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MY AVATAR. . website from which avatar was used. My Avatar’s Characteristics. Key. Text in red- characteristics unlike my own. Age- Gender- Location- Nationality- Religion- Sub-cultures- Living status- Family-. 18 Female

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MYAVATAR website from which avatar was used

My Avatar’s Characteristics

Key. Text in red- characteristics unlike my own.

  • Age-

  • Gender-

  • Location-

  • Nationality-

  • Religion-

  • Sub-cultures-

  • Living status-

  • Family-

  • 18

  • Female

  • Western Suburbs

  • Middle Eastern

  • Muslim

  • Church Group, university

  • Shared custody, both homes owned.

  • Two older brothers, 27 and 23. Separated parents, both remarried. Parents lead busy lives, both with degrees from tertiary education.Large family, many cousins and is always busy on weekends with family outings. Older siblings both work full time.

Characteristics of my life

  • Age-

  • Gender-

  • Location-

  • Nationality-

  • Religion

  • Sub-cultures-

  • Living status-

  • family

  • 18

  • Female

  • Central Coast

  • Australian

  • Roman Catholic- not practiced

  • Netball, university

  • At home, house is owned

  • Two younger sisters, 17 and 15. Parents married 21 years, both working, but with tafe education rather then university, Dad works night shift and mum works during the days. Younger sisters both attend local high school, in years 12 and 10.

Statistics to compare my avatar with the traits of the average Australian.

  • According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, ¾ of the Australian population live on the coast, and not inland western areas like my avatar.

  • According to a study conducted by the Sydney Morning Herald, most Australian Muslims reside in the Northern Parts of Melbourne, and within New South Wales, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, most reside in the inner-city.

  • According to the Australian year book 2008, 21% of female Muslims are aged 18-24, and 14% are male.

  • According to the 2006 census 11.0% of the total population live in one parent families.

  • According to the book Muslim Communities in Australia by Shahram Akbarzdeh and Abdullah Saeed, there are 10498 Muslim university students in Australia, on average this is more then those declared to be Australian and studying at University

  • According to this book also, in New South Wales, 1.59% of the total female population are Muslim.

  • Acceding to Sydney statistics a large population of Muslims aslso live in Bankstown, which is south west of Sydney.

Brofenbenner’s model- the individual average Australian.

  • My avatar has a peaceful and happy temperament

  • Chose to study at university to broaden knowledge and gain a degree.

  • Is enrolled in a BA/BT secondary Humanities

  • Is an 18 year old female in her first year a university.

  • The avatars age and degree is similar to mine.

Brofenbenner’s model – Micro System average Australian.

  • Although family is separated, both parents and step parents support my avatar’s decision to study education at university, which helps in my university success.

  • With her study pattern, my avatar tries to make time to spend with friends and family in order to provide a well balanced life style with her studies- this is an attribute of her peaceful mind and happy temperament.

  • Older brothers have university degrees, they are able to help me with time management

Brofrenbenner’s average Australian. Model – Meso-System

  • My avatar is religious, therefore she is apart of her Church sub-culture and this provides a connection to her. The connection is via attending church groups in her neighbourhood.

  • Connection with her university lectures and parents as both are helpful in helping my avatar to obtain her degree.

  • Has a casual job on weekends, this provides another sub culture.

  • Family religion is a result of my church commitments.

Brofenbrenner’s Model – exo-system average Australian.

  • Is not financially dependent

  • Lives at home with parents

  • Has a casual job, this job provides not connection to her university studies as it only a waitress at a local restaurant, this does however provide communication skills, essential for her degree.

  • Having a casual job, allows extra money to hang out with friends.

Brofenbrenner’s model- macro-system average Australian.

  • Chose to study Secondary education due to the current economic demand for high school teachers.

  • Since 9/11. many stereotypes have been created due to my religion and nationality. These stereotypes are a result of society’s knowledge from media pieces.

  • Has a good knowledge of technology due to an increasing use in the 21st Century.

  • In the 21st century, most cultures are forgotten, but my avatar enures her culture ties remain via frequent praying and weekly church services.

Brofenbrenner’s model- chronosystem average Australian.

  • My avatar is not affected by the current down turn in our economy leading into a recession as she has already obtained a job, but is financially dependent on her parents and is still living at home.

  • On the HEC’s scheme, therefore prices of university are only an inadvertent cost, and wil not be a direct result of the economic climate. Will only have to pay once eatning 35000 or more.

Ecological map for avatar .Key – colours show links. average Australian.


Studies education due to economic demand. 9/11 resulted in stereotypes based on Muslim religion. Remains cultural ties via church and family.

Exo-system- not financially dependent. Lives at home with parents communication skills from job essential for degree.

Meso – System.

Part of a religious subculture- provides a connection with the church group in neighbour hood.. Links with community through a casual job. Also provides social life

Indiviual. Has a happy temperament. Chose to study at university to broaden knowledge and gain a degree.


My avatar is not affect my economic downturn due to being financially dependent on parents. Has p/t job though for extra money with friends.

On the Hecs scheme, so does not have to worry about university fees, at the current time

Micro-system- has seperatedparents but both sides of family support university decisions. Spends time with friends to balance study life and is a contributing fact to happy temperament.