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Final Task. “ FAR AND AWAY the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing” ~T. Roosevelt~. Introduction:.

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final task

Final Task

“FAR AND AWAY the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing”

~T. Roosevelt~


Unemployment rates are up and job quality is plummeting. Times are hard and work is difficult to find. This presentation applies the lessons learn in the class room to the real world situation. The focus will be on the:





the situation
The Situation
  • Ages 15-24, that can’t find jobs
  • (2007-2010)
  • Longer term unemployment
  • (2007-2011)
  • Unemployment Rates (2010)
the situation1
The Situation
  • There is a general increase of technical skills needed in all areas of businesses and cooperation's.
  • Growing complexity in maintaining and dealing with Big Data causes a scarcity of talent to deal with the incoming torrents of information.

“Finding the right people is hard enough; keeping them motivated once they are on the payroll is even harder” Economist

“not just a little better than someone who is pretty good; they are 100 times better”

~Mark Zuckerberg~

the situation2
The Situation
  • When there is a spike in unemployment politicians are tempted to gain favor be giving the economy a “quick fix”, instead of making fundamental reforms. Another challenge is to create conditions for more employment.
  • A response to the mismanagement of politicians to fix the problem is an increase in entrepreneurships.

“The political attractions of leaving the incumbents' privileges untouched are obvious, but so, by now, are the social consequences”


  • More entrepreneurs (2010)
the individual
The Individual

If there is one thing I learned. It was the importance of becoming a professional. Someone who knows what they are doing and is skilled at it. Because companies are not going to be short of people employ but they will be looking for specific skill sets.

Leadership skills are a critical factor in keeping employment. Being a good leader gains positive attention and I will gain an advantage over the competition.

Being organized and disciplined is the only way keep up with the fast pace of the corporate world.

the organization
The Organization

Keeping employees interested in their jobs is an important challenge. Because employees that know the systems, have already proven their quality and have demonstrated their skill are worth a lot.

Providing a good environment by establishing organizational memory and promoting a positive culture are key keeping your employees. A lot of the environment relies on good management and appreciation for the employees.

However, none of this will work if you don’t establish a common identity. This feeling of oneness promotes loyalty, which must be one of the most prized accomplishments of any organization

Making employees apart of your group, such as common uniforms in the military, give a uniqueness that also result in loyalty.

the technology
The Technology

Technology is causing a lot of the problems in employment. It has cause the some of the unemployment rate, simply because it automates more systems.

However it has also created new areas to expresses my ideas about the way information needs to be structured. IRODs is one area that has great potential to become more and more apart of our society. It has already become diverse and flexible and has established many available uses.

Big data is a result of a more technological oriented society. It has caused new attention to Relationship Diagraming. It has progressed in its ability to handle large amounts of information.