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BOH4M0 Management Leadership

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BOH4M0 Management Leadership. Chapter 3: Ethical Behaviour and Social Responsibility. Chapter 3 Topic Overview. What is Ethical Behaviour? Ethics in the Workplace Maintaining High Ethical Standards Corporate Social Responsibility Organizations and Society. Corporate Social Responsibility:

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boh4m0 management leadership

BOH4M0Management Leadership

Chapter 3:

Ethical Behaviour and Social Responsibility

chapter 3 topic overview
Chapter 3Topic Overview
  • What is Ethical Behaviour?
  • Ethics in the Workplace
  • Maintaining High Ethical Standards
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Organizations and Society
Corporate Social Responsibility:

…is the obligation of an organization to serve its own interests and those of society.

Stakeholder Analysis occurs when we identify the people and organizations that may be affected by a decision and then deal with the problems that may occur because of that decision.

  • Owners
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Competitors
  • Regulators (Government, laws)
  • Interest Groups
leadership beliefs
Leadership Beliefs
  • People—perform best in a healthy environment and balance of work and family life
  • Communities—organizations perform best when located in healthy communities
  • Natural Environment
  • Long Term
  • Reputation
perspectives on csr
Perspectives on CSR
  • Classic view: management should only be concerned with maximizing profit.
    • If done under the Individualism view (the company), this will result in good, responsible decisions that will ensure the long-term success of the company
    • CSR practices will only drive up costs, reduce profits and allow the public too much control over private company affairs.
perspectives on csr1
Perspectives on CSR
  • Socio-Economic View: managers must take social welfare into account when making decisions about maximizing profits.
    • Will produce long-term benefits
    • Will help avoid government regulation (which would reduce costs)
    • Companies usually have the resources and definitely have a moral obligation to behave
evaluating corporate social performance
Evaluating Corporate Social Performance
  • A Social Responsibility audit is used assess an organization’s accomplishments in areas of social responsibility.
  • Can include a review of:
    • Impact on ecology/environment
    • Product safety
    • Consumer Protection
    • Community Service/Charity
    • Employee Assistance
evaluating corporate social performance1
Evaluating Corporate Social Performance
  • Can act out of compliance-follow the rules to avoid punishment:
    • be profitable
    • Obey the law/regulations
  • Can act out of Conviction-creating a positive impact because you want to:
    • Doing what is right
    • Contributing to the community
social entrepreneurship
Social Entrepreneurship
  • This is the process of attempting to solve problems in society for the benefit of society as opposed to personal profit.
    • Search for things that are not working for people who need them
    • Change the system
    • Spread the solution
    • Change society
  • Fish story-give a man a fish, teach him to fish, change the entire industry.