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By Dimitrius James & Amber Loobus. France . France capital . Paris . France’s population national languages average climate popular foods popular music. Popular foods: Baguette sandwich filled with butter, cheese, ham, pate, salami

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By dimitrius james amber loobus

By Dimitrius James & Amber Loobus


France s population national languages average climate popular foods popular music
France’s population national languages average climate popular foods popular music

  • Popular foods: Baguette sandwich filled with butter, cheese, ham, pate, salami

  • Seafood platter filled with oysters, clams, mussels, crawfish, crab, shrimps, periwinkles.

  • Bouillabaisse stew of fish, tomatoes, wine, olive oil, saffron

    Pop: It has a population of 60,742,000 people.

    National Languages: French, English(34%), Spanish(13%), and German(8%).

    Climate: 3 types of climates can be found in France. Oceanic, Continental, and Mediterranean. The Oceanic is in the southern part of France. It is one of small temperature range, ample rainfall, cool summers, and colder winters than areas farther west.

    The Continental type of climate , found over much of the Eastern and Central of France. It is characterized by warmer summers and colder winters, than areas farther west. Rainfall is ample, and winters tend to be snowy, especially in the higher areas.

    The Mediterranean climate is widespread throughout the south of France(except in the mountainous southwest), is one of cool winters, hot summers, and limited rainfall.

Popular holidays and events
Popular holidays and events popular foods popular music

Holidays: The French has 11 national celebrated holidays(jours feriés). Bastille Day, Armistic Day, Labor Day, New Years Day, WWII Victory Day, Assuption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, All Saints Day, Christmas Day, 2nd Day of Christmas.

Interesting historical information about your country such as famous places and people of the past
Interesting historical information about your country such as famous places and people of the past.

  • Famous People: Marie(1867-1934). Marie Curie was born in Poland and went to France in 1891 to study science. She met her husband Pierre while she was working as a laboratory assistant at the University of Sorbonne. They worked together to isolate 2 unknown radioactive elements, polonium and radium. She received the Nobel Physics prize in 1903. In 1910 she received her 2nd Nobel prize for helping find the cure for Cancer.

Famous people 2
Famous people 2 as famous places and people of the past.

Camille (Charles) Saint-Saens(1835-1921)-

Camille was a famous French composer who is well-known for “The Carnival of The Animals” a composition for orchestra, piano, xylophone, and harmonica. "The Carnival of the Animals" and music by Debussy could be used to stimulate pupils own musical compositions, as well as providing starting points for a whole range of dance/drama activities.

Interesting facts of france paris france
Interesting Facts of France as famous places and people of the past.(Paris, France)

Paris the Capital- It derives from that of it’s pre Roman-era inhabitants, the Gaulish tribe, were known as the Parisii. Before the city was called Paris, the city was called Lutetia during the first  to the 6th century Roman occupation, but the present name began to replace this towards the end of that 6th century.

Paris as had as had a lot of nicknames, but the most famous one of all is “The City of Lights.” This is the nickname it was given both for its fame and for the adoption of street lighting.

The city as a lot of landmarks, the most famous one is the Eiffel Tower. Started on January 26, 1887, completed in 1889, opened on March 31, 1889. It took 2 years, 2 months and 5 days to finish. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel was the main architect, Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier were the main engineers, Stephen Sauvestre was the main architect, and Jean Compagnon handled the construction of the Eiffel Tower. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel was the first person to create the internal frame of The Statue of Liberty in 1885. The Eiffel Tower is 324 meters tall. It is 986 feet tall without the antenna, but with the antenna, it is 1052 feet tall. The material for The Eiffel Tower is wrought iron. It uses 9,441 tons of wrought iron. A total of 18,028 pieces of wrought iron was combined to create The Eiffel Tower. About 60 tons of paint is used for The Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is painted every 7 years in 3 shades of brown(darkest shade at the bottom.) Even today painting The Eiffel Tower is used to paint it. In clear weather, very seldom seen today, you can see approximately 42 miles from the top of the of The Eiffel Tower. The base of The Eiffel Tower covers a square area of 100 meters. During gusty winds, The Eiffel Tower sways up to 15 cms at it’s summit.

There was only one death during the construction, that 2 outside working hours and not work related. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel past away on December 27, 1923 in Paris. The Eiffel Tower has a total of 1710 steps to the topmost 3rd level small platform, 647 steps to the 2nd level, and 347 steps on the 1st level. The Eiffel Tower was the tallest structure when it was being built in 1887-1889, but this has been surpassed over the years.

Today The Eiffel Tower is always open to the public. People in wheelchairs can visit The Eiffel Tower up to the 2nd level using the elevator.

France money
France money as famous places and people of the past.

  • The France money is call Euro