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Digital Vision Fellowship

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Digital Vision Fellowship. Dedicated to entrepreneurship and high tech innovation in the service of social needs. Limiting problems, limitless ICT opportunities. Keys to science and technology innovations: New applications New interfaces New cost structure New partnerships New research

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digital vision fellowship

Digital Vision Fellowship

Dedicated to entrepreneurship and high tech innovation in the service of social needs

Stanford Digital Vision Program

limiting problems limitless ict opportunities
Limiting problems, limitless ICT opportunities

Keys to science and technology innovations:

  • New applications
  • New interfaces
  • New cost structure
  • New partnerships
  • New research

…A new class of entrepreneurs

Stanford Digital Vision Program

sources of tech innovation
Sources of tech innovation

20th Century

21st Century

  • 2 Billion established
  • technology
  • markets
  • - Military
  • Large enterprise
  • - Consumer
  • 4.5 Billion emerging
  • global customers
  • Government
  • Universities
  • Smallenterprise


-Hardware -Network


Entrepreneurs, Start-ups

Global Entrepreneurs

Innovation platforms

Successful ICT solutions have always been based on

understanding and addressing end user needs

Stanford Digital Vision Program

global entrepreneurs
Global entrepreneurs

Stanford Digital Vision Program

social entrepreneurs
Social entrepreneurs

Leveraging science and technology for humanity

“Motivated by a profound desire to promote the growth of equitable civil societies, social entrepreneurs pioneer innovative, effective, sustainable approaches to meet the needs of the marginalized, the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised.”

  • Skoll Foundation

Stanford Digital Vision Program

new agendas
New agendas

Linking minds and markets

Create curricula that focus on:

  • Millennium Development Goals
    • Education and health
    • Literacy
    • Microfinance and e-commerce
    • Access to networks
  • 21st Century research priorities
    • Design for affordability
    • Needs-driven solutions
    • Peer to peer learning

Stanford Digital Vision Program

dv program a do tank not a think tank
DV Program: A Do Tank not a Think Tank
  • Fellows on campus
    • “Visiting scholars”
    • Project-driven
    • Needs focused
    • Practical
    • Experimental
    • Failure tolerant

Stanford Digital Vision Program

core program
Core program
  • DV seminars and workshops
    • Project plan
    • Prototyping
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations
    • Graduate School of Business
    • Computer Science Dept.
    • Engineering School
    • Medical School
    • School of Education

Stanford Digital Vision Program

dv projects relevance and impact
DV Projects: Relevance and impact
  • Design and implement new programs
  • Real solutions based on real needs
    • Leverage community pull, not technology push
    • Innovate, not invent
    • Create sustainability models

“The last thing I want to see from Stanford is another White Paper.”

-ED, Reuters Foundation 2002

Stanford Digital Vision Program

dv deliverables from vision to visible
DV deliverables: From “vision” to visible
  • Nine-month program:
    • Defining needs
    • Prototyping services
    • Creating partnerships
  • Focus on cost-effective:
    • Innovations
    • Ventures
    • Visibility

Stanford Digital Vision Program

prototypes to ventures
Prototypes to ventures

Stanford Digital Vision Program

partnering with private sector silicon valley
Partnering with private sector, Silicon Valley
  • Exposure to tech firms
  • Weekly seminars with technology executives
  • Mentoring program
  • Network with Diasporas
  • Contact with venture capitalists

Stanford Digital Vision Program

global connections dv alumni
Global connections, DV alumni

Stanford Digital Vision Program

experience 2002 06
Experience 2002-06
  • 80 Stanford fellowships awarded
  • 58 Community-oriented technology ventures created
  • 37 pilot tested or implemented (65% survival rate)
  • 18 Handed off to partner organizations
  • 11 Incorporated
  • $12+ million invested in DV projects

Stanford Digital Vision Program


2002-2006 DV Supporters

Stanford Digital Vision Program

thank you
Thank you

Digital Vision Program

Stanford University

Cordura Hall

210 Panama Street

Stanford, CA 94305-4115

Tel: +1-650-724-4069

Fax: 1-650-724-4076

Stuart Gannes:[email protected]

Karen Coppock:[email protected]

Stanford Digital Vision Program