2.) University of Michigan Began The University of Michigan started in Detroit and moved to Ann Arbor in 1837. The Ann Arbor Land Company gave 40 acres to the State of Michigan for the campus. Classes began in 1841 in Ann Arbor with only two professors and seven students. All students were men until 1870 when women were allowed to attend.

  15. For a long time most of the campus was a big hay field. Much later trees were planted and more classroom buildings and dormitories were built. University of Michigan campus in 1854 Eliza Mosher graduated from the medical school in 1875 and became a medical doctor. She was the first woman professor at the university and the first Dean of Women. Dr. Eliza Mosher 25

  16. 5 buildings 550 buildings University of Michigan 1845 Now • 2,860 acres • 40 acres • 5,600 professors • 2 professors • 51,000 students, men and women • 7 male students 30

  17. 3.) The Railroad Comes to Town Settlers traveled by horse and wagon back and forth to Detroit for supplies. It took many days to travel the bumpy and often muddy roads. In 1839 the Michigan Central Railroad came to Ann Arbor. The railroad tracks followed along the Huron River. Then settlers were able to travel to Detroit in a just a few hours. The trains brought products to Ann Arbor that people needed, such as coal, bricks, and oil. The railroad took products that people living in Ann Arbor produced to other places to sell. 31

  18. The Railroad Above we see the early Michigan Central Railroad depot. In 1886 it was replaced by the building below. We now know this building as the Gandy Dancer restaurant.

  19. Poster Making Time We have learned why the settlers of Ann Arbor moved here in the 1800s and now I want everyone to make a poster that represents their life in Ann Arbor in 2008. Your poster should include at least 4 of the following features: Your favorite places in Ann Arbor When you (or your parents) came to Ann Arbor Timeline of your life in Ann Arbor What your parents jobs are in Ann Arbor Stores that you visit on a regular basis One natural characteristic of Ann Arbor that you enjoy

  20. How Things Change Over Time… The History of the GAME BOY!! Game Boy Color! The Original! Game Boy Micro 1995 2001 1998 1989 2005 Game Boy Advanced Play it Loud! 32

  21. Ann Arbor TimelineMain Street: Past to Present 1824 1860 1890 2008 32

  22. Main Street 1824 Paths in Forests Forest Environment

  23. Main Street 1860 Gaslight Lamps Horses Dirt Roads No Trees…cleared

  24. Main Street 1890 Trolley No Trees Electrical Lines

  25. Main Street 2008 Trees Replanted Cars Electrical Lines Buried Underground Paved Roads