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Wilson’s Prom

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Wilson’s Prom. The importance of this area to present and future societies. Simon Kube. Recreation and Adventure.

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wilson s prom

Wilson’s Prom

The importance of this area to present and future societies

Simon Kube

recreation and adventure
Recreation and Adventure
  • The environment at Wilson’s Prom is important to individuals as it provides them an area in which they can undertake recreational and adventure based activities. Areas such as this are becoming increasing rare in the 20th century so Wilson’s Prom provides a unique chance to escape the modern lifestyle. The area is important to society as it is the source of income for many communities which would otherwise have no means to support themselves.
resource use
Resource Use
  • While this area is not used as a source of material resources (e.g coal, timber etc), the resource it provides is one of tourism, which is exploited by numerous companies. Because of its natural beauty, the area draws many tourists to the area, which provides income for the many companies and organisations which use Wilson’s Prom.
scientific research
Scientific Research
  • Due to Wilson’s Prom being rich in native flora and fauna, it is used extensively asa place for scientists to gain a better understanding of the environment. This important for both society and individuals as it provides a means to gain knowledge of different Australian plants and animals, while also giving an insight into natural patterns such as sea levels and climatic conditions.
inspiration and creativity
Inspiration and Creativity
  • With it natural beauty, many individuals travel to Wilson’s Prom for inspiration or to participate in creative activities such as art, poetry writing etc. This importance is reflected in society as art in all forms has a large impact on our culture. When art is derived from areas of natural beauty such as Wilson’s Prom, it gives society the chance to experience the area, without having to travel there.
intrinsic value
Intrinsic Value
  • Intrinsic value can be defined as how society or an individual feels towards a certain object or place. Both society and individuals share similar intrinsic values towards Wilson’s Prom as they gain satisfaction and comfort simply knowing and acknowledging that a wilderness and naturally beautiful place such as this exists. By being aware of this, the Prom does not necessarily have to be visited in order to be appreciated.
  • Education is another important factor which significantly effects both individuals and society. Individuals always want to learn, which is why Wilson’s Prom is such an integral part of Victoria’s society. Education is fundamentally linked to scientific research, as what is discovered or learnt about flora and fauna, as well as the environment as a whole, is then taught to the next generation of Australians in order to benefit them for the future.