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19 June 2012

19 June 2012. Faye Esaias Director, SPAWAR Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP). DoD / DoN Subcontracting Task Force and FY12 Small Business (SB) Initiatives and Focus Areas. Presented to : AFCEA San Diego, CA.

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19 June 2012

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  1. 19 June 2012 Faye Esaias Director, SPAWAR Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) DoD/DoN Subcontracting Task Force and FY12 Small Business (SB) Initiatives and Focus Areas Presented to : AFCEA San Diego, CA Statement A: Approved for public release, distribution is unlimited (18 June 2012)

  2. Agenda • SPAWAR OSBP FY 12 initiatives • DOD/DON Subcontracting Task Force • Other SB Initiatives/Focus Areas (OMB, DOD, DON, and SPAWAR) • SPAWAR SB Accomplishments FY12 to date • Resources and POC’s 2

  3. OSBP Organizational Overview Mr. Rod Smith Deputy Commander SPAWAR RADM Patrick Brady Commander, SPAWAR CAPT Joseph Beel Commanding Officer SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific CAPT Glover Commanding Officer SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic Ms. Faye Esaias Director, SPAWAR / PEO Office of Small Business Program s (OSBP) Mr. Robert “Zack” Zaccaria Small Business Deputy Mark McLain Small Business Deputy Mr. Aubrey Lavitoria Small Business Advisor Ms. Robin Rourk Deputy OSBP SSC Atlantic Mr. Tim Wiand Deputy, OSBP SSC Atlantic Dean Dickau Deputy OSBP SSC Pacific Mr. Kevin Gomer Assistant 3 3

  4. SPAWAR OSBP Initiatives • Improving forecasting tool for future contract opportunities – posted to the OSBP website • SPAWAR SB Instruction update • Working group to improve market research techniques and responses • Intended outcome: “to have standardization across Team SPAWAR, increase opportunities for Small Business Concerns and to promote competition”. • Working group to implement WOSB Contracting • Intended outcome: “to determine how to implement the WOSB - 8(m) Contracting Program at SPAWAR “Ongoing meetings between SPAWAR, Contracting personnel, SBA, local PTAC and WOSB’s 4

  5. DOD/DON Subcontracting Task Force – Mission and Vision • Vision: A prepared acquisition workforce with codified processes to enable small businesses to participate as subcontractors in DON Contracts with small and large business primes. • Mission: The Small Business Subcontracting Team will develop processes and tools that promote maximum practicable opportunities for small businesses in DON subcontracting. • Increase opportunities for SB participation on SPAWAR acquisitions at both the prime and subcontractor levels • Subcontracting Task Force (Chartered by DoD –led by DoN OSBP) 5

  6. Subcontracting Performance Team • Establish DON Small Business Subcontracting Program administration standards (relating to reporting) and recommend methods of reporting subcontracting program performance for deeper insight to small business participation. • Challenges/barriers (This team is not reporting the data – only recommending collecting and reporting methods) • Deliverables • Recommend methods of reporting subcontracting data by 30 September 2012 • Identify barriers to implementation • Recommend standard administration reporting standards Accuracy /completeness of data in eSRS is a major concern 6

  7. Contracts Requiring Subcontracting Plans Need to determine contracts in the yellow circle – ISR required. All Contracts SubContracting Plan Required Small Business Primes < $1M Construction Large Business Primes < $650K • No ISR req’d > $1M Construction > $650K • CSP –only SSR > $650K • BOA –only SSR > $1M Construction • Commercial Plan –only SSR Large Business Primes • ISR data is the only way to track subcontracting data by contracting activity. 7

  8. Subcontracting Performance Measurement Team • Establish best practices for measuring small business subcontracting during contract performance to include who should measure performance, what should be measured, how it should be measured and enforced. This includes small businesses meeting the Limitations in Subcontracting during contract performance • Challenges/barriers (This team will identify a solution for monitoring performance) • Deliverables • Policy and procedures for monitoring subcontracting performance • Communication strategy – Intended audience DOD/DON Leadership, Acquisition workforce, SBLO’s, industry, etc. • Training Plan to include training materials 8

  9. Other SB Initiatives/Focus Areas • Maximizing opportunities for SB’s under the simplified acquisition threshold ($3K-$150K) • Increasing SB utilization on multiple award contracts • Strengthening accountability for SB Goal Achievement • Consider requiring order set-asides under MACs if the agency is not currently meeting its SB goals • Bilaterally modify existing MACs to provide for order set-aside • Ensure workforce is trained 9

  10. YTD as of June 4, 2012Small Business Statistics Side-Side Comparison FY11 FY12

  11. Trend Comparison

  12. Distribution of Prime Small Business Dollars FY12 as of June 4, 2012

  13. SPAWAR e-Commerce Website https://e-commerce.sscno.nmci.navy.mil 13

  14. How To Locate a Specific Contract Opportunity cont. 6/18/2012 14

  15. SPAWAR Website Homepagewww.public.navy.mil/spawar

  16. SPAWAR OSBP Website Informationwww.public.navy.mil/spawar/Pages/SmallBusiness.aspx

  17. DoN Office of Small Business Programshttp://www.donhq.navy.mil/OSBP/ 17

  18. SPAWAR OSBP Resources and Contact Information Faye Esaias, Director for Small Business Programs Phone: (619) 524-7701 or email: faye.esaias@navy.mil Robert “Zack” Zaccaria, Deputy for Small Business Phone: (619) 524-7701 or email: robert.zaccaria@navy.mil Mark McLain, Deputy for Small Business Phone: (619) 524-7701 or email mark.mclain@navy.mil Dean Dickau, Deputy for Small Business for SSC Pacific Phone: (619) 553-4327 or email dean.dickau@navy.mil Robin Rourk, Deputy for Small Business for SSC Atlantic Phone: (843) 218-5284 or email: robin.rourk@navy.mil Timothy Wiand, Deputy for Small Business for SSC Atlantic Phone: (843) 218-5167or email: timothy.wiand@navy.mil 18

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